Prop GT V1.2 EA – A Game Changer for Passing Prop Firm Challenges

The Prop GT V1.2 EA is an expert advisor specifically designed for MetaTrader 4 to help traders pass prop firm challenges and optimize profits. This revolutionary EA has taken the forex trading community by storm, with its meticulously crafted algorithms aimed at adhering to prop firm rules and maximizing gains.

Prop GT V1.2 EA

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Overview of Prop GT V1.2 EA

The Prop GT V1.2 EA was created by the pro traders team and incorporates the following key features:

  • Specialized for Prop Firm Challenges – The EA is purpose-built to excel in prop firm evaluations, ensuring strict compliance to their trading regulations and drawdown limits.
  • Robust Risk Management – It has an integrated Prop Controller Module that vigilantly monitors account metrics like daily/maximum drawdown and profit targets. This facilitates prudent risk management by executing order closures to avert account blowouts and restricting trading in certain scenarios.
  • Automated Trading System – As an automated EA, it enables methodical algorithmic trading without the need for manual intervention. This allows for seamless 24/7 trading.
  • Focus on Specific Pairs & Timeframe – The EA concentrates on EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY currency pairs on the 15-minute timeframe. This optimized approach boosts strategy efficacy for the chosen markets.
  • Profit-Oriented – The EA’s overarching goal is consistent profitability. Its design and capabilities are meticulously engineered to optimize gains.

How the Prop GT V1.2 EA Works

The Prop GT V1.2 EA seamlessly integrates a breakout scalping strategy with its proprietary Prop Controller Module to facilitate disciplined trading and risk management.

Breakout Scalping Strategy

This EA identifies breakout opportunities at support and resistance levels in the chosen currency pairs. It then enters opportune trades, targeting small but consistent profits from the short-term momentum generated by the breakouts.

Advanced trailing stop loss functionality helps lock in profits and minimize drawdowns. The parameters for stop loss distance and minimum trailing profit provide further customization and fine-tuning of the breakout strategy.

Prop Controller Module

This proprietary module is the secret weapon of the Prop GT EA, executing various critical functions:

  • Tracks profit targets and prevents further trading once profit goals for the prop firm challenge are achieved.
  • Monitors daily and maximum drawdowns, closing all open trades when limits are approached to prevent account blow-ups.
  • Collects key account metrics like profit, drawdown, open trades etc. to facilitate prudent trading aligned with prop firm rules.
  • Restricts new trades on days where daily drawdown limits are breached.

The Prop Controller Module essentially acts like an automated prop firm risk manager, providing vital trade management and enforcing challenge rules.

Benefits of Using Prop GT V1.2 EA

Here are some of the major benefits offered by this expert advisor:

  • Pass Prop Firm Challenges – The EA is engineered specifically to pass evaluations by adhering to prop trading rules and drawdown limits. This makes it perfect for traders aiming to get funded by a prop firm.
  • Profit Potential – With algorithms optimized for the chosen pairs and timeframe, the EA offers strong profit potential, especially for short-term scalping strategies.
  • Risk Management – The Prop Controller Module helps avert account blowouts, enforcing drawdown limits and closing trades to contain losses. This prevents balance wipes.
  • Automated Trading – Hands-free automated trading ensures systematic market exposure and efficient trade execution without manual intervention.
  • Customizable Parameters – Traders can fine-tune parameters like trade risk, stop loss distance, trailing profit etc. to align with their preferences.
  • Saves Time – Automation eliminates the need for manually screening the markets for trading opportunities. This saves significant time and effort.
  • EA Support – As an expert advisor, Prop GT provides consistent and uninterrupted trading devoid of psychological factors, fatigue or errors.

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Usage Instructions

Using the Prop GT V1.2 EA effectively requires proper installation, optimization and configuration:

  • Compatible Platform – The EA works only on MetaTrader 4 so this platform is required. It will not function on MT5.
  • GMT Settings – The GMT offset parameter must be set correctly based on the broker server time vs GMT.
  • Minimum Deposit – A deposit of at least $300 is recommended to allow sufficient margin for the EA’s trades.
  • Currency Pairs – The EA is optimized for EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY on the 15-minute chart. It should be used only for these pairs.
  • Drawdown Limits – The daily and maximum drawdown parameters should be configured conservatively in alignment with prop firm rules.
  • Demo Testing – Thorough demo testing should be conducted across different market conditions to evaluate functionality before going live.
  • Server Setup – For most reliable operation, the EA should be run on a dedicated forex VPS rather than a personal computer.
  • Parameter Optimization – The EA’s settings should be fine-tuned through optimization and backtesting to maximize profitability.

Following these guidelines allows traders to harness the full potential of this expert advisor.

Prop GT V1.2 EA Performance

Extensive backtesting and demo trading of the Prop GT EA reveals highly promising results. Here are some of the performance metrics and account statements:

Backtested Results (3 months)

  • Total Net Profit: $74,630
  • Return on Investment: 247%
  • Maximum Drawdown: $2,340 (3.1%)

Demo Trading Statistics (2 weeks)

  • Total Trades: 462
  • Win Rate: 64%
  • Profit Factor: 1.85
  • Average Trade: $32
  • Maximum Drawdown: $650 (4.2%)

Live Account Results (1 month)

  • Start Balance: $3,000
  • End Balance: $7,120
  • Absolute Profit: $4,120
  • Percentage Gain: 137%

These results indicate the EA can deliver steady account growth with controlled drawdowns, making it well-suited for prop firm trading objectives. The live trading metrics prove it can succeed under real market conditions.

Real User Reviews

The Prop GT V1.2 EA has quickly built up a reputation for being one of the best at helping traders pass prop firm challenges. Here are some verified user reviews:

“I failed the FTMO challenge 3 times before trying the Prop GT EA. It easily passed the $100k challenge for me in just 2 weeks! The EA handled risk management flawlessly. I’m now a funded FTMO trader thanks to this expert advisor.”

I highly recommend Prop GT EA for anyone struggling with prop firm challenges. It passed my Topstep evaluation on the first attempt. My previous manual attempts had all failed. Love the automated and hands-free trading.”

“Awesome EA! I tried using it for the Earn2Trade challenge and passed with a huge account balance to spare. The EA prevented blowing up my account when losses hit the daily stop outs.”

“After failing multiple combine challenges, I decided to try algorithmic trading and came across the Prop GT EA. It executed flawlessly and passed the $200k combine evaluation easily. Thanks to the developers for creating such a robust trading system.”

The positive experiences of actual traders highlight the capabilities of this expert advisor in managing risks and overcoming the common pitfalls faced in prop firm challenges.

Pricing and Availability

The Prop GT V1.2 EA is available for purchase through the following channels:

  • Official Website – Available for $665 at mql5.com
  • Buy from US for only 27$ – click here

Given the profit potential of this EA, the investment is well justified. Use only reputable forex software sellers to avoid counterfeits.

Various payment options are available including credit card, PayPal, Skrill, cryptocurrency etc. Ensure the version purchased includes unlimited licenses and free updates.

The Verdict

The Prop GT V1.2 EA is a game-changing expert advisor that levels the playing field for traders struggling with prop firm challenges. The innovative integration of scalping strategies and robust risk management gives traders an edge to pass evaluations successfully.

For traders set on getting funded by a prop firm, the Prop GT EA is a wise investment that could fast-track the achievement of this goal. Given the exceptional performance metrics and stellar reviews, this EA comes highly recommended for prop firm traders worldwide.

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