Prop Firm Edge EA: The Ultimate Trading Robot for Passing Prop Firm Challenges

Prop Firm Edge EA is a revolutionary automated trading system specifically designed to help traders pass proprietary firm evaluations with ease. This advanced trading robot utilizes cutting-edge algorithms and adaptive strategies to ensure maximum profitability while minimizing risk.

Prop Firm Edge EA

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Overview of Prop Firm Edge EA

Prop Firm Edge EA is the brainchild of a team of expert developers and successful prop traders who set out to create the ultimate tool for excelling in prop firm challenges. After extensive research, testing, and optimization, they launched this groundbreaking robot in 2022.

Within a short period, Prop Firm Edge EA has helped hundreds of traders achieve funded status with leading prop firms such as FTMO, MyForexFunds, Earn2Trade, and many more. Its unparalleled success rate of over 90% has earned it a reputation as the #1 solution for prop firm evaluations.

Key Features

  • Sophisticated AI Technology: EA leverages advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze market data and identify highly profitable trades.
  • Adaptive Algorithms: The robot continuously monitors live market conditions and makes dynamic adjustments to its strategies in real-time to capitalize on emerging opportunities.
  • Stealth Mode Trading: It executes stealth mode trading by splitting large orders into smaller ones to minimize footprint and slippage for better trade execution.
  • Built-in Risk Management: Comprehensive risk management protocols minimize drawdowns and ensure strict adherence to prop firm rules.
  • MT4 & MT5 Compatible: Works seamlessly on both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for maximum flexibility.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: Get access to round-the-clock customer assistance from the developer’s professional support team.

Performance Metrics

Extensive backtesting and live performance tracking across various market conditions demonstrate Prop Firm Edge EA’s unwavering profitability, consistency, and effectiveness in passing prop firm challenges.

  • Verified MyFXBook Results
    • 12-month backtest on multiple currency pairs
    • Average monthly return of 18%
    • Max drawdown of 3.2%
    • Profit factor of 2.15
  • Real Account Performance
    • 6-month live track record
    • Average monthly return of 15%
    • Max drawdown of 4.1%
    • Win rate of 86%

These stellar metrics fall well within the strict criteria set by leading prop firms, explaining Prop Firm Edge EA’s exceptionally high prop firm pass rate.

How Prop Firm Edge EA Works

EA incorporates a complex, logic-based architecture focused on scalping short-term price action on the 1-minute chart. It scans for potential trade setups across 28 forex pairs and intelligently determines optimal entry and exit levels for each trade.

The system leverages key technical indicators such as RSI, Stochastics, MACD histogram, Support/Resistance zones, and Fibonacci levels in its analytical process. Once it identifies aligning signals and factors indicating a high-probability setup, the EA executes precision entries and exits to bank quick profits.

It also applies advanced trade management techniques including partial closes, break-even stops, trailing stops, and strict risk protocols to maximize profits while minimizing losses. Thanks to its dynamic logic and real-time market analysis, Prop Firm Edge EA can rapidly adapt to changing conditions and remain profitable in all market environments.

Benefits of Using Prop Firm Edge EA

For traders aiming to pass prop firm challenges and secure a funded trading account, Prop Firm Edge EA offers unmatched benefits:

  • Save Time & Effort: The fully automated EA does all the analytical work and trade execution, freeing up your time.
  • Avoid Manual Trading Errors: Emotion-free automated trading ensures flawless order execution devoid of manual trading mistakes.
  • Pass Prop Firm Tests with Ease: Engineered specifically for prop firm rules, it safely navigates drawdown limits and profit targets.
  • Proven & Reliable: Its extensive backtests and stellar live performance record instill full confidence in its profitability.
  • Flexibility: Seamlessly switch between prop firms without needing any EA adjustments.
  • Ongoing Updates & Support: Always stay up to date with automatic updates and dedicated customer support.

For traders struggling to pass prop firm evaluations on their own, EA provides the ultimate turnkey solution for reliable, stress-free success.

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Prop Firm Edge EA Pricing

You can gain access to this game-changing trading robot via two flexible pricing options:

Monthly Subscription

  • $97 per month
  • Cancel anytime
  • Lifetime license after 12 consecutive payments
  • Includes updates & support

One-time Payment

  • $997 one-time fee
  • Lifetime license
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • Priority email support

Considering the substantial profits Prop Firm Edge EA can produce, its pricing is extremely cost-effective. Plus, you get a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee allowing you to test-drive the EA with zero risks.


In the competitive world of prop firm trading, you need every possible advantage to succeed. With its artificial intelligence-powered technology, dynamic trading logic, and stellar performance metrics, Prop Firm Edge EA levels the playing field for traders. It empowers you to consistently pass evaluations and unlock the earning potential of funded accounts.

If you desire an easy, reliable solution for prop firm success, Prop Firm Edge EA is undoubtedly the best investment you can make today. The numbers speak for themselves – with a 90%+ pass rate and hundreds of satisfied customers, this EA’s effectiveness is beyond doubt. The time to take your prop firm trading career to new heights is now.

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