Prop Firm Busters EA – An In-Depth Review

Prop Firm Busters EA is an expert advisor (EA) designed specifically to help traders pass the challenging evaluations set by proprietary trading firms, also known as prop firms. As the popularity of prop firms has grown exponentially in recent years, so has the difficulty level of their qualification processes. This EA aims to give traders an edge to successfully get funded accounts.

Prop Firm Busters EA

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Prop Firm Busters EA is listed on the MQL5 market and developed by Nauris Zukas as part of the “PULSE OF MARKET” project. It is engineered to master the art of high-frequency trading (HFT) challenges.

Key Features:

  • Account monitoring
  • Much cheaper than similar alternatives
  • Opportunity to get “EA Undefeated Triangle” for free
  • Can achieve challenge targets within a short period
  • Maintaining a very low drawdown
  • Specially optimized code for faster performance
  • Potential for further growth


The EA works on the MetaTrader 4 platform and is optimized for the US30 (Dow Jones 30) instrument.


1 Minute



How It Works

Prop Firm Busters EA specializes in high-frequency trading strategies optimized for passing prop firm evaluations. It aims to generate quick profits while minimizing risk through robust account monitoring and money management.

The EA detects significant market movements on the 1-minute US30 chart and capitalizes on them efficiently using its proprietary logic. This allows hitting profit targets swiftly while avoiding excessive drawdowns.

An additional highlight is the potential to receive “EA Undefeated Triangle” for free. This is a proven real-time trading EA that can provide further growth opportunities.


According to the product listing, Prop Firm Busters EA has achieved a 5-star rating based on 1 review at the time of writing.

The developer recommends using a reliable Virtual Private Server (VPS) for uninterrupted trading and to fully capitalize on the EA’s potential. They also advise testing thoroughly in a demo account before going live.

Backtest Results

  • Instrument: US30
  • Timeframe: 1 Minute
  • Spread: 150
  • Sample period: n/a

Real Account Trading

No verified statistics from a live account were found at the time of writing. As with any EA, thorough testing across different market conditions is advised before committing real capital.

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The developer offers Prop Firm Busters EA for $159 on the MQL5 market.

At this price point, it offers the chance to get bonus access to the “EA Undefeated Triangle” system for free. This provides additional value compared to alternative products.

Ease of Use

Using Prop Firm Busters is straightforward as it runs fully automated once correctly installed and configured on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The developers recommend getting a reliable VPS service for uninterrupted trading and reduced latency. Configuring the EA as per the guidance for optimal performance is also advised.

For any issues, customers can directly contact the developers via the MQL5 message system.


Best Suited For:

Not Ideal For:

  • Long-term position trading
  • Low frequency trading strategies
  • Manual discretionary trading

So in summary, Prop Firm Busters EA is specifically designed for high-frequency trading challenges and evaluations. If this matches your trading style and objectives, it can be a potentially useful addition to analyze further.


Prop Firm Busters EA brings an interesting concept focusing on the popular niche of prop firm accounts. Access to additional free bonus EA further adds to its appeal.

However, the lack of long-term live performance statistics means results may vary. So thorough testing is strongly advised before using it with real capital.

For the target audience of short-term momentum traders aiming to get funded accounts, Prop Firm Busters EA can be a worthwhile consideration. But approach with realistic expectations, sound risk management, and ongoing due diligence.


Some alternatives to consider for prop firm trading:

These EAs have varying features, performance statistics, costs, and reviews. Comparing them to choose the best match for your needs is recommended.

The Final Take

Prop trading firms provide an attractive opportunity to access significant capital. Prop Firm Busters EA aims to specifically help traders overcome their challenging qualification processes.

While a novel concept, approach with caution until live performance can be evaluated further. Use demo testing, start small in size, and apply robust risk management for best results.

Combining this EA with sound trading practices could lead to fruitful outcomes. But ultimately, trader skill, discipline and wisdom matter more than any automated trading system.

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