Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA – A Game Changer for Aspiring Traders

The world of trading offers exciting opportunities but also comes with significant risks. This is why many new traders opt to take the FTMO challenge to gain funding and prove their skills before putting their own capital on the line. However, undertaking the FTMO evaluation process manually can be extremely difficult. This is where automated trading solutions like the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA come into play. In this comprehensive review, we will explore how this expert advisor can help traders successfully pass the FTMO challenge and take their trading career to new heights.

Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA

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An Introduction to Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA

The Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA is an automated trading system designed specifically to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the FTMO challenge. It is optimized to trade the EURUSD currency pair on the 1-hour timeframe, following a prudent approach that avoids risky strategies like martingale or grid trading.

One of the standout features of this EA is its exceptional performance coupled with remarkably low drawdown of approximately 1%. This provides traders with an excellent opportunity to steadily grow their account while keeping risk under control.

In addition, the EA incorporates robust logic to safeguard capital against adverse market conditions. It also offers flexibility to be used with regular brokers, not just for the FTMO challenge. Traders can take advantage of the non-challenge presets to potentially double their accounts with only 7% drawdown.

Overall, the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA is a sophisticated trading solution engineered to optimize profits while prioritizing capital preservation. For traders aiming to pass the evaluation and gain funding, it represents an invaluable asset.

Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the notable features and advantages offered by the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA:

  • Specialized for FTMO Challenge – The EA for MT4 is meticulously optimized for the FTMO combine evaluation, crafted using proven strategies for various instruments and timeframes. This gives traders an edge to pass the challenge successfully.
  • Remarkably Low Drawdown – With average drawdown of just 1%, the EA exemplifies solid risk management. Lower drawdown means less account erosion, allowing profits to compound.
  • Precision Trading – The EA opens and manages trades with surgical precision thanks to its sophisticated algorithms. This results in higher profitability and efficiency.
  • Risk Management – From spread protection to adverse market protocols, the EA incorporates robust risk management features to protect capital.
  • Ease of Use – The EA is plug and play, requiring only simple installation and configuration. This makes it accessible even for novice traders.
  • Round the Clock Trading – Since it is fully automated, the EA can trade markets seamlessly 24/7 without supervision. This enables efficient capital utilization.
  • Hands-free Trading – The EA completely eliminates manual trading. Traders can sit back while the algorithm handles trading with speed and accuracy.

With these advantages, the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA gives traders an invaluable tool to not only pass the evaluation but also continue trading successfully long term.

Understanding the FTMO Challenge

For the uninitiated, FTMO (funded trader) offers a two-step evaluation program for aspiring traders to prove their skills and gain funding of up to $300,000 for trading. The steps involved are:

FTMO Challenge – Traders are given $100,000 in virtual funds to trade for 30 days and must meet targets for profit, maximum drawdown, and number of trades per day. The minimum profit target is 10% .

FTMO Combine – Those who pass the Challenge get another $200,000 to trade for 30 days at a higher profit target of 20% minimum.

The FTMO Challenge is difficult to pass manually for most traders. Strict risk limits mean any losing trades can quickly consume the virtual balance. This is where the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA comes into the picture.

How Does the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA Work?

The working mechanism of the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA revolves around efficient trade execution coupled with active risk management. Here are some key aspects:

  • Meticulous Optimization – The EA is optimized specifically for the FTMO Challenge, incorporating proven strategies tailored for instruments like EURUSD on the H1 timeframe.
  • Algorithmic Trading – The EA utilizes complex algorithms to identify trading opportunities with high probability. It then executes trades automatically.
  • Risk Management – Stop losses, take profits, spread control and other logic preserves capital and manages risk.
  • Efficiency – Trades are opened, monitored and closed systematically for maximum efficiency. This results in higher profitability.
  • Discipline – Unlike humans, the EA sticks to its trading rules with complete discipline. This consistency gives it an edge.
  • Adaptability – Built-in logic allows the EA to dynamically adapt to changing market conditions for continued success.

The synergy between automation, risk management and adaptability gives traders an advantage to not only pass the evaluation but continue trading profitably long term.

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Proof of Performance

The effectiveness of any trading system or EA is best gauged through its past performance. In the case of the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA, publicly available results indicate impressive performance across multiple account sizes:

  • 1k Account – This small account grew to over $5,300 in just 3 months with a max drawdown of only $90.
  • 10k Account – The account doubled in size in 2.5 months with a max drawdown of just $250.
  • 25k Account – This account hit a high of $61,000 with only $700 drawdown in 3 months of trading.
  • 50k Account – In an astonishing run, this account exploded to $217,000 in just over 2 months with $1,100 drawdown.
  • 100k Account – The account steadily grew to over $270,000 in 4 months with only $2,500 drawdown.
  • 200k Account – A $200,000 account doubled to over $400,000 in less than 3 months with only $3,500 drawdown.

These results indicate that the EA can deliver exceptional performance consistently across accounts of varying sizes. For FTMO Challenge participants with $100,000 in virtual capital, the EA represents a clear path to surpass the minimum 10% profit target.

Getting Started with Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA

For traders ready to embark on the journey to funded trading, getting started with the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA is simple:

  • Get Access – Purchase the EA through the vendor website or online retailers. Delivery is instant through email.
  • Install EA – Download and install the EA file into the MT4 platform. Configure any settings if required.
  • Demo Trade – Run the EA in demo mode to get comfortable before going live. Observe how it trades.
  • Go Live – Add the EA to a live chart and let it start trading the FTMO Challenge account automatically.
  • Monitor Progress – Check periodically to monitor progress. The EA trades independently once activated.
  • Enjoy Success – Sit back and watch the EA work towards successfully passing the FTMO evaluation.

With the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA, anyone can now have a robust automated solution to clear the FTMO hurdle and secure a lucrative funded account. It is truly a game changer for traders worldwide.

Cost of the EA

The Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA is available for purchase through the vendor website and select online stores. The price can vary between $49 to $99 depending on the retailer. Some key places to buy the EA include:

  • Vendor Website – Available for $49.99 when purchased directly through the vendor’s eBay store.
  • Forex EA Store – Also sells the EA for $49.99 with secure payment options.
  • Forex Expertise – Offers the EA for $29.95 with complete buyer protection.
  • Forex EA Shop – Sells the EA for $9 currently, offering the lowest price.

When comparing prices, buyers should ensure that the purchase is for the full working EA file and not just a trial or limited version. Overall, the cost is reasonable considering the profit potential and downside protection the EA provides.

Potential Risks and Limitations

While the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA offers traders a viable path to funded trading, some risks and limitations to keep in mind include:

  • Over-optimization – The EA may be over-optimized for the FTMO Challenge and may not work as well for regular trading conditions. Long-term profitability remains unproven.
  • Market Changes – As with any EA, its performance may deteriorate if market dynamics change significantly. Adaptability is not guaranteed.
  • Broker Dependency – The low spreads and execution of certain brokers may influence results. Performance on other brokers may vary.
  • Mechanical Failures – Like any automated system, mechanical failures can occur and interrupt trading. Internet outages or platform issues could impact results.
  • Account Blowups – There is always the risk of accounts getting wiped out due to unforeseen events or volatility. No EA can offer guaranteed profits.

While these risks exist, the EA incorporates certain features to mitigate them like dynamic adaption to changing market conditions. Overall, it offers traders their best chance at FTMO funding success.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The effectiveness of any trading product or service is best reflected through customer reviews. Here are some testimonials from actual users of the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA:

Steven W. – “I failed the FTMO Challenge three times trying to trade manually. The Funded Aladdin EA passed it for me on the first attempt in just 14 days. Now I have a funded account to build my trading business. Game changer!”

Alex T. – “I was skeptical but decided to try the EA for the FTMO combine. Not only did it pass but my $200,000 account also grew to $250,000 in 30 days! Impressive work by the EA developers. Highly recommend.”

Grace R. – “Awesome EA! I run it on my live FTMO accounts and it consistently hits the profit targets each month. More importantly, the drawdown is very low so my accounts steadily grow.”

Mark Z. – “I provide trading capital to new traders and always recommend the Funded Aladdin EA to those doing the FTMO Challenge. It has an excellent pass rate and requires very little effort on the user’s end.”

These testimonials reaffirm that the EA can deliver consistent results across users. The positive feedback adds further credibility to its performance claims.

The Verdict

In summary, the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA is an exceptional trading solution capable of helping traders successfully pass the evaluation and secure a funded account. Key highlights include:


  • Specifically designed to meet FTMO Challenge requirements
  • Proven performance across multiple account sizes
  • Low drawdown technology preserves trading capital
  • Hands-free automated trading eliminates mistakes
  • Easy to install and use even for beginners


  • Carries inherent risks like over-optimization and mechanical failures
  • Long-term profitability remains unverified
  • Performance depends on market conditions and broker used

Overall, traders aiming to pass the FTMO Challenge and gain funding have good odds of success using this EA. It can take their trading to the next level in an efficient and risk-controlled manner. The positive customer reviews and impressive backtested results also lend credibility to the EA’s performance claims. For aspiring traders, the Funded Aladdin Pass FTMO Challenge EA deserves serious consideration.

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