Firestorm Odin EA – A Comprehensive Review

Firestorm Odin EA is an automated forex trading robot designed to trade multiple currency pairs using a unique strategy based on support, resistance and price action analysis. This review provides an in-depth look at the features, performance, strengths and potential weaknesses of this expert advisor (EA).

Firestorm Odin EA

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Overview of Firestorm Odin EA

Firestorm Odin EA is developed by the team at Firestorm Academy and available for purchase on their website. It is compatible with the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

The developers claim Firestorm Odin does not use high-frequency trading or risky grid strategies. Instead, it utilizes custom support and resistance levels combined with price action analysis to identify high-probability entry and exit points.

The EA trades multiple currency pairs including EURUSD, GBPUSD and NAS100. It is fully automated and can run 24/5 once installed on MT4. The minimum account balance is $100.

Trading Strategy and Approach

According to the developers, Firestorm Odin EA uses a unique trading approach based on the following key elements:

Although Firestorm Odin does not use grid strategies per se, it does seem to incorporate a martingale-style approach of increasing lot sizes after losses. This can help recover drawdowns but also increases risk if not managed properly.

The EA is primarily designed for trend trading across multiple timeframes. It aims to capitalize on momentum in the direction of the overall trend. The developers recommend using it on the 1-hour chart for the best results.

Pairs and Timeframes

Firestorm Odin EA can trade on over a dozen currency pairs including:


It is optimized for the 1-hour timeframe on most pairs. However, the settings can also be adjusted for higher or lower timeframes based on personal preference.

The developers particularly recommend EURUSD and NAS100 as the best performing pairs for Firestorm Odin EA. These seem to align well with the EA’s underlying strategy.

Key Features

Some of the main features and selling points of the Firestorm Odin EA include:

  • Fully automated trading with minimal user input required
  • Trades multiple currency pairs for diversification
  • Customizable stop loss, take profit and lot size settings
  • In-built risk management features to preserve capital
  • Detailed logging and reporting of all trades
  • Capable of passing FTMO and other prop firm challenges
  • Active community support via Discord
  • Frequent updates to improve performance

The EA provides a good amount of flexibility in terms of input parameters and risk management settings. Users can adjust the values to match their own risk tolerance and account size.

Performance and Backtests

According to the vendor, Firestorm Odin EA is capable of producing consistent profits with relatively low drawdowns of 1-3% on larger accounts.

However, there is limited information provided in terms of detailed backtests for each pair. The only verified performance results available are from a live account on Myfxbook showing around 7% gain in one month.

While these results are certainly decent, a longer track record would be more useful in evaluating the EA’s long-term profitability across different market conditions. Most users seem to achieve moderate gains without any major drawdowns based on community feedback.

Strengths of Firestorm Odin EA

Here are some of the main strengths and advantages of using Firestorm Odin EA:

  • Uses a logical trading approach based on support, resistance and price action
  • Can trade multiple currency pairs providing diversification
  • Fully automated once set up, requiring minimal user input
  • Detailed logging of all trades, easy to analyze performance
  • Active community support and quick bug fixes
  • Frequent updates to improve algorithms
  • Reasonable price point compared to competitors

The price action logic combined with dynamic support and resistance levels provides a sound basis for identifying low-risk, high-probability trades. The EA also seems to avoid over-optimizing which can lead to curve fitting.

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Potential Weaknesses

However, there are also some weaknesses to consider when using Firestorm Odin EA:

  • Lack of detailed backtests for all pairs
  • Limited long-term verified performance results
  • Use of martingale increases risk on losing trades
  • May not perform well during ranging, low-volatility markets
  • Requires proper optimization and tweaking of settings
  • No clear guidance on optimizing settings for different pairs

The use of a martingale-style approach of increasing lots after losses can be risky if not calibrated properly. It may perform well during trending markets but struggle in choppy or ranging conditions.

There is also a lack of clear instructions on how users should go about optimizing the EA’s settings for different currency pairs and account sizes. This process requires some experience with MT4 backtesting.

Using Firestorm Odin EA

Here are some tips on using Firestorm Odin EA effectively:

  • Start with demo trading to optimize inputs and get familiar with the system
  • Use minimal lot sizes during initial live trading
  • Choose a broker with low spreads, fast execution and minimum slippage
  • Use a virtual private server (VPS) to run EA 24 hours a day
  • Monitor trades occasionally but avoid over-managing
  • Be prepared to manually intervene if markets become too volatile

Sufficient backtesting and demo trading is recommended before going live. Traders should also be prepared to occasionally intervene and override trades if needed, for example during major news events or unexpected volatility.

Customer Support and Reviews

Firestorm Academy provides customer support via email and Discord. The developers are quite responsive to bugs, issues and questions according to user reviews.

Most online reviews of Firestorm Odin EA seem to be fairly positive. Customers highlight the logical trading approach, ease of use, and good customer service as advantages.

Negative reviews seem to focus on the lack of detailed usage instructions and need for manual optimization. The steep learning curve seems to be the biggest complaint among users.


Firestorm Odin EA provides a relatively straightforward approach to automated trading by combining price action with dynamic support and resistance levels. The performance results thus far seem modest but promising, although longer-term data would be useful.

The lack of clear optimization steps could make it challenging for beginners. But the active community support and frequent updates are encouraging.

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