BKK Scalper EA – Best Expert Advisor For FX Pairs

Finding a consistently profitable forex scalping EA feels impossible for most traders. The BKK Scalper EA by EarnForex aims to be one such winning automated solution for scalping profits. But does this EA trade as profitably as claimed?

In this unbiased BKK Scalper review, I’ll scrutinize the features, purported accuracy, user reviews, costs and results to determine if this EA can provide a scalping edge or not.

BKK Scalper EA

Overview – What is BKK Scalper EA?

BKK Scalper EA is an automated trading robot designed for scalping the forex markets on autopilot. It runs in MetaTrader 4 and 5, scanning currency pairs rapidly for micro scalping opportunities based on its programmed algorithms.

The EA aims to identify small deviations from price equilibrium and enter trades quickly in the counter direction to profit as price corrects back to balance. Trades target just a few pips profit each in seconds or minutes. But is this scalping strategy effective? Let’s analyze further.

How BKK Scalper EA Works

According to EarnForex, BKK Scalper EA uses hidden technical indicators and custom algorithms to detect price divergences signaling pending reversals.

When the software determines a swing high/low is forming, it rapidly enters a sell/buy trade aiming to close the scalp as price retraces back to its opening level for a small per trade profit. Trades last seconds or minutes targeting tiny predictable swings.

The EA incorporates dynamic stop loss and take profit levels to protect capital and lock in scalp gains when reached. But can these short-term trades turn consistently profitable over time?

Reviewing BKK Scalper’s Accuracy Claims

The core sales pitch around the BKK Scalper EA focuses on its purported win rate of up to 99.9%. However, my extensive research uncovers some inconsistencies:

  • No concrete proof of live accounts maintaining a 99.9% win rate long term
  • No statistics provided on worst-case drawdowns or consecutive losses
  • Potential conflict of interest in accuracy claims used heavily in sales messaging

Without undisputed evidence via verified trading statements, the bold win rate claims seem questionable currently. These lofty accuracy promises warrant heavy skepticism without proof.

User Reviews and Ratings for BKK Scalper

Looking at impartial user reviews offers insights into real experiences with BKK Scalper. However, very few unbiased public reviews seem to exist, with most only found on the vendor’s website.

Searching through forex forums, a few users report underwhelming results, needing to optimize settings, and consecutive losses exceeding expectations. Much more objective user feedback would be required to gauge actual performance.

BKK Scalper Robot Pricing

BKK Scalper EA pricing consists of a one-time fee of $179 for unlimited use on one real account plus free upgrades, or a $39 monthly subscription.

These costs seem reasonably comparable to similar scalping EAs sold online presently. However, without proof of consistency, assessing true value is difficult.

Can BKK Scalper Expert Advisor Really Automate Profitable Scalping?

While BKK Scalper EA promises to deliver automated scalping profits to traders through advanced algorithms, some concerns exist:

  • Lack of transparency into origins of purported 99.9% win rate accuracy claim
  • No documented evidence of users consistently achieving stated win rate in live accounts
  • Scalping trades hold inherent risks requiring proper operation and oversight

For new traders, studying effective scalping strategies, paper trading for practice, and implementing robust risk management remains essential in my view despite promises of quick profits. There are no shortcuts.

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Key Disadvantages and Considerations

In addition to bold accuracy claims needing further validation, a few other potential disadvantages:

  • Hundreds of trades daily requires monitoring to avoid disruptions
  • Potential hidden fees from broker could erode profitability
  • Technology glitches can interrupt automated trading
  • Scalping trades vulnerable to spread costs and slippage

No EA is perfect or foolproof. Using prudently with realistic expectations remains crucial according to user reviews.

The Bottom Line on BKK Scalper Robot

The BKK Scalper EA clearly aims to provide forex traders, especially beginners, with automated scalping profits thanks to purportedly advanced algorithms. However, the inability for independent results verification along with limited impartial user reviews makes fully trusting accuracy promises difficult presently.

Without further documentation, I cannot comfortably recommend the BKK Scalper EA as a wise investment over alternative EAs with statistically verified track records demonstrating consistent profitability.

Of course, if future results transparency does emerge, along with more unbiased user reviews, my assessment could certainly change. But for now, exercising caution seems wise until more proof materializes.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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