IS Grey EA: A Comprehensive Review

IS Grey EA is a forex expert advisor (EA) designed specifically for scalping strategies on the 1-minute (M1) timeframe. Developed by InvestSniper, it utilizes a unique algorithm and advanced features to deliver high efficiency for forex traders. This article provides a comprehensive review of IS Grey EA based on available information.

IS Grey EA

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Overview and Features

IS Grey EA is crafted mainly for scalping strategies on the M1 timeframe. Key features include:

  • Unique scalping algorithm: Uses proprietary logic to identify trading opportunities and execute scalping strategies.
  • Advanced money management: Implements advanced money management based on account balance to control risk.
  • Innovative stop loss and take profit: Has built-in stop loss and take profit levels for strict risk control.
  • Multiple trading modes: Comes with Safe Mode and Normal Mode to accommodate different risk appetites.
  • Detailed backtesting history: Extensively backtested over 10+ years of historical data for reliability.
  • High win rate: Achieves over 90% win rate in lengthy backtests based on released statistics.
  • MT4 compatibility: Works seamlessly with MetaTrader 4 platform on both ECN and Standard accounts.

Performance and Backtests

According to published backtests, IS Grey EA demonstrates exceptional performance over a lengthy 10+ year period:

  • Total net profit: $432,482 over 10 years
  • Win rate: Over 90%
  • Maximum drawdown: 2.45%
  • Return on investment: Over 23,000%

These stellar backtests showcase the EA’s consistency and profitability across over 3.6 million bars. Additional backtests of the Safe Mode also highlight similar performance.

Usage and Configurations

IS Grey EA is designed for the M1 timeframe on MT4. It works on both ECN and Standard brokers with relatively low spreads. The minimum deposit is $100.

The EA comes preconfigured with optimal settings. However, users can adjust inputs like trade direction, max spread, lot size, and various stops based on their risk appetite. It is also compatible with VPS hosting services for uninterrupted trading.

For best results, InvestSniper recommends using an ECN broker with low spreads and fast execution. IS Grey EA performs well on most reputable brokers if properly configured.

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IS Grey EA Pros and Cons


  • Profitable algorithm with high win rate
  • Low drawdown and risk management features
  • Extensive historical backtest results
  • MT4 compatibility and ease of use


  • Designed for M1 scalping only
  • Requires ECN broker for best results
  • Higher risk compared to long-term trading

IS Grey EA Conclusion

IS Grey EA is an expert advisor geared specifically towards scalping strategies over the short term. While results may vary, its proprietary algorithm and stellar backtests demonstrate great profit potential for disciplined traders.

With appropriate money management, users can take advantage of its high win rate and low drawdown to systematically grow forex trading accounts. As with any EA, conducting robust backtesting and demo testing is advised before using real capital.

Overall, for traders seeking an automated solution to scalping the forex markets, EA warrants strong consideration based on current information. With the right broker and configurations, it can be a valuable addition to a diversified trading toolbox.

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