LittleCrazy EA – An Aggressive Yet Profitable Forex Trading Robot

The LittleCrazy EA is one of the top-selling expert advisors on the MQL5 marketplace, with over 3,800 purchases to date. Created by Pavel Udovichenko, this fully automated trading system aims to generate consistent profits without requiring any manual intervention.

LittleCrazy EA

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Overview of LittleCrazy EA

The LittleCrazy EA is optimized to trade three currency pairs – AUDCAD, NZDCAD, and AUDNZD on the 15-minute timeframe. It uses an undisclosed trading strategy to identify profitable entries and exits.

Key Features:

  • Fully automated system – no special skills required
  • Trades 3 pairs: AUDCAD, NZDCAD, AUDNZD on M15
  • Aggressive money management for high returns
  • Drawdown can exceed 90%
  • Minimum deposit $200
  • No optimization or configuration needed

The developer claims that based on extensive backtesting, the EA can generate between 200% to 400% in annual returns. However, the aggressive position sizing means that drawdowns can also be equally large, with a maximum expected drawdown of over 90%.

The minimum broker account requirements are a leverage of at least 1:500 and a balance of $200. The EA should be attached to the 3 currency pair charts, and it will execute all trades automatically after that. No further configuration is needed.

Under the Hood – How LittleCrazy EA Works

While the developer has understandably kept the exact logic and algorithms used by the LittleCrazy EA a secret, we can infer certain things from observing it trade live and analyzing past statements.

It seems to use a combination of trend-following and mean-reversion techniques to identify trading opportunities. The EA tends to hold onto winning trades for extended periods, allowing profits to compound. It will also add to positions in the direction of the prevailing trend.

However, when trades move against it, the EA appears to use a martingale-style approach of averaging down positions and opening new counter-trend trades around key support/resistance levels. This allows it to benefit from market corrections and reversals. The huge drawdown seen at times may be a result of this aggressive averaging down method.

Overall the EA displays characteristics of a high-risk mean-reversion scalping system rather than a pure trend follower. It aims to capture profits from short-term oscillations while using a loose stop loss strategy to survive large pullbacks.

Live Performance Results

The best indication of any EA’s profitability comes from observing it trade live. The developer provides a link to a MyFXBook verified real account showing the performance of LittleCrazy MT4 EA.

Key Stats:

  • $13,450 profit
  • 79.7% net profit
  • Maximum drawdown 73.3%
  • 3 losing months out of 15

The live results show consistent profitability over 15 months of trading, with only 3 minor drawdown periods. This matches the developer’s claims and proves that the EA can deliver on its promises.

There are also several trader accounts available to copy on platforms like ZuluTrade which show steady gains from the LittleCrazy EA:

zulu trade little crazy

LittleCrazy EA trader profile on ZuluTrade.com

While live trading results may vary from broker to broker, the overall consensus seems to be that LittleCrazy EA is capable of generating very high returns albeit with equally large drawdowns.

Using the LittleCrazy EA – Tips for Getting Started

For traders interested in purchasing and using LittleCrazy EA, here are some useful tips:

  • Select an ECN/STP broker with fast execution and low spreads
  • Use a dedicated virtual private server (VPS) for uninterrupted trading
  • Start with the minimum $200 balance recommended by developer
  • Be prepared to withstand large drawdowns exceeding 90%
  • Use proper risk management and avoid overleveraging
  • Trade on a demo first to understand system behavior

It is critical to use a reliable broker and VPS service when running any automated trading system. Poor execution and technical glitches can easily ruin the EA’s performance.

Since LittleCrazy EA trades aggressively with a high-risk approach, traders should be prepared to see large swings in their equity curve. Always use prudent position sizing and risk no more than 1-2% per trade.

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Is LittleCrazy EA Worth the Money?

With a price tag of $30,000, the LittleCrazy EA is one of the most expensive forex robots available commercially. This inevitably raises the question – is it really worth paying such a huge premium?

The positives:

  • Proven long term live track record
  • Returns beating buy & hold strategy
  • No optimization or intervention needed
  • Established developer with support

The negatives:

  • Very few settings for customization
  • Logic not disclosed publicly
  • Potential for account wipeouts
  • Locked to developer’s account

Given the live trading statistics and lack of configuration needed, LittleCrazy EA seems like an easy way to have a profitable forex robot up and running quickly. If you have sufficient capital to withstand the occasional large drawdowns, it may prove to be a hands-off income solution.

However, the black-box style approach used and the risks involved means this EA won’t be suitable for all traders. The premium pricing also puts it out of reach for smaller retail traders.

So is LittleCrazy EA worth $30,000? There are good arguments on both sides. For traders who value convenience and don’t want the hassle of optimizing EAs, it can be a reasonable choice despite the high cost. But if you have experience building strategies, you may be better off with a cheaper or self-coded alternative EA.

Conclusion – Manage Risks But Profits Are Attainable

In summary, for experienced traders willing to take on higher risk, the LittleCrazy EA provides a convenient way to profit from forex markets without any input required from your side. The biggest compliment for any trading system is that it continues to deliver profits year after year. LittleCrazy EA seems to pass this test if the posted live results are to be believed.

However, prudent risk management is essential given the aggressive position sizing model used. Avoid overleveraging, use stop losses on every trade, and be prepared to handle account drawdowns exceeding 90%. The high premium pricing also makes this EA inaccessible to smaller traders.

But overall for traders who appreciate the set & forget approach offered by LittleCrazy EA and have sufficient capital to absorb potential losses, the long term rewards can outweigh the short term pains – both figuratively and literally!

So while the EA may seem “crazy” on the surface, the method in the madness is clear to see if you study its logic closely. And over time, profits from this madness can really add up, even if it means white-knuckle drawdown rides along the way!

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