Trend Following Gold EA: A Powerful Tool for Trading Gold

The Trend Following Gold EA is an expert advisor designed specifically for automated trading of the XAU/USD (Gold) market. With advanced algorithms optimized for the gold market, this EA aims to capitalize on strong trends while minimizing risk through strict risk management protocols.

In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the key features of the Trend Following Gold EA, assess its strengths and weaknesses, and determine if it is a viable tool for trading gold.

Trend Following Gold EA

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Overview and Strategy

The core strategy of the Trend Following Gold EA is based on identifying and entering trades in the direction of the prevailing trend in the gold market. It utilizes a combination of technical indicators like Moving Averages, MACD, RSI and Bollinger Bands to gauge market direction and spot high-probability entry points.

Some of the key attributes of this expert advisor are:

  • Trades XAU/USD (Gold) only: Designed specifically for the gold market, allowing for precise optimization.
  • Multiple Timeframe Analysis: Uses H4 charts for overall trend direction and H1 charts for entry signals, combining long and short-term market perspectives.
  • Adaptive Trade Logic: Continuously monitors price action and adapts position sizes or closes trades early to account for changing market conditions.
  • Effective Risk Management: Implements stop losses on every trade along with equity protection features to minimize losses and drawdowns.

By leveraging these functionalities, the Trend Following Gold EA aims to maximize gains during strong gold trends while minimizing losses when price reversals occur.

Key Features and Settings

The Trend Following Gold EA comes equipped with a robust set of features and custom settings to facilitate automated gold trading. Let’s examine some of the most essential configuration options and tools available:

Flexible Trading Conditions

Traders can define their preferred trading times, days of the week to trade, and even specific dates to avoid placing trades on. This allows aligning the EA’s operations to your schedule and market preferences.

Multiple Trading Modes

The EA provides the choice between three trading modes offering varying degrees of risk management:

  • Conservative Mode – takes fewer trades but higher profitability and lower drawdown trades
  • Normal Mode – balanced between risk and reward for steady growth
  • Aggressive Mode – more frequent trading with higher risk and reward

Adaptive Position Sizing

You can enable adaptive position sizing so the EA automatically adjusts lot sizes based on account balance and market volatility. It helps control risk in an intelligent manner.

Effective Risk Parameters

Parameters like stop loss, trailing stop, max spread, and equity stop loss allow customizing risk levels. Tighter stops mean lower risk per trade but potentially more frequent stop outs.

Table 1: Key Settings and Features of the Trend Following Gold EA

Feature Description Customization
Trading Times Define specific trading sessions Full Control
Trading Days Choose days of the week to trade Full Control
Trading Modes Conservative, Normal, Aggressive options Yes
Position Sizing Fixed/Adaptive lot sizes Yes
Risk Parameters Stop loss, trailing stop, max spread etc. Yes

Trend Following Gold EA Performance and Backtests

The developer makes bold claims regarding the Trend Following Gold EA’s past and expected performance. Let’s analyze the data to determine if the claims hold merit:

Backtest Results

  • Period: 15 Years (2004-2019)
  • Total Net Profit: Over $760,000
  • Max Drawdown: Under 30%

These backtest results across 15 years of gold price data do indicate strong performance with steady growth and reasonable drawdowns.

Figure 1: Equity growth curve from backtest period

Equity growth curve

However, there are caveats when assessing backtest results:

  • The quality of tick data used can greatly impact results
  • Spreads and commissions need to be factored in for realism
  • Optimizations can lead to curve-fitting that fails in live trading

So while the backtests showcase promise, real-time results carry more weight.

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Trend Following Gold EA Live Performance

The Trend Following EA developer provides limited live performance tracking on MyFXBook for validation.

  • Duration: 8 months
  • Gain: Over 20%
  • Drawdown: Less than 15%

The live results, albeit over a shorter duration, do show consistency with the backtests. The combination establishes some credibility regarding the EA’s efficacy.

Figure 2: MyFXBook verified live performance results

Live performance tracking

Trend Following Gold EA Real User Reviews

With over 500 purchases and 300 reviews on the MQL marketplace, real trader feedback reveals:

  • Consistent profitability in live trading
  • Ability to ride gold trends effectively
  • Impressive risk management leading to low drawdowns

The prevalence of positive reviews indicates the EA delivers on its promises for most users.

Trend Following Gold EA Strengths and Advantages

Based on its strategy design, features, and performance history, the Trend Following Gold EA possesses some key strengths:

Effective Trend Tracking

The EA’s indicators and trade logic allow it to identify trend direction quickly and accurately. This enables entering trades early in emerging trends, leading to bigger gains.

Disciplined Risk Management Protocols

From stop losses on every trade to equity protection features, the EA’s risk management capabilities minimize losses and large drawdowns across market conditions.

Timesaver for Gold Traders

Fully automated strategy design saves traders‘ time from analyzing charts and looking for trades manually. This convenience can lead to better lifestyle and performance.

Developer Track Record

With a long track record of popular tools for trading gold, the developer’s expertise in this market is an advantage for the Trend Following EA as well.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Despite numerous strengths, the Trend Following Gold EA also comes with a few weaknesses to consider:

Overoptimization Risks

While the backtests and live results exhibit positive performance, there is always a risk of curve-fitting and optimization bias degrading results on different data.

Scalability Concerns

Some user reviews suggest performance deteriorates considerably when used on larger accounts, limiting position sizes. This scalability problem can hinder growth potential.

Lagging Exit Signals

A common complaint is that exit signals occasionally lag, leading to giving back some profits before closing trades. Better exits would improve results.

Locked Strategy Logic

With no visibility into the actual strategy code or logic, traders have to blindly trust the opaque algorithms under the hood. This lack of transparency is far from ideal.

Verdict: Worth Trying with Caution

In conclusion, while the Trend Following Gold EA shows real promise in automated gold trading, traders should employ prudent position sizing and risk management given some inherent weaknesses.

The EA is certainly worth trying out, but with reasonable expectations and caution. Use demo trading, micro lots and tight stop losses initially to gauge performance. Only allocate larger capital if real account results mirror backtests and vendor claims consistently.

As with any EA, conduct proper due diligence, manage risk smartly and use the Trend Following Gold EA as a tool to complement your own trading process rather than as a passive income solution.

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