Introduction to the BBMAC20 DASHBOARD TRADING SYSTEM v16.6

The BBMAC20 DASHBOARD TRADING SYSTEM v16.6 is a powerful forex trading platform developed by trader Alireza Yadegar. It provides traders with a comprehensive suite of tools to analyze markets, identify high-probability setups, and execute trades automatically or manually.

Some key features of the BBMAC20 system include:

  • Real-time trade alerts and push notifications
  • Analysis of multiple timeframes and currency pairs
  • Detailed entry, take profit and stop loss levels
  • Customizable trading strategies and settings
  • Manual and automated trading options
  • Backtesting capabilities

Since its launch, the BBMAC20 Dashboard has become popular among forex traders for its ability to streamline the trading process and potentially improve profitability. This in-depth review covers how the system works, its main features and benefits, potential drawbacks to consider, and overall effectiveness based on user experiences.



How the BBMAC20 Trading System Works

The core foundation of the BBMAC20 system is the Bollinger Bands indicator. Specific trading rules are defined based on interactions between price and the Bollinger Bands, such as:

  • Price closing near the upper or lower bands
  • Price breaking above or below the bands
  • Bands expanding or contracting

Once a trading signal is triggered based on the rules, the BBMAC20 dashboard identifies optimal entry, stop loss and take profit levels for the trade.

Entry levels aim to get in at the start of a new trend. Stop losses are placed below recent swing lows or support levels to limit downside. Take profits target common extension levels like 127%, 161% etc based on Fibonacci retracements.

The dashboard allows traders to manually execute signals on their charts. Alternatively, the trades can be automated so that the system enters and manages the trades automatically based on the defined strategy and risk management settings.

BBMAC20 DASHBOARD TRADING SYSTEM v16.6 Key Features and Benefits

The BBMAC20 dashboard includes an extensive set of features and customization options to accommodate different trading styles:

Real-Time Alerts

  • Scans 29 chart patterns and price/indicator interactions
  • Alerts triggered visually on charts and via push notifications
  • Never miss a potential trading opportunity

Multi-Market Scanner

  • Analyzes 8 timeframes from 1 minute to monthly
  • Scans up to 28 forex pairs and commodities simultaneously
  • Identify trading setups across various markets

Strategy Designer

  • Build custom strategies based on indicators and conditions
  • Optimize strategies through backtesting and metrics
  • Construct strategies for any market or timeframe

Risk Management

  • Uses optimal stop loss for every trade based on ATR
  • Limits percentage of account at risk per trade
  • Protects capital while aiming for optimal risk-reward

Auto Trading

  • Fully automate trade entries, exits and management
  • System handles all trading activity automatically
  • Allows hands-free trading experience

Trade Analytics

  • Detailed metrics on every trade and overall performance
  • Identify successful strategies and optimize weaker ones
  • Enhance trading through data-driven insights


  • Full control over dashboard layout and settings
  • Tailor trading experience to your personal preferences
  • Modify colors, assets, timeframes, notifications etc

Ease of Use

  • Sleek visual interface with intuitive controls
  • Easy to set up and start using quickly
  • User guide and videos explain all functions

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The developer designed the BBMAC20 dashboard to be user-friendly so traders can start using it quickly. Here are the basic steps to get started:

  1. Obtain Dashboard – Purchase the dashboard for a one-time fee and install it on the MT4 platform. Activation is required.
  2. Add Assets – Populate the dashboard with your desired forex pairs and timeframes to scan.
  3. Configure Strategy – Select a default strategy or create a custom one using the Strategy Designer.
  4. Adjust Settings – Modify settings such as risk management rules, trade logic, and automation level.
  5. Launch Scanner – Start the scanning process to identify trading opportunities across the markets.
  6. Get Alerts – Dashboard will alert visually on charts and optionally by push notification.
  7. Execute Trades – Manually execute signals on charts or enable automated trading.
  8. Monitor Performance – Track metrics like profitability, drawdown, win rate to refine strategies.

Ongoing usage involves monitoring the dashboard for signals, managing any open trades, and making periodic adjustments to strategies and settings based on performance or market conditions.

Tips for Getting the Most from the System

Here are some tips from experienced users to maximize success with the BBMAC20 dashboard:

  • Start small – Initially scan just 1-2 pairs on a few key timeframes to avoid overload.
  • Learn default strategies – Master the default strategies first before attempting to build custom ones.
  • Follow the rules – Stick to the strategy rules and avoid overriding signals based on discretion.
  • Use conservative risk – Limit risk to 1-2% per trade until consistency is achieved.
  • Review metrics frequently – Analyze performance data regularly to identify and fix weaknesses.
  • Specialize strategies – Build strategies tailored to specific market conditions or pairs.
  • Update periodically – Check for dashboard software updates which may improve performance.
  • Watch tutorial videos – Use the video library to learn all functionalities and settings.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While the BBMAC20 dashboard has many benefits, there are some potential downsides to keep in mind:

  • Steep learning curve – The system has a lot of customization options which can overwhelm new users.
  • Over-optimization risk – Extensive backtesting makes it easy to overfit strategies to past data.
  • Requires monitoring – The dashboard still needs oversight to ensure proper functioning.
  • Not a “set and forget” system – Effective usage involves active analysis and optimization.
  • Computer resources – Running extensive scans across many markets can be resource intensive.
  • Lagging indicators – Strategies based on lagging indicators like moving averages have delays.
  • No guarantee of profits – The dashboard provides tools but ultimate results depend on the trader.

Effectiveness of the BBMAC20 DASHBOARD TRADING SYSTEM v16.6

Overall reviews of the BBMAC20 dashboard from users are generally positive. Traders highlight the system’s ease of use, customization options, and ability to rapidly identify trades across multiple markets and timeframes as major benefits.


In summary, the BBMAC20 DASHBOARD TRADING SYSTEM v16.6 provides traders with an extensive set of tools to streamline the process of identifying, analyzing, and executing forex trades across multiple timeframes and currency pairs. Its real-time alerts, robust analytics, and automation capabilities offer the potential to enhance trading performance. While the dashboard has a learning curve and requires active oversight and optimization from users, it can be a valuable trading complement for disciplined traders. Before purchasing, prospective users should thoroughly review the features and conduct backtesting to determine if the system aligns with their trading style and goals. With appropriate commitment to learning the system and diligent application of its tools, the BBMAC20 Dashboard can potentially help traders achieve consistently profitable results.

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