Life Changer EA Review – An In-Depth Analysis

Life Changer EA is an automated forex trading robot that promises to deliver consistent monthly profits of 30-50% with no losses. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze if the EA can deliver on its promises.

Life Changer EA

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Overview of Life Changer EA

Life Changer EA is developed by an anonymous vendor specializing in programming automated trading solutions. As per the vendor, the EA works on all currency pairs and brokers using a combination of powerful indicators and trading strategies.

Some key features highlighted by the vendor:

The vendor recommends a minimum account balance of $100 and states the EA works best on the M30 timeframe.

Working Principle and Strategy

While the vendor does not reveal the exact logic behind the Life Changer EA, some clues can be obtained from the general description:

  • It seems to use a mix of indicators and price action strategies to identify trading opportunities
  • The emphasis seems to be on a slow and steady approach rather than quick profits
  • Risk management seems to be a priority to limit losses

This suggests Life Changer EA may rely on established technical indicators like moving averages combined with price action patterns like support/resistance. It likely uses methods like trailing stops and conservative position sizing to control risk.

The overall strategy seems optimized for steady monthly gains rather than quick short-term profits.

Pros of Life Changer EA

  • Seems competitively priced for the promised profit target
  • Setup and use appears relatively straightforward
  • Some user backtests show decent performance

Cons of Life Changer EA

  • No verified track record shared by vendor
  • Tall monthly profit claims remain unsubstantiated
  • Lack of reputable user reviews online
  • Very limited support options

So in summary, while Life Changer EA shows some positive signs, it carries significant reliability risks for traders without further verification of its performance claims. Traders are advised to thoroughly test it on demo before considering investing real money.

Live Performance

Unfortunately, no verified live results seem to be available for Life Changer EA at this time. This makes it impossible to confirm if the EA can actually deliver the promised 30-50% monthly gains.

Some users have published Myfxbook results but the track records are very short (few months) with insufficient data to make an assessment.

The lack of a long-term verified track record is a major red flag when it comes to trusting Life Changer’s profitability claims.

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Costs and Packages

Life Changer EA is sold through the vendor’s website in 3 packages:

  • Starter: $229 for 1 live account license
  • Regular: $399 for 3 live account licenses
  • VIP: $569 for unlimited live account licenses

The website also mentions a money back guarantee but the terms are unclear.

Compared to other EAs, Life Changer seems competitively priced if it can deliver on the monthly profit target. However, the pricing model based on account licenses can get expensive for traders running multiple accounts.

Ease of Use

The vendor emphasizes Life Changer EA is easy to install and use. The manual covers the setup process in MetaTrader 4 and suggests good brokerage selection for optimal performance.

Useful details are provided about various settings in the EA and their impact. Guidance is also given on risk management, position sizing, spreads etc.

Overall the documentation seems adequate for an experienced trader to install, configure and run the EA without much trouble.

Support and Guarantee

Support options are limited for Life Changer EA – an email address is provided but no live chat or phone support. The vendor is also anonymous without much reputation online.

This is understandable given the EA is sold on online marketplaces rather than vendor’s own website. But lack of support channels still remains a risk, especially if the EA does not function as desired.

The money back guarantee terms are also not clearly defined on the order page, making it unreliable.

Reviews from Users and Experts

Very few genuine user reviews could be found online for Life Changer EA. Forex Robot Nation has provided a review but does not recommend it due to lack of trading data.

One detailed review on ForexFactory seems more positive – the user found it profitable based on their own testing. But since results are not verified, the review should be taken with skepticism.

Overall there is insufficient credible feedback from users or experts to make an objective assessment. In the absence of verified performance data, user reviews play an even more critical role in evaluating an EA’s profitability potential.

Final Verdict – Can Life Changer EA Deliver?

In summary, while Life Changer EA shows some potential, the lack of a verified track record raises reliability concerns. The vendor makes rather tall monthly profit claims but does not back up those claims with real trading statements.

The working logic of the EA seems reasonably sound but remains hidden from users. Setup and use seems straightforward but support options are limited in case of issues.

Overall, without a long term real-money verification, traders should remain skeptical of Life Changer EA’s profitability claims, despite the low pricing. Usage is only recommended after extensive testing on demo for an extended period to understand its performance across different market conditions.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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