One Punch GBPUSD EA – A Comprehensive Review

The One Punch GBPUSD EA is an expert advisor designed specifically for trading the GBPUSD currency pair on the M5 timeframe. This automated trading system has garnered attention for its claims of high profitability and ease of use. But does it live up to the hype? This comprehensive review will examine the features, performance, pros and cons of the One Punch GBPUSD EA to determine if it is worth purchasing.


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Overview of One Punch GBPUSD EA

The One Punch GBPUSD EA was developed by Didit Haryadi Saputra and launched in May 2019. It is marketed as a high precision system that opens only one trade at a time, with the potential for strong profits.

Some of the key features of the One Punch GBPUSD EA include:

  • Designed for GBPUSD on M5 timeframe only
  • Uses an adaptive trade management algorithm
  • Very easy to use and customize
  • Fixed trade size or automatic lot size calculation
  • Trailing stop loss
  • Take profit and stop loss in points
  • Equity stop to prevent trading at low equity

The developer claims consistent profits from this straightforward yet customizable expert advisor. However, some users have found the number of trades to be higher in live trading compared to backtests.

Backtesting Performance

Backtests available from the developer show strong performance from 2018 to 2019. Key backtest metrics include:

  • Total net profit of $8,910
  • Max drawdown of 18.8%
  • Profit factor of 2.21

The backtest uses a fixed lot size of 0.1 on a $10,000 account balance. No major losses or drawdowns are observed on the backtest.

However, it is important to note that backtests do not always translate to live results. The market conditions during backtesting may not represent current volatility and trends. Nonetheless, the backtest results demonstrate the potential of the One Punch GBPUSD EA MT4 strategy. More live forward testing would be needed to further validate the system.

Live Performance

There is limited information available about the live performance of the One Punch GBPUSD EA. The developer does not provide any official account statements or third-party verification of live results.

Some users have shared mixed results from their experience using the expert advisor. One user reported 75% success rate over 15 trades in 3 months, with over 1000 pips in profit. However, no proof was provided to support these claims.

Without verified live results, it is difficult to gauge the true performance to expect from the One Punch GBPUSD EA. Potential buyers should be cautious of unsubstantiated claims of profitability without proof. More impartial testing is needed to evaluate the viability of this system for live trading.

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Features and Customization

The One Punch GBPUSD EA includes several features for customizing the trading strategy:

  • Fixed or dynamic lot size – Users can choose between a fixed lot size or enable dynamic lot size calculation based on account balance and risk percentage.
  • Trailing stop loss – The EA includes a trailing stop loss that follows price movement to lock in profits.
  • Take profit and stop loss in points – Take profit and stop loss levels can be set in points.
  • Equity stop – An equity stop can be enabled to stop trading when account equity drops below a threshold.
  • Slippage setting – The maximum slippage allowed for a trade can be customized.
  • Risk management – The percent risk per trade can be adjusted for dynamic lot size calculation.

These settings allow traders to fine tune the EA behavior for their preferences and risk tolerance. Less experienced traders may benefit from the default settings before optimizing.

Pros of One Punch GBPUSD EA

Potential for high profitability – Backtests and some user reviews suggest the One Punch GBPUSD EA can generate consistent profits in the right market conditions. The simplicity of the rules-based system allows it to capitalize on short-term trends and reversals.

Customizable parameters – The EA allows users to modify settings like lot size and stop loss to suit their trading plan. This flexibility can be beneficial for active traders.

Easy to use out of the box – For beginners, the default settings provide a ready-to-use EA with minimal setup required. More advanced traders can later optimize parameters once familiar with the system.

Adaptive trade management – The EA incorporates adaptive algorithms to dynamically manage trades based on current market conditions and volatility. This adaptable approach aims to improve profitability.

Cons of One Punch GBPUSD EA

Limited currency pairs – The EA is designed solely for the GBPUSD currency pair on the 5 minute timeframe. Traders looking for more flexibility may find the narrow focus too restrictive.

Unverified live results – Without verified forward trading results, traders cannot objectively evaluate the performance claims made by the developer. This lack of transparency is a concern.

Potential overoptimization – While the EA rules appear simple, excessive curve fitting on past data could limit out-of-sample performance. More live testing is required to assess its robustness.

No money management – The lack of built-in money management means traders must add their own rules to manage risk. This requires more effort and trading discipline.


The One Punch GBPUSD EA offers traders an easy-to-use system with the potential for generating profits on short-term GBPUSD price action. Its adaptive algorithms and customizable settings allow active fine tuning of the trading strategy. However, the lack of verified live results raises questions about its long-term profitability. While the backtest statistics are promising, real-world performance remains uncertain.

Overall, the One Punch GBPUSD EA may warrant further testing for traders interested in automated trading of the GBPUSD currency pair on the 5 minute chart. But potential buyers should be wary of relying solely on hypothetical backtest results when assessing this expert advisor. Use of prudent money management and risk control is advised to protect capital against overoptimized systems. The EA shows potential but needs more impartial evaluation to determine its viability as a standalone trading solution.

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