Zheil V2 EA Forex Robot Review – Is It Worth Buying?

The Zheil V2 EA is an expert advisor (EA) forex robot that aims to automate trading and generate profits for traders. In this extensive review, we will analyze its features, performance, pros and cons to determine if it’s worth purchasing.

Zheil V2 EA

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Overview of the Zheil V2 EA

The Zheil V2 EA for MT4 is marketed as a “prop firm expert advisor” designed specifically for use with prop firms – companies that offer funded trading accounts to aspiring traders.

Very little concrete information is available about the developer behind this EA or its exact trading strategy. It appears to be sold through Instagram by a vendor called “propfirm_fastpass”. The listed original price is $1100 but it’s currently available discounted at $14 on Forex EA Store.

Features and Settings

Despite the limited public details, the vendor makes big claims about the Zheil V2 EA’s capabilities:

  • Operates with just two buttons for user-friendliness
  • Comes with three set files for scalping, day trading or swing trading
  • Guarantees minimum 3% daily profit
  • Has 99% signal accuracy
  • Works well with high-impact news events

These promises seem almost too good to be true. Without transparency into the underlying strategy, it’s impossible to independently verify them.

The EA allegedly allows some customization of settings but no specifics are provided. The ability to optimize settings and adjust risk parameters is important for an automated trading system.

Backtesting and Past Performance

There is no verifiable backtesting or statement data available for the Zheil V2 EA. None of the search results provide any concrete proof of profits or even trading activity.

This lack of transparency is a major red flag. Reputable EA sellers rigorously backtest their systems and provide extensive performance reports to potential buyers. The absence of any verified historical results makes the profit claims for this EA highly dubious.

Zheil V2 EA Pros and Cons

Potential Pros:

Potential Cons:

  • No proven track record
  • Lack of transparency into strategy
  • Too good to be true claims
  • High risk of loss

Without evidence of profitable historical performance, the supposed pros of this EA are meaningless. The lack of verifiable results and information is very concerning.

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Zheil V2 EA Conclusion and Recommendation

In summary, there are too many unanswered questions and red flags around the Zheil V2 EA to recommend purchasing it. The incredibly low price may seem tempting but without proof of actual trading profits, it’s likely only $14 down the drain.

There are reputable EA sellers with long track records of positive performance, such as RunwiseFX EA and Forex Robot Nation. I’d strongly advise considering a proven, transparent system instead of wasting money on the Zheil V2 EA blindly based on dubious marketing claims. Forex robots can certainly automate trading profitably with the right strategy, but this one seems highly risky at best and an outright scam at worst.

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