Stability Pro EA Review – A Stable and Profitable Forex Robot

The Stability Pro EA is an automated trading robot sold on the marketplace. It was developed by Profalgo Limited and claims to be one of the most advanced, stable, low risk grid trading systems available. In this detailed review, we will analyze its features, performance statistics, strengths and weaknesses to determine if Stability Pro delivers on its promises.

Stability Pro EA

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Overview of Stability Pro EA

The Stability Pro EA specializes in grid trading, which involves opening multiple buy and sell orders around a set price level. It uses an advanced algorithm called the Smart Variable Grid (SVG) system that analyzes market movements to determine optimal grid positioning rather than placing trades at fixed intervals.

The developer states that Stability Pro has been rigorously stress tested across multiple currency pairs over long time periods. The results showed consistent profitability during extreme market events with no losing months since 2007.

The EA aims to provide a favorable risk to reward ratio along with strong recovery factors to quickly rebound from any losses. There are also several customizable risk management features built-in.

Supported Currency Pairs and Timeframes

Stability Pro trades on the EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and USDCHF currency pairs on the M5 timeframe. It uses a one chart setup so you only need to attach it to a single EURUSD M5 chart.

Notable Features

  • Smart Variable Grid (SVG) system for optimal grid positioning
  • Rigorously stress tested over long time periods
  • Multiple risk management and safety features
  • One chart setup
  • Automatically adjusts to broker suffixes

Performance Statistics and Verification

According to the product page, Stability Pro has been verified by Myfxbook on three live accounts with exceptional results over multi-year periods.

For example, the Aggressive version shows over 1500% profit growth in 6 months on the EURUSD pair with a max drawdown of less than 30%. The Safe version has gained over 280% in 1 year on EURUSD as well with under 15% drawdown.

These statistics demonstrate the EA can deliver extremely high returns albeit with high risk as evident in the aggressive setup. It is still impressive it can maintain such strong profitability over long periods.

It would be wise to start more conservatively and assess performance before deploying higher risk profiles. But the results clearly show Stability Pro has the potential to generate very substantial profits if traded properly.

Using Stability Pro EA

Parameters Overview

Stability Pro includes several categories of input parameters:

Risk Management – Controls position sizing and stop loss behavior
Safety Features – Additional protections against excessive drawdowns
Money Management – Compounding and profit taking settings
Grid Settings – Configures the SVG grid trading system
Symbol Settings – Adds broker suffix if needed

Most traders will primarily be concerned with the Risk and Safety parameters when configuring the EA. Luckily, Stability Pro provides multiple ways to curb risk so you can strike a balance that matches your account size and risk tolerance.

Some key settings to consider are the max spread, risk percentage per trade, max historical drawdown stop, trailing stop type and grid profit take percentage.

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Installing Stability Pro requires a few quick steps:

  1. Add the URL to allowed URLs in MT4 settings
  2. Open an EURUSD M5 chart
  3. Attach the EA and enable one chart setup
  4. Select risk management parameters
  5. Start!

Be sure to thoroughly backtest any settings before going live. The developer also recommends running it on a VPS for best performance.

Stability Pro EA Pros and Cons

Key Strengths

  • Innovative SVG grid trading algorithm
  • Rigorously backtested with stellar results
  • Multiple risk controls and safety features
  • Automated one chart setup
  • Actively maintained and updated

Potential Weaknesses

  • Uses grid trading which can be risky for inexperienced traders
  • Requires high quality ECN broker with low spreads
  • Does not support hedging
  • Only trades EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and USDCHF pairs

Stability Pro EA Verdict

Overall, Stability Pro is one of the most impressive grid EAs available today judging by its purported backtest results and longevity. While grid trading itself carries inherent risks, Stability Pro appears to manage them exceptionally well while maximizing profitable trades through its innovative SVG system and emphasis on risk management.

For traders comfortable with grid strategies, Stability Pro may be an excellent addition for diversifying your portfolio with automated trading. Considering the $349 price tag includes unlimited license, lifetime updates and stellar performance, it seems reasonably priced for the quality on offer assuming the live results match the advertised statistics.

In closing, while practicing prudent risk management is still essential, Stability Pro checks all the boxes you want to see in an automated trading EA. It could be a fantastic tool for hands-off trading profits if configured and traded responsibly.

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