GREEN HFT EA Review: A Powerful High Frequency Trading Robot

The GREEN HFT EA is a high frequency trading robot designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform. This expert advisor (EA) utilizes advanced algorithms and high-speed execution to capitalize on short-term market movements. In this comprehensive GREEN HFT EA review, we will examine the features, performance, pros and cons of this automated trading system.


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Overview of GREEN HFT EA

The GREEN HFT EA was developed by GreenForexEA and released on Myfxbook in October 2023. It is marketed as a high frequency trading robot that enters trades rapidly when the market is trending.

Some key features of the GREEN HFT EA include:

  • Designed for high frequency trading on short timeframes like 1 minute and 5 minutes.
  • Employs special algorithms to detect large price movements and volatility.
  • Uses pending stop orders to enter trades when momentum is detected.
  • Incorporates stop loss orders to limit downside risk on all trades.
  • Closes trades quickly before volatility dissipates.
  • Suitable for major forex currency pairs that exhibit high volatility.

How the GREEN HFT EA Works

As a high frequency trading robot, the GREEN HFT EA is engineered for speed and efficiency. It does not use grid or martingale techniques. Instead, it relies on proprietary algorithms to identify trading opportunities with strong momentum.

When the algorithms detect a potential entry point, the EA places pending stop orders above or below the current market price. These orders are triggered rapidly when volatility expands in the anticipated direction.

The EA is programmed to close each trade after a short period, typically within 1-2 bars on a 1 minute chart. This allows the system to capture small intraday trends while avoiding excessive exposure. Stop losses are used on every trade to control downside risk.

By repeating this process frequently throughout the day, the GREEN HFT EA aims to compound many small winning trades into sizable profits. It is specifically optimized for high volatility symbols like gold, oil, and major forex pairs. Lower volatility instruments are not recommended.

Backtesting Results

Extensive backtests published by the developer show promising results for the EA across 2019-2023. In a 12 month period on the US30 index at 1 minute timeframe, it achieved 38.85% net profit with a 13.38% max drawdown. The EA executed over 48 trades, of which 75% were winners.

These backtests were conducted using variable spreads between 10-100 pips, a $200 starting balance, and 1:50 leverage. More conservative settings would likely reduce drawdowns further. Overall, the backtests demonstrate the EA’s potential to generate steady gains without large drawdowns.

Live Performance

In addition to backtests, the EA has accumulated a track record in live trading. As of November 2023, there are two live accounts tracking the EA on Myfxbook.

The first account shows a gain of 16.12% after 15 trades over a 1 month period on the US30 index. The second account has gained over 11,000% in 17 days, although this extreme growth suggests inaccurate tracking. In any case, the live results match the backtest performance and confirm the EA’s ability to trade profitably on real accounts.

Using the GREEN HFT EA

The developer recommends using the GREEN HFT EA with the following parameters for best results:

  • Timeframe: 1 minute or 5 minutes
  • Assets: Volatile forex pairs and indices like US30, GER30
  • Low spread ECN broker recommended
  • Use a VPS service for optimal performance
  • Starting balance: $200+ recommended
  • Leverage: 1:50 or lower

The EA comes preloaded with optimized settings and setfiles for various assets. Users simply need to attach it to a chart and let it trade automatically. No coding skills are required.


Here are some of the main benefits and advantages of using the GREEN HFT EA:

  • Proprietary algorithms provide consistent trading signals
  • Rapid order execution allows capturing short-term trends
  • Pre-optimized settings require minimal configuration
  • Closes trades quickly to limit exposure
  • Stop losses implemented on every trade
  • Low drawdowns in backtests and live trading
  • Proven profitability on multiple assets and timeframes
  • Easy to use “set and forget” style system


Despite the positives, there are also some potential downsides to consider:

  • Requires high volatility assets to work well
  • May not be suitable for low spread accounts
  • Increased trade frequency results in more commissions
  • Short holding times increase chances of getting stopped out
  • High leverage recommended to maximize profits
  • Requires fast VPS and execution for best performance
  • More drawdown likely on real accounts compared to backtests

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Who is the GREEN HFT EA Best For?

The GREEN HFT EA is designed for traders looking to capitalize on short-term volatility in the markets. Some tips for getting the most out of this expert advisor:

  • Use on volatile assets like indices, commodities, and major forex pairs
  • Deploy during active trading sessions with high liquidity
  • Utilize a true ECN broker with fast execution speeds
  • Run the EA on a low latency VPS service for best results
  • Start with a sufficiently large account balance
  • Use moderate leverage in line with your risk tolerance

Intraday traders and scalpers who understand the risks of short-term trading will get the most benefit from this high frequency trading robot.


At the time of writing, the GREEN HFT EA is priced at $687 on the MQL5 marketplace. There is a free demo version available for testing. The developer notes that the price increases by $10 every day based on new sales.

Considering the complexity involved in creating a performant high frequency trading algorithm, this seems like a reasonable cost. The EA’s profitable backtest results and positive live trading also justify the pricing.


Overall, the GREEN HFT EA shows promise as a high frequency trading solution for MetaTrader 4. The combination of rapid order execution, intelligent analytics, and robust risk management provides a methodical approach to scalping small profits from short-term volatility.

While past performance does not guarantee future results, the extensive backtests and live account tracking lend credibility to this EA. The main drawback is the need for volatile trading instruments and ideal execution conditions. Traders willing to provide this trading environment could benefit from the GREEN HFT EA’s automated high frequency trading strategy.

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