EA Sengkuni V1 – An In-Depth Review

EA Sengkuni V1 is a forex expert advisor (EA) that trades automatically on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at this trading robot to see if it delivers on its promises.

EA Sengkuni V1

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Overview of EA Sengkuni V1

EA Sengkuni V1 is marketed as a fully automated forex scalping robot that can generate stable profits month after month. It uses a combination of martingale and hedging strategies to capitalize on short-term market movements.

The developers claim that it has been extensively backtested and optimized to produce consistent results across different market conditions. Some of the main features highlighted include:

  • Compatibility with NFA and FIFO rules
  • Effective money management to control risk
  • Ability to trade any currency pair and timeframe
  • Easy to install and use even for beginners

In terms of performance, the vendors advertise monthly returns between 4% and 9% with relatively low drawdown. But are these claims backed up by real trading results? Let’s analyze further.

Backtesting Results & Performance Data

Extensive backtesting results are shown on the vendor’s website spanning over 10 years across multiple currency pairs. These include majors like EUR/USD as well as crosses such as EUR/JPY. The backtests indicate steady monthly gains during live market conditions.

However, it is important to note that backtesting has limitations in replicating real-world trading. Market conditions keep changing dynamically and it is impossible to account for all variables in hindsight testing.

MyFXBook verification is provided which shows a 29% gain in one month. But the drawdown is also quite high at 23%. More long-term data would be required to evaluate the EA’s capability to deliver consistent profits.

Overall, the backtest results seem promising but real account trading statistics are needed to validate performance. Short one month snapshots do not provide enough data.

Trading Strategy & Logic

EA Sengkuni V1 combines martingale and hedging techniques to capitalize on short-term trends. The martingale method involves doubling down after a loss to recoup the capital. Hedging involves opening opposite direction trades to lock in profits.

These strategies can produce wins but are also risky if used improperly. The robot likely utilizes filters and settings to manage the inherent risks. Specific details are not provided on the exact entry, exit and money management rules.

It apparently uses an AI module for closing trades at optimal times to maximize profits. More transparency on the trading logic would help assess the viability and potential risks.

Ease of Use

The vendor emphasizes that EA Sengkuni V1 is simple to set up and use. Installation only takes a few minutes by following the detailed manual provided. It can work across different brokers and account types.

Limited input parameters need to be configured before running the EA. This enables even novice traders to use the robot without complex optimizations. The default settings apparently work well for most market conditions.

If any assistance is needed, customer support is available to help with the installation process. Ease of use is a major plus point, provided the performance matches expectations.

Pricing & Availability

EA Sengkuni V1 is currently priced at $199. This includes lifetime license and free updates. Discounts may be offered occasionally reducing the price up to 50%.

The EA can be purchased securely on the vendor’s website by credit card or PayPal. Installation package with license key is delivered digitally via email upon payment. A 30-day money back guarantee is provided in case the software is not satisfactory.

Compared to many other forex EAs, the pricing seems reasonable for an established product with positive user reviews. Potential buyers should still evaluate it thoroughly before purchasing.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

On Forex forums and review sites, EA Sengkuni V1 scores positively from users highlighting its profitability and ease of use. Many mention they have been using it profitably for several months.

However, a few users faced losses and blow accounts due to improper usage and risk management. The inherent risks of martingale and hedging strategies need to be controlled. Conservative settings should be used initially.

The vendor provides optimized set files to use as baseline settings. But traders must still exercise caution and use demo accounts to evaluate performance before risking real capital. Overall customer sentiment seems largely positive based on reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • Extensive backtesting across 10+ years
  • Verified MyFXBook results shown
  • Combination of martingale and hedging strategies
  • Customized AI module for closing trades
  • Easy to install and use for beginners
  • Reasonable pricing with discounts


  • Lack of details on trading logic and settings
  • Short 1-month MyFXBook verification
  • Martingale and hedging carry inherent risks if misused
  • Needs caution and proper money management

EA Sengkuni V1 – Final Verdict

EA Sengkuni V1 shows potential to generate automated profits by combining risky but profitable strategies like martingale and hedging. The backtests and MyFXBook results indicate it can produce steady gains. Ease of use and reasonable pricing are also big advantages.

However, the lack of transparency on its trading algorithm raises some questions. The short verification period is also not sufficient to judge long-term consistency. Martingale and hedging are high-risk strategies that require strict risk control.

Overall, EA Sengkuni V1 seems worth evaluating further. But use extreme caution and practice proper money management. Start with small position sizes on demo account to see your own backtest results before risking real money. It may prove to be a profitable forex robot if used wisely.

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