VR Lollipop EA – A Powerful Trend-Following Trading Robot

The VR Lollipop EA is an automated trading robot developed by Vladimir Pastushak for the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. This expert advisor aims to profit from trend movements across various financial instruments including forex, crypto, stocks, and commodities.

VR Lollipop EA

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Overview of the VR Lollipop EA

The core strategy behind the VR Lollipop EA is trend-following trading combined with a dynamic trailing stop loss to maximize profits from trends while minimizing losses. The key aspects of this trading system are:

  • Detects the trend direction and identifies optimal entry points using technical indicators like the Stochastic Oscillator
  • Opens positions in the direction of the trend
  • Adds additional positions along the trend to compound profits
  • Implements a proprietary no-loss management system similar to trailing stop losses to lock in open profits
  • Closes out positions quickly when they move against the trend to control losses

The VR Lollipop EA trades in cycles, starting a new cycle each time the program starts operating. This cyclic approach allows the EA to regularly realize profits, reset its parameters, and adapt to changing market conditions.

Some standout features offered by this expert advisor include:

  • Compatibility with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Ability to trade various markets including forex, crypto, commodities, stocks etc.
  • Flexible settings and customizable parameters
  • Detailed backtests, set files and demo versions available
  • Regular updates from the developer to improve performance
  • Round-the-clock technical support via email and Skype

Performance and Trading Results

According to the developer, the VR Lollipop EA has achieved a 20% return on investment in its first year of live trading and an impressive 40% ROI in the second year. These stellar results showcase the profit potential of this trading robot.

The EA has also been extensively backtested across different currency pairs and timeframes. Some of the standout backtest results are:

EURUSD (H1 timeframe):

  • 137.54% profit
  • 71.56% max drawdown
  • 402 lot loss

USDJPY (H1 timeframe):

  • 23.63% profit
  • 12.54% max drawdown
  • 730 lot loss

GBPUSD (H1 timeframe):

  • 10.14% profit
  • 26.78% max drawdown
  • 189.7 lot loss

These results illustrate the EA’s ability to generate consistent profits across different currency pairs. While maximum drawdowns and lot losses vary based on volatility, the overall profitability is strong.

Actual user reviews also showcase great performance, with some traders achieving 100-200% returns in just a few months of live trading. However, past results do not guarantee future performance.

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How the VR Lollipop EA Works

The VR Lollipop EA is based on a trend-following methodology combined with grid trading logic. Here is a quick rundown of how this expert advisor trades:

  1. Analyzes the market to detect the trend direction using indicators like moving averages or the ZZ semafor indicator
  2. Identifies potential entry points when the price pulls back to certain levels
  3. Opens a position in the direction of the trend with a fixed stop loss and take profit
  4. Trails the stop loss level to lock in open profits as the price moves favorably
  5. Opens additional positions in the direction of the trend to compound profits
  6. Closes out positions quickly when the price reverses against the trend
  7. Implements grid trading logic by layering buy and sell orders to profit from range-bound price action

This combination of trend trading and grid trading strategies allows the VR Lollipop EA to profit in both trending and ranging market conditions.

The EA also utilizes multiple protective features to control risk, including virtual stop losses, break-even triggers, no-loss hedging functions and more. These features help safeguard capital even when on the wrong side of the trend.

Benefits of Using the VR Lollipop EA

Here are some of the main benefits of using Vladimir Pastushak’s VR Lollipop automated trading system:

Profitable Strategy

The core trend-following methodology used by the VR Lollipop EA has been extensively backtested to deliver consistent profits across different markets and timeframes.

Customizable Settings

Users can tweak input parameters like trade size, stop loss, take profit, trailing stop distance etc. to match their risk tolerance. This flexibility allows customization for specific market conditions.

No-Loss Protection

The EA’s no-loss hedging function locks in open profits to protect capital, similar to a trailing stop loss. This reduces downside risk when trading.

Detailed Statistics

In-depth backtests and detailed trade statistics allow traders to evaluate the EA’s performance across different parameters and market conditions before risking real capital.

Regular Updates

The VR Lollipop EA is updated frequently by the developer Vladimir Pastushak which helps further refine and improve profitability.

Excellent Support

Prompt and effective customer support via email and Skype ensures that trader queries are quickly resolved.

Affordable Pricing

Compared to the profit potential, the VR Lollipop EA is affordably priced between $100 to $300 depending on the license type.

By leveraging these benefits, traders can deploy an automated trading system to compound wealth in the financial markets with minimal effort.

Final Verdict

The VR Lollipop EA is a high-quality trend trading robot that leverages a solid trading strategy combined with effective risk management techniques. Extensive backtesting showcases this EA’s ability to generate consistent profits across different markets.

While the developers performance claims always require further proof, the abundance of positive user reviews confirms that this expert advisor can indeed produce stellar trading results. For traders looking to profit from trends automatically, the VR Lollipop EA is definitely worth considering.

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