XAU Miner EA Review – A Powerful Gold Trading Robot

The XAU Miner EA is an automated trading robot designed specifically for trading gold (XAUUSD). With over 10,000 trades and 170% profit growth, this robot has generated considerable buzz in forex circles. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze its features, performance statistics, pros, cons, and suitability for traders.



Overview of XAU Miner EA

XAU Miner EA is developed by experienced forex trader Tarek Mareami. Released originally in 2021, the robot has undergone several optimizations over multiple versions to boost performance.

The latest version 3 builds on the success of the previous iterations with upgraded logic, expanded compatibility, and fail-safe features. It works seamlessly with NFA and FIFO compliant brokers, ECN/STP execution, and MetaTrader 4 build 600+.

Key Features

  • Fully automated – Places trades automatically 24/5, even during news events
  • Multiple preset files – 4 setting files for different risk tolerances
  • Risk management – Equity stop loss, news filter, low leverage
  • MT4 integration – Plugs into MetaTrader 4 seamlessly
  • ECN supported – Works reliably with NDD/ECN brokers
  • Newbie friendly – Easy to set up and use for beginners

Performance Statistics

According to verified MyFXBook results, XAU Miner EA has achieved exceptional gains over 10,000+ trades:

  • Profit – +169.62%
  • Drawdown – 49.46%
  • Pips – 13,764
  • Trades – 10,653
  • Account Type – Real (1:2000 leverage)

The robot has extracted steady profits from the volatile gold market over an extended period, demonstrating its effectiveness and longevity.

These metrics compare very favorably to other popular forex EAs like Rocket EA and Anglerfish. The robot has achieved much higher profit growth combined with a lower drawdown percentage.

How XAU Miner EA Works

XAU Miner EA incorporates multiple trading techniques into its logic for a dynamic approach:

  • Grid trading – Opens additional positions as price moves against the trade
  • Martingale – Increases lot sizes for losing trades to recoup losses
  • Multiple timeframes – Analyzes H1, H4, daily, and weekly charts
  • Price action – Identifies support, resistance, trends, and patterns

It monitors price action across longer timeframes to determine the market bias. At shorter intervals, it pins down specific entry and exit levels using indicators like moving averages.

The robot scales positions smoothly using a proprietary grid algorithm with inbuilt martingale management. This allows it to profit from market swings in either direction.

Using XAU Miner EA


To use XAU Miner EA, you need the following:

  • MetaTrader 4 platform
  • ECN/STP broker (NDD execution)
  • $300 minimum account balance
  • Dedicated VPS (recommended)

The robot is plug-and-play with MT4 installation taking just minutes. For best results, use an ECN broker with fast execution and tight spreads.


Follow these steps to set up XAU Miner EA correctly:

  1. Download and install MetaTrader 4 if not already done
  2. Open a live or demo account with an ECN/STP broker
  3. Download the XAU Miner EA files from the purchase section
  4. Locate and copy the XAU Miner EA (ex4 file) in MT4 > Experts
  5. Import one of the preset files in MT4 > File > Open Data Folder
  6. Attach XAU Miner EA to XAUUSD chart
  7. Enable automated trading and allow live trading access

Usage Tips

Here are some tips when using the robot:

  • Select a preset file matching your risk appetite
  • Start with demo trading to optimize settings
  • Use a dedicated VPS for uninterrupted trading
  • Maintain sufficient margin in your account
  • Monitor trades occasionally without interfering

The presets allow easy configuration for conservative or aggressive trading. Demo trade for a week or two to fine-tune inputs before going live.

Pros of XAU Miner EA

Profitable Long-Term Performance

The standout advantage of this robot is its stellar long-term profit growth of over 169% as verified through MyFXBook. Despite multiple market regimes and high gold volatility, it has extracted steady profits year after year.

Fail-Safe Trading Protocols

XAU Miner EA incorporates robust risk management through equity stops, maximum spread filters, and a sophisticated news filter. These features prevent the EA from over-trading and safeguard the account during high-impact events.

Newbie Friendly

Beginner traders can use the robot effectively thanks to its easy installation, preset configurations, and compatibility with mainstream brokers. No coding skills or MT4 expertise is necessary.

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Cons of XAU Miner EA

Occasional Drawdowns

Despite advanced risk management, the EA’s aggressive position scaling can sometimes lead to heavy drawdowns before markets turn around. However, positive trends eventually resume, clawing back any temporary losses.


While four preset files allow customization for different market conditions, traders must resist the urge to over-optimize the EA’s settings. This can lead to curve-fitting and loss of profitability in live trading.

Requires Monitoring

The robot still needs occasional monitoring to ensure stable internet connectivity and sufficient account margin. Losses can accelerate if trades are closed prematurely due to system failures.


The XAU Miner EA is one of the most popular gold trading robots with a stellar performance record. The latest version 3 builds on the strengths of its predecessors for smarter logic and robust risk protocols. Although drawdowns are unavoidable when trading such a volatile asset, the robot’s risk:reward ratio still produces enviable profits over time.

For traders specifically seeking automated software for gold, XAU Miner EA should rank at the top given its specialty in this instrument. With the right account settings and periodic monitoring, the robot can consistently grow small accounts into five and six-figure investments.

Overall, the XAU Miner EA is a worthwhile addition for serious traders wanting to diversify into automated gold trading.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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