Tiger EA Review – Powerful Yet Controversial Forex Trading Bot

Tiger EA is a controversial automated forex trading software that promises high profits with little effort. Marketed as the “best income machine in your life”, Tiger EA trades currency pairs 24/5 using an independent algorithm. However, despite lofty claims by the developer, real-world testing reveals significant risks.

Tiger EA

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How It Works

Tiger EA is an Expert Advisor (EA) that runs on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) forex trading platform. Once installed, the bot can automatically execute trades based on its built-in logic without any manual intervention.

Key features include:

Tiger EA Testing & Verification

Independent testing is crucial for validating the claims of any automated trading system. Tiger EA was subjected to a real-money verification test on Forex Peace Army, a reputable third-party forex review site.

The months-long public test got off to a strong start, with the EA showing consistent profits across multiple currency pairs. However, the test was eventually abandoned after the vendor revoked access without explanation.

This lack of transparency and accountability raises red flags about the long-term profitability of this EA. Technical issues also plagued the software during testing.

Tiger EA Reality

The lack of long-term proof makes it impossible to conclusively evaluate Tiger EA’s profitability. It may work for some traders but disappoint others. Those considering using Tiger EA should approach with realistic expectations instead of blindly trusting marketing hype.

While automated trading can be rewarding, it carries significant risk. No EA can guarantee profits. Conduct extensive backtesting and ensure robust risk management before deploying any trading bot.

Tiger EA Verdict

Tiger EA shows promise but lacks transparency regarding real-world performance. The inability to complete third-party testing raises doubts. Consider alternative forex EAs with established track records. Proceed with caution if testing Tiger EA – no EA is a magic money machine.

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