AI Heisenberg EA Trading Software Review

The AI Heisenberg EA is an expert advisor (EA) trading software designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform. It was created by developer Vitali Vasilenka and released on the MetaTrader Market in December 2022.

AI Heisenberg EA

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Overview and Features

The core feature of the AI Heisenberg EA is its self-learning algorithm that aims to predict price direction using analysis of the nearest price reversals. Specific features include:


Based on the information provided, it is difficult to objectively evaluate the performance of the AI Heisenberg EA. The developer claims it is suitable for accelerating a $100 account to $1 million, but does not provide verified backtests or account statements to support this.

Independent testing would be required to evaluate any performance claims. As with any EA, caution is warranted until objective third-party testing validates performance across different market conditions.

AI Heisenberg EA Pricing

The AI Heisenberg EA is listed for sale on the MetaTrader Market for $199 USD. The developer also offers optimization services based on account deposit amount.

AI Heisenberg EA Verdict

The AI Heisenberg EA introduces some interesting features like self-learning algorithms and adaptive stop loss/take profit. However, without transparent backtesting or verification, traders should exercise caution in evaluating marketing claims around performance or deposit growth. Independent testing is advised before committing capital.

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