Perceptrader AI Review: An In-Depth Look at This AI-Powered Forex Trading Robot

Perceptrader AI is an expert advisor (EA) that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate forex trading. Developed by expert trader Valeriia Mishchenko, Perceptrader AI aims to take the guesswork out of trading by using advanced algorithms to analyze market data and identify profitable trades.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Perceptrader AI works, its key features, performance metrics, pros and cons, and ultimately help you determine if this AI trading robot is right for your needs.

Perceptrader AI

How Perceptrader AI Works

Perceptrader AI is powered by a sophisticated combination of artificial intelligence technologies, including:

  • Deep Learning Algorithms – These algorithms continuously scan historical and real-time market data to detect patterns and trends. This data is used to train predictive models.
  • Artificial Neural Networks – Inspired by biological neural networks, ANNs can model complex relationships between inputs and outputs. EA uses ANNs to forecast market movements.
  • Machine Learning – The system trains on machine learning algorithms to refine its predictive models over time as more data is accumulated.
  • Mathematical Models – Advanced mathematical techniques are used to analyze data and identify high-probability trading opportunities.

Together, these technologies enable EA to monitor market conditions, forecast price movements, and execute automated trades with split-second timing. Rather than relying on gut instinct or emotions like a human trader, the system sticks to the data-driven strategy encoded within its algorithms.

Key Features

Some of the standout features that give Perceptrader AI its “intelligent” trading capabilities include:

  • Momentum, Volatility, and Trend Filters – Built-in filters help Perceptrader AI determine whether current market conditions are favorable for trading. It avoids taking low probability trades in choppy or trendless markets.
  • Perceptron Technology – A Perceptron algorithm is used to classify potential trades as either positive or negative expected outcomes. This allows the system to ignore trades with a low probability of profit.
  • Risk Management Tools – You can customize risk parameters like stop loss, take profit, max drawdown, and more. This gives you control over how aggressively or conservatively Perceptrader AI trades.
  • News and Events Filter – Perceptrader AI monitors news and economic events that may impact currency pairs. It avoids trading during high-impact events to mitigate risk.
  • Google Bard & ChatGPT Integration – You can enable EA to generate trading forecasts and analysis using Google Bard and ChatGPT. This provides another data source to inform trades.
  • No-DLL Version – Perceptrader AI is now available without needing to install DLL files. This enhanced version provides more convenience and compatibility.

With its fusion of AI technologies and customizable settings, Perceptrader AI aims to provide an intelligent automated trading solution for forex traders.

Perceptrader AI myfxbook results

Performance & Backtesting Results

One of the key things we look for in assessing any trading system is its verified track record and backtested results. So how does Perceptrader AI stack up?

According to the developer, Perceptrader AI has achieved a 48-month consecutive profit streak on live accounts. Published monthly statements on MyFxBook appear to confirm these consistent gains since 2019.

Backtests also look promising, with a 20+ year backtest available showing solid profitability across multiple currency pairs and various market conditions. The developer provides a very transparent 2-year backtest video on YouTube showing step-by-step performance.

Some key backtest metrics include:

  • Total net profit of $234K
  • Max drawdown of just 27%
  • Profit factor of 1.7

Considering many EAs fail to even survive past a few months, Perceptrader AI’s live track record and backtests help build confidence in its consistency. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results, but the data is reassuring.

Perceptrader AI


Based on capabilities, features, and performance metrics, here are some of the key advantages of Perceptrader AI:

  • Profitability – Live trading and backtests show consistent profits over an extended period of time. This suggests a robust and reliable trading strategy.
  • Low Drawdown – With a max drawdown of just 27% over 20+ years of backtest data, EA preserves capital well during market downturns.
  • Customizable – Multiple settings can be adjusted to match your risk tolerance and preferences. You maintain control over how the EA trades.
  • Transparent – Detailed backtests and account statements provide transparency into the EA’s historical performance.
  • Easy to Use – The EA is ready to use out of the box. Installation and setup is straightforward even for beginners.
  • Good Value – At a one-time fee of $1800, EA offers good value considering its capabilities and track record.

For traders looking for an intelligent automated solution with a focus on consistent profits and effective risk management, EA ticks all the boxes.

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While the pros seem to outweigh the cons, there are still a few potential downsides to consider:

  • Cost – The $1800 one-time license fee makes Perceptrader AI more expensive than many basic EAs. The price may be out of reach for some traders.
  • Complex Method – The AI and machine learning techniques used are complex. Some traders may prefer simpler logic they can understand.
  • Over-optimization – Backtests can be over-optimized. Live results may vary significantly from backtest performance.
  • Requires Monitoring – Like any EA, Perceptrader AI still requires periodic monitoring and maintenance. It’s not a 100% set-and-forget solution.
  • Locks You In – Once you purchase the license, you are locked into using Perceptrader AI. There is no trial period or refunds.

While Perceptrader AI aims to automate much of the trading process through AI, traders should be prepared to still invest some time into overseeing and managing the EA for best results.

Final Verdict

So what’s the final verdict on Perceptrader AI? Overall, the EA shows a lot of promise. The combination of proven trading strategies and cutting-edge AI technology is compelling. Transparent backtesting and live verification of the trading algorithm builds trust in its efficacy.

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