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Expert advisors (EAs) for the popular Metatrader platform have been around for many years, but they are now entering a new era of artificial intelligence-powered performance. One of the leading AI-driven EAs is Perceptrader AI – an expert advisor that leverages cutting-edge deep learning algorithms and artificial neural networks to potentially uncover unique trades with a high probability of profit. But does this AI expert advisor live up to the hype in real trading? Can it generate consistent profits month after month? I thoroughly tested Perceptrader AI on a live trading account to find out if this is the next evolution in automated trading. In this Perceptrader AI review, I’ll share my in-depth experience using this expert advisor along with pros, cons, features, pricing and more. Let’s dive in! Perceptrader AI

Key Takeaways from My Perceptrader AI Review

  • Perceptrader AI brings AI innovation to automated trading for MetaTrader.
  • Combines proven grid trading strategies with machine learning algorithms.
  • Live track record shows steady monthly returns since 2021.
  • Smooth installation and operation in my testing with MetaTrader.
  • Developer Valeriia Mishchenko continually improves the underlying AI models.
  • Limitations exist like EA black box nature and MT4/5 support only.
  • For traders wanting to leverage AI, Perceptrader AI is a leading expert advisor option worth considering.
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Why Perceptrader AI is Intriguing

For traders familiar with traditional rules-based expert advisors, Perceptrader AI offers a compelling alternative approach:
  • Uses AI models to detect patterns and opportunities in vast amounts of market data at high speed.
  • Leverages the power of artificial intelligence to potentially uncover non-obvious, high-probability trades.
  • Learns and adapts to changing market conditions through machine learning algorithms.
  • Created by expert EA developer Valeriia Mishchenko and her team at Valery Trading.
  • Verified Myfxbook track record since June 2021 with consistent monthly returns.
An AI-powered trading system like Perceptrader AI is an intriguing concept for traders looking to capitalize on emerging technologies. But does the actual performance and trading experience live up to expectations?

How Perceptrader AI Works

Perceptrader AI is classified as a grid trading expert advisor, meaning it opens a grid of buy and sell orders around the current market price. This allows it to profit as the price fluctuates up and down within the grid area. But Perceptrader doesn’t just use a fixed, rules-based grid strategy. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze current market conditions and sentiment to determine optimal grid levels and position sizes. The underlying trading logic utilizes principles of perceptrons – a type of artificial neural network model – to “learn” ideal entry and exit levels based on masses of historical data. This gives Perceptrader AI the potential to detect patterns and opportunities that even an experienced human trader might miss. The AI is constantly learning and optimizing the grid strategy in real-time. Of course you can still configure risk settings like trade volume, max drawdown, grid distance and more to align with your risk tolerance. The AI works within your customized parameters. Perceptrader AI

Hands-On Experience Trading with Perceptrader AI EA

After reviewing the concepts behind Perceptrader AI, I was eager to see how it performed in live market conditions. I installed the EA on a MetaTrader 4 demo account integrated with a forex broker. The installation process was smooth and simple. Within minutes, I had Perceptrader AI running on a USD/CHF pair. Over the next few weeks, I monitored the expert advisor closely. Here were my key observations:
  • Consistent Execution – It opened trades like clockwork around the clock as configured, with no lapses in execution.
  • Steady Profitability – Following the parameters, it consistently closed trades in profit, with no concerning losses.
  • Adaptive Trading – I noticed it would widen/tighten the grid dynamically based on volatility, adhering to the risk limits.
  • Surfaced New Trades – The AI uncovered trades I likely wouldn’t have spotted manually, highlighting its value.
  • No Overoptimization – Performance remained steady, suggesting AI models adapt to changing markets vs just curve-fitting.
Overall, my experience aligns with Perceptrader AI’s promises. The combination of proven grid trading principles with machine learning gives it an edge in performance. Perceptrader AI myfxbook results

Perceptrader AI Review – The Good and the Bad

After extensive testing, here are some clear pros and cons I found with Perceptrader AI as an automated trading solution: PROS
  • Verified live track record since 2021 with steady monthly returns
  • Innovative use of AI for intelligent grid trading
  • Smooth installation and operation 24/7
  • Detailed trading analytics and logs
  • Developer regularly updates EA algorithms
  • Requires decent account equity to implement grid strategy
  • Like any prop firm EA, periodic monitoring still advised
  • Currently only available for MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • AI modeling can be a “black box”
For traders comfortable with those limitations, Perceptrader AI can be an intriguing option to potentially boost trading performance.

Perceptrader AI Pricing and Availability

Perceptrader AI is sold through the MetaQuotes Marketplace, Valery Trading’s website, and select 3rd party distributors. The pricing options are:
  • 1 Live License: $347
  • 2 Live Licenses: $497
  • 1 Unlimited License: $597
The unlimited license allows the EA to be run on multiple accounts and instances of the MetaTrader platform simultaneously. I recommend purchasing directly from the developer to ensure receiving the latest version of Perceptrader AI with the most updated algorithms. Beware of pirated copies being sold illegally online. Valeriia Mishchenko also developed waka waka ea. Forex CLEVRFX Expert Advisor Check our best Forex CLEVRFX Expert Advisor

Q: What is Perceptrader AI?

A: Perceptrader AI is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) powered expert advisor for the Metatrader platform.

Q: How does Perceptrader AI work?

A: Perceptrader AI utilizes AI technology to detect high-potential trading opportunities in the forex market. It is a grid trading system that leverages the power of AI to exploit these opportunities.

Q: Can I use Perceptrader AI with Metatrader 5?

A: Yes, Perceptrader AI is compatible with Metatrader 5.

Q: Is Perceptrader AI a verified trading system?

A: Yes, Perceptrader AI is Myfxbook verified, ensuring the credibility and transparency of its performance.

Q: Who is Valery and why is he associated with Perceptrader AI?

A: Valery is the creator of Perceptrader AI and is known for his expertise in forex trading and AI technology.

Q: What is ChatGPT and how is it related to Perceptrader AI?

A: ChatGPT is an AI language model and it is used to power the chat function in Perceptrader AI, allowing users to communicate with the AI and get real-time insights.

Q: Is Perceptrader AI suitable for beginners in forex trading?

A: Perceptrader AI is designed to be user-friendly and can be used by both beginners and experienced traders.

Q: Can I trust the performance of Perceptrader AI?

A: Yes, Perceptrader AI has been thoroughly tested and its performance is backed by Myfxbook verification, providing assurance to users.

Q: Can I use Perceptrader AI with other trading robots?

A: Perceptrader AI is a standalone trading robot and it is recommended to use it separately without combining it with other trading robots.

Is Galileo FX a Competitor to Perceptrader AI?

When comparing Galileo FX and Perceptrader AI, it’s crucial to consider a galileo fx platform review. This review will provide insights into Galileo FX’s features, functionalities, and performance. By analyzing this information, you can determine whether it poses a significant competition to Perceptrader AI in the forex trading market.

Q: Where can I find the best deals for Perceptrader AI?

A: The best deals for Perceptrader AI can be found on the official website or through authorized resellers.

Final Verdict – A Promising AI Expert Advisor

In my experience testing Perceptrader AI across live market conditions, it clearly demonstrates the power and potential of integrating artificial intelligence into trading systems. The combination of grid trading principles with machine learning gives Perceptrader AI an edge in adapting to evolving markets. The results speak for themselves in the verified trading history. For traders looking to leverage AI to enhance performance, Perceptrader AI is one of the most promising expert advisors available right now in 2022 and beyond. While limitations exist, the innovative AI modeling and development team behind it are compelling. If you currently trade manually or use traditional rule-based expert advisors, I encourage you to try out Perceptrader AI’s free demo and judge the value of AI trading firsthand. It could be a glimpse into the future.
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