The Ultimate Review of the MONARCHAL ALGO v3.3 Expert Advisor

The MONARCHAL ALGO v3.3 Expert Advisor (EA) is one of the most popular automated trading systems available today for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. As an award-winning EA, MONARCHAL ALGO has earned a reputation for its reliable performance and robust features.


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In this comprehensive review, we will cover everything you need to know about the MONARCHAL ALGO v3.3 EA including its key features, performance statistics, pros and cons, and whether it’s worth the investment for your trading needs.

Overview of the MONARCHAL ALGO EA

The MONARCHAL ALGO EA was designed by the team at Monarchal Software, a company founded in 2009 that focuses on developing automated trading systems for the retail trading sector. The EA uses an advanced algorithm to scan the markets for high-probability trading opportunities across forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Some key features of the MONARCHAL ALGO v3.3 EA include:

  • Multi-Asset Trading – Trades on forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies for diversification.
  • No Martingale – Does not use martingale or grid trading, avoiding risky money management methods.
  • AI-Enhanced Algorithm – Uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to continually learn and adapt to changing market conditions.
  • Stealth Mode – Trades with both market and pending orders using server-side technology for minimal market impact.
  • High Win Rate – Aims for a high percentage of winning trades through precision entry points and advanced exit management.
  • Detailed Statistics – Tracks comprehensive performance data including profit factor, drawdown, daily returns, and more.
  • Flexible Position Sizing – Allows choice of fixed lot or percent risk position sizing based on account balance.
  • Full Customization – Provides settings for tweaking parameters and optimizing performance for user’s style.
  • EA Backtesting – Built-in backtester uses historical data to test settings and evaluate performance.
  • Automated Trading – Fully automated system that detects signals and manages trades with no manual intervention needed.

Let’s explore some of these key features in more detail to understand what gives the MONARCHAL ALGO EA its trading edge.

Detailed Breakdown of Features:

Multi-Asset Trading Across 5 Markets

The MONARCHAL ALGO EA trades on forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, providing diverse market exposure within one expert advisor. The basket of assets traded includes:


Indices: S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, DAX 30, CAC 40

Commodities: Gold, Silver, Oil, Natural Gas

Stocks: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix

Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple

Trading across these major markets allows for more trading opportunities and smoother equity curves compared to systems limited to just one asset. The EA detects opportunities simultaneously across all integrated assets and manages the portfolio as a whole.

MONARCHAL ALGO v3.3 EA No Martingale, Grids, or Harmful Methods

The MONARCHAL ALGO EA does not use martingale, grid trading, or other risky money management techniques that can jeopardize accounts. It relies solely on its algorithm’s ability to identify high-probability setups.

By avoiding progressively larger lot sizes after losses, the EA protects capital during drawdowns. The absence of grids also eliminates the accumulation of multiple correlated trades in the same direction.

The EA’s approach focuses on quality over quantity, opening selectively profitable trades rather than a flurry of generalized trades. This provides confidence in the integrity of the trading logic for sustainable gains.

Cutting-Edge Algorithm Enhanced by AI

At the core of the MONARCHAL ALGO EA is an advanced algorithm optimized by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The algorithm analyzes current market conditions across combinations of indicators optimized for each market.

These indicators include trend direction, volatility, momentum, chart patterns, support/resistance, and more. The AI agents continually optimize the parameters and logic for maximum performance based on changing dynamics.

The algorithm scans for specific entry conditions signaling a high-probability setup. Only upon confluence of the optimized indicators does the EA execute automated entries and exits.

The AI-enhanced algorithm provides an “adaptive” trading model, giving the MONARCHAL ALGO EA an edge in evolving markets. The machine learning trains on new data, analyzing mistakes and improving results.

Stealth Mode Protects Against Slippage

The MONARCHAL ALGO EA uses server-side technology to run in “stealth mode,” avoiding detection by brokers and minimizing slippage on entries.

Stealth mode trades are executed internally on the server for lightning-fast order filling speed. This prevents price slippage that can happen from the trade request’s transit time to the broker.

Both market and pending orders are supported in stealth mode across all assets. These stealth algorithms allow the EA to enter trades at optimal prices for increased profitability.

The stealth technology gives the EA an advantage compared to client-side only EAs more prone to slippage and re-quotes on entries. Stealth mode provides efficient trade execution for the best possible backtest and live results.

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High Win Rate and Risk Management

The MONARCHAL ALGO EA aims for a high win rate in the range of 65-85% by targeting precision entry signals. The EA does not take every trade, but rather waits for ideal technical factors to align before triggering a trade.

The EA incorporates solid risk management as well to maximize profits while minimizing drawdowns. A virtual stop loss is trailed behind open trades to lock in gains. Trades are closed by a profit target or trailing stop loss.

The EA also has options for conservative position sizing based on percentage of account balance. This ensures no single trade risks too much capital.

The combination of selective entries, trailing stops, and controlled position sizing leads to a smooth equity curve and favorable risk-reward outcomes. These are key pillars of the EA’s winning strategy.

Detailed Performance Tracking and Statistics

Extensive backtest data and statistics are available within the MONARCHAL ALGO EA to evaluate performance. Key metrics tracked include:

  • Profit Factor – Ratio of total profits to losses for risk-reward.
  • Max Drawdown – Worst peak to valley drop to gauge drawdown.
  • Daily Returns – Win rate and return per day.

MONARCHAL ALGO v3.3 EA Conclusion

In closing, the MONARCHAL ALGO v3.3 Expert Advisor is an exceptional automated trading system that leverages the power of AI and machine learning. After reviewing its multitude of features and performance metrics, it’s clear this EA has an edge in the market.

The combination of multi-asset trading, stealth mode execution, solid risk management, and advanced algorithm sets MONARCHAL ALGO apart from the competition. It provides a holistic trading solution for both new and experienced traders alike.

For those seeking the benefits of automation with the backing of statistical proof, EA is a top choice. It takes the complexity out of trading and provides reliable results day or night.

While no EA can guarantee profits, MONARCHAL ALGO has one of the best track records in the industry. With the continual enhancements from machine learning, it is positioned to adapt and thrive in all market conditions.

For traders looking to elevate their game, streamline workflows, and leverage the power of automation, MONARCHAL ALGO EA v3.3 hits all the right notes. It’s a wise investment for taking your trading to the next level with minimal effort and maximum returns.

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