Chaos Algo Trading EA – An Automated Trading Solution Based on Chaos Theory

The Chaos Algo Trading EA is an expert advisor (EA) for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform that aims to fully automate a chaos theory-based trading strategy. It was created by developer Stefano Frisetti and released on the MetaTrader Market in July 2022.

Chaos Algo Trading EA

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According to the product description, the key features of the Chaos Algo Trading EA include:

  • Automated implementation of a chaos theory trading strategy
  • Opens and closes trades automatically
  • Uses an auto-learning algorithm to detect price cycles
  • Hedged trading to balance open trades
  • Suitable for swing trading multiple currency pairs

In this detailed review, we will analyze how the Chaos Algo Trading EA works, its main features and settings, advantages and disadvantages, as well as suitability for traders.

How the Chaos Algo Trading EA Works

The Chaos Algo Trading EA is based on the underlying concepts of chaos theory – specifically that seemingly random market price movements can exhibit predictable patterns when analyzed mathematically.

The EA runs an auto-learning algorithm that detects cycles in price data, and uses this to inform automated entries and exits. It aims to open trades at calculated price turning points, hedging between long and short positions to balance exposure.

Entry Strategy

The exact entry rules used by the Chaos Algo Trading EA are proprietary and not disclosed publicly. But based on the general principles of chaos theory, it likely utilizes mathematical techniques to identify repeating price cycles and projection entry points.

Once a trade is entered, the position is managed by the EA’s internal logic until an exit signal occurs.

Exit Strategy

Again, specific exit rules are not revealed. But we can hypothesize the EA may close trades based on detected completion of a price cycle, change in cycle, profit target being reached etc.

The developer states that the EA is suitable for swing trading in longer timeframes, so exits are unlikely to be high-frequency.

Risk Management

Risk management seems to be handled via the hedging mechanism of the EA. By balancing long and short positions, it aims to reduce exposure to market moves in one direction.

The user is required to define position sizing for the EA via the Lots parameter. This determines the volume traded, and therefore dollar risk per trade.

Chaos Algo Trading EA Main Features and Settings


  • Fully automated trading system
  • Multi-asset capability
  • Multiple EAs can be run simultaneously
  • Autolearning price cycle algorithm
  • Hedged position management
  • No special inputs required
  • Optimized for swing trading

Key Settings:

  • Lots – Position size in base currency. Defines per trade risk.
  • Slippage – Allowable slippage range for entry and exit execution.
  • MagicNumber – Unique ID number for trades opened by this EA.

The developer states that no other specific inputs are required, as the EA has been optimized to run out-of-the-box.

Advanced users can modify other common EA settings like stop loss, take profit etc if they wish. But the basic settings above are intended to be sufficient to get started.

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Usage and Suitability

The Chaos Algo Trading EA is designed for automated swing trading, rather than high-frequency day trading strategies.

It can be used on a range of Forex currency pairs and requires a minimum account balance of $1000.

The developer suggests running the EA on 2-3 pairs simultaneously for best performance. It needs to be allowed to open and close trades automatically according to its internal logic.

The primary advantage of the Chaos Algo Trading EA is the automated implementation of a chaos theory-derived trading strategy. The complex price cycle analysis is handled automatically by the EA’s machine learning algorithm.

This frees the trader from having to interpret chaos indicators themselves or manually identify cycle turning points on the chart.

However, a disadvantage is the “black box” nature of the system – the user has no visibility or control over the exact entry and exit logic. So it requires a degree of trust in the EA’s underlying strategy programming.

Overall the Chaos Algo Trading EA seems a reasonably priced ($200) automated trading solution for traders looking to apply chaos theory techniques in their trading. The positive user reviews and lack of negatives also suggest it may be effective if utilized correctly.

Chaos Algo Trading EA Conclusion

The Chaos Algo Trading EA aims to simplify chaos theory trading through algorithmic analysis and automated order execution. It detects price cycles and projects entry points to capitalize on market swings.

With hedged position management and optimization for swing trading, it has the potential to profit from chaotic market movements in either direction.

For traders interested to tap into chaos theory but lacking the expertise or time to implement manual trading, the Chaos Algo Trading EA provides an accessible solution. The ability to run multiple copies across various instruments also allows creating a robust automated trading system.

However, the proprietary nature of its logic means traders will need to trust in the developer’s strategy design rather than being able to customize or enhance it themselves.

Overall for under $200, traders looking for an automated chaos theory trading system may find the Chaos Algo Trading EA offers them value. And with a no-questions refund policy, it can be tested risk-free to evaluate suitability.

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