Entry Point EA Review: A Comprehensive Look at This Automated Trading System

Entry Point EA is an automated trading system for the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms that aims to identify optimal entry points for trades using smart algorithms and filters. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the features, purported benefits, trading strategy, performance statistics, pricing, and user feedback of Entry Point EA to provide an unbiased evaluation of its capabilities as an automated trading solution.


Entry Point EA

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Entry Point EA was created by Islam Maameri, a developer with over 15 years of experience in algorithmic trading. It is marketed as an advanced scalping system that leverages sophisticated entry and exit logic to pinpoint high-probability trades during calm market periods.

According to the developer, Entry Point EA is focused on long-term steady growth rather than pursuing risky short-term profits. The Expert Advisor is said to be suitable for both small deposit accounts as well as professional investment of large deposits.

Features and Purported Benefits

Some of the main features and purported benefits of Entry Point EA highlighted by the developer include:

  • Smart entry and exit algorithms to identify optimal trade entry points during low volatility market conditions.
  • Use of filters to select only the safest entries and avoid false signals.
  • Compatibility with any MetaTrader 4 or 5 broker and asset, including forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Ability to trade automatically or semi-automatically based on user preference.
  • Embedded risk control mechanisms to automatically calculate appropriate lot sizes based on account balance and acceptable risk levels.
  • Options for setting maximum simultaneous trades, using averaging to improve profitability, and selecting stop loss types.
  • User-friendly information panel showing key data like trades opened, profit/loss, settings, etc.

Trading Strategy and Logic

While Entry Point EA is marketed as using a complex set of algorithms and filters for trade entries, the developer provides limited concrete details about the actual trading strategy powering the Expert Advisor. There is no clear explanation of the indicators, rules, or logic used to generate signals and execute trades.

Some basic points about the underlying approach mentioned are:

  • It is focused on entering trades during calm, low volatility periods in the market.
  • It incorporates elements of scalping strategies as well as trend trading.
  • The algorithms identify favorable conditions for entering both long and short trades.

However, without transparency into the specifics of the trading strategy, it is impossible to objectively evaluate whether the approach is likely to be profitable long-term. The lack of details on how entry signals are generated also makes it very difficult to determine if the EA is likely to be a good fit for a trader’s style or risk tolerance.

Backtesting and Live Performance Results

The vendor has not provided any detailed backtesting reports to establish the historical performance of Entry Point EA across different market conditions. Backtesting enables traders to assess key metrics like profitability, drawdown, risk metrics, and behavior during volatility.

The lack of backtesting results makes it difficult to analyze the viability of the EA’s purported strategy. There is also no clear data on its live trading performance. The developer shows a brief video of it trading EUR/USD, but no verified track record for multiple currency pairs over an extended period.

The absence of long-term backtesting analysis and live performance reporting is a major shortcoming for establishing trust and confidence in the profitability of Entry Point EA. Without such concrete statistical evidence, traders cannot objectively evaluate its consistency and stability.

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Entry Point EA Pricing and Purchase Options

Entry Point EA is listed at a price of $799 on the MQL5 marketplace with a limited number of copies available at this price. The developer notes that the price will increase after the allocated copies at the current price are sold out.

Each license purchase provides 10 activations, allowing traders to install this EA on multiple MetaTrader platforms and accounts. However, there is no free trial or money-back guarantee provided. The lack of a trial option or refund policy is a notable downside for traders interested in assessing the EA before committing capital.

User Reviews and Ratings

As Entry Point EA is relatively new to the market, there are limited user reviews available at this stage. On the MQL5 website, it currently has a 5-star rating but this is based on only one user review.

The review provides a brief positive testimonial, but without a wider sample of extensive feedback, it is difficult to objectively evaluate user experiences with the EA. More ratings and reviews over a longer period would be needed to assess end-user satisfaction and results.

Verdict: Use Caution When Considering Entry Point EA

In summary, while Entry Point EA presents some interesting capabilities on paper, there are a number of concerns regarding the lack of transparency and validation around its trading strategy and live performance. The absence of long-term backtests, lack of details on the logic behind signal generation, and limited user feedback makes it difficult to objectively determine if Entry Point EA could be a viable automated trading solution.

Traders are advised to practice caution when evaluating Entry Point EA, as there are unanswered questions regarding how effective its algorithms are for live trading. The best practice would be to thoroughly backtest the EA and paper trade it over a reasonable period to validate its performance before considering committing real capital.

This EA may hold potential but currently lacks sufficient data and transparency for traders to fully assess its capabilities and put their trust in it. Approaching with proper due diligence and validating performance empirically would be crucial before using Entry Point EA for live automated trading.

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