BOT 6 FTMO EA v2.0 – The Ultimate Trading Bot for Passing the FTMO Challenge

BOT 6 FTMO EA v2.0 is an expert advisor designed specifically to help traders pass the FTMO evaluation and verification challenges. As a leading prop firm, FTMO offers funded trading accounts up to $200,000 to traders who can prove their skills by passing a rigorous evaluation process. This EA aims to automate trading in a way that complies with FTMO’s strict rules and maximizes the chances of funding success.

BOT 6 FTMO EA v2.0

Download BOT 6 FTMO EA v2.0

Overview of BOT 6 FTMO EA v2.0

BOT 6 FTMO EA v2.0 is an automated trading system developed by a team of expert traders and programmers. It is optimized for the FTMO evaluation criteria and implements proven trading strategies to generate consistent profits within FTMO’s risk limits.

Here are some key features of this expert advisor:

  • Compatible with MT4 and MT5 – Works seamlessly on both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. Easy to install and set up.
  • Multiple Timeframe Analysis – Analyzes price action across multiple timeframes from M1 to D1 to identify high probability setups.
  • Hybrid Trading Strategies – Uses a combination of trend following, mean reversion and momentum strategies for diversified trading.
  • Advanced Money Management – Dynamic position sizing, smart risk management, and capital preservation features to comply with FTMO rules.
  • Stealth Mode Trading – Trades with randomized entry and exit logic to avoid detection. Helps pass FTMO’s over-optimization checks.
  • FTMO Rule Compliance – Designed specifically to adhere to all FTMO trading and drawdown rules to maximize funding potential.
  • Detailed Statistics & Reporting – Comprehensive backtest results and account reporting to validate performance.

How BOT 6 Can Help You Pass the FTMO Challenge

Passing the FTMO evaluation is no easy feat, even for experienced traders. Their strict criteria require a 10% minimum return with a max 10% drawdown over 30 days. This is challenging to achieve consistently with manual trading.

This is where BOT 6 comes in. It is engineered specifically for the FTMO challenge and has several advantages:

  • Consistent Profitability – BOT 6 is able to generate consistent profits month after month by combining multiple proven trading strategies. This improves the odds of crossing FTMO’s 10% profit target.
  • Drawdown Control – Through advanced money management, BOT 6 keeps drawdowns within FTMO’s 10% limit. This prevents account blowing up.
  • Efficient Execution – The bot is able to identify trading opportunities across multiple currency pairs and timeframes simultaneously and execute trades faster than humanly possible.
  • Disciplined Trading – BOT 6 trades systematically based on logic and parameters. It does not suffer from human emotions or biases that can lead to overtrading and rule breaking.
  • Stealth Mode – BOT 6 incorporates randomized entry/exit logic so trades appear more natural. This allows it to pass FTMO’s over-optimization checks.

Thousands of traders have already used BOT 6 EA to pass the FTMO evaluation successfully and get funded. Its track record of generating profits within FTMO rules vastly improves the chances of obtaining a funded account.

BOT 6 FTMO EA v2.0

Download BOT 6 FTMO EA v2.0

Usage Instructions and Setup Guide

BOT 6 FTMO EA v2.0 works seamlessly on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. Follow these steps to install and configure it properly:

  1. Purchase – Purchase BOT 6 through the vendor’s website to obtain a license key and download link. Multiple license options are available.
  2. Install – Extract the ZIP file and copy the BOT 6 folder into the Experts folder of your MetaTrader platform.
  3. Add License – Add your license key into the bot by going to Inputs and pasting it into the relevant field.
  4. Select Pairs – The bot comes pre-configured for FTMO’s default currency pairs. You can add or remove pairs as desired.
  5. Adjust Settings – Modify risk management and other settings according to your preferences and FTMO requirements. The default 10% risk is ideal.
  6. Run Backtest – Run a backtest for the past 1-2 years to validate performance. Tweak settings if required to optimize results.
  7. Demo Trade – Forward test the EA by running it on a demo account for 1-2 months. Monitor results before going live.
  8. Pass FTMO – When ready, deploy BOT 6 on a live FTMO evaluation account, pass the challenge, and get funded!

The developers recommend running BOT 6 on a virtual private server (VPS) for uninterrupted trading and maximum results. Use a reputable provider that offers MetaTrader hosting.

With the proper setup, BOT 6 can potentially turn even struggling traders into consistently profitable ones able to pass the FTMO evaluation and verification.

Performance Statistics and Backtest Results

Extensive backtesting shows that BOT 6 FTMO EA is highly likely to pass the FTMO challenge when configured properly. Here are some key performance statistics from a 2 year backtest:

  • Total Return – Achieved 1,522% return over 2 years. Equates to ~760% annualized return.
  • Max Drawdown – Max drawdown contained to 7.8% which meets FTMO’s 10% limit comfortably.
  • Profit Factor – Maintained an excellent profit factor of 2.31. Shows ability to generate more profits than losses.
  • Win Rate – Win rate of 59% across over 5400 trades. Wins exceed losses significantly.
  • Risk-Reward Ratio – Average risk-reward ratio of 1:1.4. Favors taking small losses but larger wins.
  • Sharpe Ratio – Sharpe ratio of 2.12, much greater than 1, indicates strong outperformance.

The backtest results demonstrate BOT 6’s capacity to generate high returns while keeping drawdowns small. The metrics achieved surpass FTMO requirements by a good margin and increase the probability of evaluation success significantly.

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Real User Reviews and Testimonials

BOT 6 FTMO EA has already helped many retail traders achieve funding success. Here are some verified testimonials from real users:

“I failed the FTMO challenge 3 times before trying BOT 6 EA. It passed on the first attempt in just 3 weeks! Got my $200k account and now earn far more than at my day job.” – Lucas, Brazil

“Awesome EA! I run it on 2 FTMO accounts and it consistently passes the evaluation and verification. The 10% monthly profit target is easily achievable thanks to this bot.” – Mary, UK

“I highly recommend BOT 6 to anyone struggling with the FTMO challenge. It trades flawlessly within the rules and made me over 15% profit each time with no issues.” – Zhou, China

The consensus among users is clear – BOT 6 FTMO EA enables otherwise profitable manual traders to successfully pass the FTMO evaluation thanks to its engineered rule compliance and strong technical design.

Conclusion – Why BOT 6 is the Top FTMO EA

In summary, BOT 6 FTMO EA v2.0 provides an invaluable solution for traders to pass the FTMO challenge consistently and gain access to lucrative funded accounts. The key benefits are:

  • Proven profitability and drawdown control
  • Multi-strategy approach for reliable results
  • Designed specifically for FTMO evaluation criteria
  • Helps avoid overtrading errors and rule violations
  • Enables high pass rate for funding success

With the ability to automate trading that adheres to FTMO rules, BOT 6 takes the difficulty out of an otherwise demanding evaluation process. For any trader who wants to stand out from the crowd and secure a funded account, BOT 6 FTMO EA is undoubtedly the top choice on the market right now.

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