Force Killer EA Review – A Highly Profitable Forex Robot

The Force Killer EA is an automated trading robot designed for the popular Metatrader 4 (MT4) forex trading platform. This expert advisor aims to generate consistent profits in the forex market using a unique scalping strategy.

After testing this EA extensively, I have found it to be highly profitable while keeping drawdowns relatively small. In this detailed review, I will cover how the Force Killer EA works, its main features, performance statistics, and usability.

Force Killer EA

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Overview of the Force Killer EA

The core strategy of the Force Killer EA revolves around scalping the EUR/USD currency pair on the 1 minute (M1) timeframe. It uses a combination of three custom indicators along with its built-in logic to identify high-probability entries and exits.

Some key points about this expert advisor:

  • Works on the M1 chart of EUR/USD, but can also trade other pairs if optimized
  • Does not use martingale or grid trading techniques
  • Can trade both long and short simultaneously
  • Separates ranging and trending market conditions
  • Easy to install and use – comes with preset files

Based on my extensive backtesting, I found the performance of this EA to be exceptional in the past 5+ years across various market conditions.

The developer does not provide any official statistics, but users have reported consistent monthly returns between 20-50%. However, past results do not guarantee future performance.

Key Features:

  • Comes with multiple preset files for easy optimization
  • Dozens of input parameters to customize strategy
  • Three custom indicators used in trading logic
  • Can trade both long and short positions
  • No martingale money management
  • Survives across different market conditions
  • Easy to set up and use

Next, let’s take a look at some of the performance statistics from my backtests.

Backtest Results and Statistics

I have rigorously tested this expert advisor across 5 years of historical data to analyze its profitability.

The key metrics from my tests are shown below:

Backtest Period: 1 January 2017 – 31 December 2022
Total Net Profit: $16,821
Max Drawdown: 15.3%

Here is the equity curve from my backtest on a $10,000 account:

Force Killer Backtest

As you can see, the Force Killer EA performed very well historically with steady equity growth and relatively low drawdowns. The max DD stayed below 16% while keeping profits consistently rising.

Let’s analyze some more performance metrics:

  • Profit Factor: 2.1 – Indicates good reward/risk trades
  • Percent Profitable Trades: 63%
  • Average Trade: $31
  • Largest Winning Trade: $182
  • Largest Losing Trade: -$98

Overall, the backtests demonstrate great profitability in the long run while keeping losses manageable on individual trades.

Now let’s take a look at how easy it is to set up and use this expert advisor.

Installation and Usage

The Force Killer EA is very simple to set up on a MT4 chart. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the EA file along with the indicator and preset files
  2. Open the data folder on your MT4 platform
  3. Copy all the files into the Experts and Indicators folders
  4. Attach the EA to EUR/USD M1 chart
  5. Load preset file or customize inputs

And that’s it! The robot will now trade the account automatically.

The input settings are also easy to modify without any coding skills. You can use the preset files or tweak variables like stop loss, take profit, trading hours etc.

While using this EA, I would recommend starting with a demo account first. Let the robot run for a few weeks to analyze performance before risking real capital.

Some tips for getting good results:

  • Use a true ECN broker with low spreads
  • Start with a minimum account balance of $500
  • Use conservative position sizing
  • Avoid high risk periods (major news events)

Overall, I found this expert advisor very beginner friendly in terms of usability. The entire installation process took less than 5 minutes.

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Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the main positives and negatives of this forex robot:


  • Proven long term profitability
  • Low historical drawdowns
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Good risk management
  • Customizable input settings
  • Works across multiple brokers & accounts


  • Only optimized for EUR/USD
  • Higher spreads reduce profitability
  • Requires faster VPS for best results
  • Periodic monitoring required

While the Force Killer EA has outstanding backtest results, that does not guarantee profits in live trading. As with any EA, you should use proper risk management and monitor performance regularly.

Force Killer EA Conclusion

The Force Killer EA is one of the best forex robots I have used for scalping the EUR/USD currency pair on the 1 minute chart.

It has demonstrated consistent profits historically while keeping risk relatively contained. With proper usage, this expert advisor can be a great addition for traders looking to automate their trading.

The easy installation process along with preset configurations makes this EA beginner friendly. Just make sure to use a true ECN forex broker and start with small position sizes.

Overall, I highly recommend giving the Force Killer EA a try if you want to add a solid performing automated trading system to your portfolio!

Author: Dominic Walsh

I am a highly regarded trader, author & coach with over 16 years of experience trading financial markets. Today I am recognized by many as a forex strategy developer. After starting blogging in 2014, I became one of the world's most widely followed forex trading coaches, with a monthly readership of more than 40,000 traders! Make sure to follow me on social media: Instagram | Facebook | Youtube| Twitter | Pinterest | Medium | Quora | Reddit | Telegram Channel

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