Bellissima EA V2 Review – An In-Depth Look at This Automated Trading Software

Bellissima EA V2 is an automated trading software designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform. It utilizes algorithms to analyze the markets and execute trades on behalf of users. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at this expert advisor (EA) to determine if it is worth the investment for traders.

Bellissima EA V2

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Overview of Bellissima EA V2

Bellissima EA V2 is marketed as a low-risk, high-return forex trading robot. It is designed to generate consistent daily profits of 15-20% with a minimum account balance of just $1000.

The EA uses a combination of trend-following and reversal trading strategies to identify high-probability setups. It then places pending orders at optimal levels and manages them until profit targets are hit.

Some of the key features of Bellissima EA V2 include:

  • Fully automated – requires no manual intervention once properly configured.
  • Multiple currency pairs – works on 14 different currency pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD.
  • Low drawdown – aims for maximum profit while minimizing risk and drawdown.
  • Easy to use – simple download, installation, and setup process.
  • Affordable – available for just $29 compared to similar EAs priced over $500.

How Does Bellissima EA V2 Work?

Bellissima EA V2 is programmed with a set of trading rules and logic to identify high-probability trading opportunities across 14 currency pairs.

It utilizes custom-built indicators along with standard technical analysis tools like moving averages and envelopes to determine market direction and momentum.

Once a trade setup is identified based on its strategy, the EA will automatically place a pending buy or sell order. It then manages the trade according to predefined parameters until the take profit target is reached.

The EA is capable of opening both market and pending orders. It also includes features for closing trades at breakeven and trailing stops to lock in profits.

Risk management is handled through automated stop loss placement on every trade. The stop loss levels are optimized to allow enough room for price fluctuation while limiting potential losses.

Overall, Bellissima EA V2 aims to capture market moves and trends as early as possible while actively managing trades for maximum gains.

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Performance and Backtesting Results

According to available sales material, Bellissima EA V2 has been extensively backtested across multiple currency pairs and timeframes.

On the EUR/USD pair alone, it was able to generate over 16,000% returns in just 5 months of backtesting from 2020 to 2021.

The developers also highlight its low drawdown capabilities, with maximum drawdown limited to just 5-10% even on aggressive settings.

While past results do not guarantee future performance, these backtests indicate the EA is capable of generating steady profits in both bull and bear market conditions.

Real user reviews seem to corroborate these claims, with many traders reporting consistent monthly returns between 10-20% using Bellissima EA V2. However, live trading results can vary significantly based on market conditions and configuration.

Pros of Using Bellissima EA V2

Automated Trading: The biggest advantage of Bellissima EA V2 is that it automates the entire trade execution process. This saves traders time and effort from having to analyze charts and manually place trades.

Emotionless Execution: The EA follows its programmed logic without any human emotion or bias. This helps achieve more consistent results.

Flexibility: With its multiple preset files, Bellissima EA V2 can be optimized for different currency pairs and market conditions.

Affordable Pricing: At just $29, Bellissima costs significantly lesser than comparable EAs priced in the hundreds or thousands.

Good Support: The developers provide dedicated customer support via email and chat for any installation or configuration issues.

Cons of Using Bellissima EA V2

Potential Overoptimization: While the backtest results are impressive, there is a risk that the EA has been overoptimized to fit past price data.

Live Trading Uncertainty: Despite the promised backtest results, there is no guarantee the EA will perform as well in live market conditions.

Lack of Long-Term Track Record: As a relatively new EA, there is limited information on Bellissima’s long-term live trading performance and viability.

Requires Monitoring: Like any automated system, Bellissima EA V2 requires periodic monitoring and human supervision for best results.

No Free Trial: The company does not offer a free trial version to test the EA before purchasing.

Verdict – Should You Use Bellissima EA V2?

Bellissima EA V2 shows promise as a potentially profitable automated trading system based on backtest statistics and some user reviews. However, as is the case with any EA, there are inherent risks around overoptimization, live performance variance, and lack of long-term track record.

The affordable $29 price point makes it relatively low risk to try out Bellissima EA V2, as long as proper trading principles are followed. Use low lot sizes, conservative risk management, and monitor performance closely initially. With the right testing and precautions, Bellissima EA V2 could be a viable addition for traders looking to automate their trading strategies.

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