SPARTA EA Review: A Comprehensive Look at This Automated Trading Robot

SPARTA EA is an automated trading robot designed to make trades on the foreign exchange (forex) market. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at how SPARTA EA works, its features and settings, potential profits, risks, and more to determine if this expert advisor is worth using for forex trading.


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What is SPARTA EA?

SPARTA EA is an expert advisor (EA) programmed for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms. It is designed to automatically execute trades on the forex market based on its built-in trading strategy and algorithms, without the need for manual intervention after setting it up.

Some key features of SPARTA EA include:

  • Fully automated trading – Once configured, the EA will open, manage, and close trades independently according to its strategy. This removes the emotional aspect of manual trading.
  • Unique trading algorithm – Uses three customizable trading strategies and a special averaging method to recover losing trades. This aims to diversify trades and maintain profitability.
  • Multi-currency – Can trade on multiple currency pairs using individual settings for each pair. Allows trading several pairs simultaneously.
  • Flexible settings – Comes with default settings but also allows customization of key parameters to match risk appetite and market conditions.
  • Requires $100 minimum – Designed for use with a $100 minimum balance on a cent account or equivalent standard account.

How Does SPARTA EA Work?

SPARTA EA uses a complex, multi-strategy algorithm to identify trading opportunities and decide when to enter and exit trades automatically. Here is an overview of how it works:

  • Three trading strategies – Uses three customizable strategies (conservative, standard, aggressive) to identify potential setups across multiple timeframes. Strategies use technical indicators and price action analysis.
  • Averaging loss recovery – Employs a special averaging method to open additional positions in the opposite direction to recover losing trades and get back to break-even.
  • No correlated trades – The entry algorithm ensures the three strategies do not take correlated trades in the same direction on a single currency pair. This maintains margin and prevents overexposure.
  • Trade management – Uses preset take profit and stop loss levels to maximize profitable trades and limit losses on losing trades. Trades are closed automatically when profit or loss limits are reached.
  • Money management – Lot sizes for trades are calculated automatically based on account balance and risk parameters. Risk is split across multiple open trades.

SPARTA EA Features and Settings

SPARTA EA comes with a range of features and customizable settings that allow traders to configure it based on their risk tolerance and market preferences.

Trading Strategies

The EA has three trading strategy modes to choose from:

  • Conservative – More cautious strategy aiming for 10% monthly returns.
  • Standard – Balanced strategy aiming for 20-40% monthly returns.
  • Aggressive – Higher risk for potentially 50%+ monthly returns.

Currency Pairs

It can trade these currency pairs, with individual settings for each:



The strategies are optimized for these timeframes:

  • Conservative & Standard – M30, H1
  • Aggressive – M1

Key Settings

Other major settings that can be customized include:

  • Take profit and stop loss pips
  • Position averaging settings
  • Max open trades
  • Max lot size
  • Strategy risk percentage
  • Account protection/loss limits

This allows traders to fine tune the EA based on their trading style, risk tolerance, and market conditions. Backtesting can be used to evaluate different settings.

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Potential Profits and Risks

User reports and backtests indicate SPARTA EA has the potential to generate steady profits over time. However, as with any EA, there are also risks to consider.

Potential Returns

  • Conservative settings aim for 10% per month, or 120% annually.
  • Standard settings target 20-40% monthly returns, or 240-480% per year.
  • Aggressive settings seek over 50% monthly returns, or 600%+ annually.


  • Uses averaging to recover losing trades which can be risky if the market continues moving against open positions.
  • Aggressive settings in particular have higher risk of losses due to more frequent trading and larger position sizes.
  • As with any EA, losses can exceed deposited funds. Use proper money management.
  • Drawdowns are possible during market volatility or events.

As with any trading system, past performance does not guarantee future results. Perform robust backtesting across different market conditions to evaluate potential performance. Use demo trading to become familiar with the system before risking real capital.


Here are some tips on effectively using SPARTA EA for automated forex trading:

  • Start with the conservative settings and small position sizes to evaluate performance.
  • Use a demo account for extensive backtesting to find optimal settings that fit your risk tolerance.
  • Run it on a VPS service for uninterrupted trading and fastest trade execution.
  • Monitor trades occasionally to ensure the EA is performing as expected.
  • Adjust settings or turn off the EA during major news events or volatile markets.
  • Consider using it as one component in a diversified trading system.
  • Withdraw consistent profits regularly and adjust position sizes accordingly.

Careful testing, monitoring, and money management is advised when using any automated trading system.

Customer Reviews

SPARTA EA customer reviews are generally positive. Traders report the EA is easy to install and set up. The multi-strategy approach provides consistent trading opportunities across different market conditions.

The conservative settings in particular are noted as being lower risk for new forex traders. Several users mention generating steady monthly returns of 10-20% using the conservative or standard settings.

Some users warn the aggressive settings carry higher risk that could lead to blown accounts if not managed properly. Others report issues with occasional losses exceeding the stop loss before the EA could close the trade.

Overall, most reviews indicate SPARTA EA can be a profitable automated solution for forex trading if used with proper precautions around risk management. As with any EA, performing robust backtesting prior to live trading is highly recommended.

Verdict: Is SPARTA EA Worth Using?

In summary, SPARTA EA provides an intriguing automated trading option with some unique characteristics that may appeal to forex traders.

Pros of SPARTA EA:

  • Fully automated trading removes emotion and manual effort
  • Multi-strategy approach provides diverse market opportunities
  • Conservative settings offer lower risk for new traders
  • Allows customization to match risk tolerance and markets
  • Designed for use with $100 minimum account balance

Potential risks:

  • Averaging trades can multiply losses if used improperly
  • Higher risk aggressive settings could lead to blown accounts
  • Past performance does not guarantee future results

For traders interested in automated trading solutions, SPARTA EA is worth testing out in demo mode to determine if its logic aligns with your trading plan and risk management rules. Extensive backtesting on historical data is recommended to evaluate performance across different market conditions.

Used with proper precautions and risk management, SPARTA EA could be a viable option for automated forex trading. However, as with any EA, exercise caution and use stop losses to limit downside. Consider starting with small position sizes and conservative settings to gauge performance before increasing risk.

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