Money Maker Explosion V1.0: A Comprehensive Review

Money Maker Explosion V1.0 is an automated trading system that utilizes advanced algorithms to trade the forex markets. This trading robot has gained popularity for its ability to generate consistent profits with minimal risk. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the key features, performance metrics, pros and cons of Money Maker Explosion V1.0 to help you determine if it’s the right trading tool for your needs.

Money Maker Explosion

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Overview of Money Maker Explosion V1.0

Money Maker Explosion V1.0 is a forex expert advisor created by Italian trader Gianluigi Ventre. It works on the MetaTrader 4 platform and is designed to trade 28 currency pairs on the 1-hour timeframe.

Some of the key features of Money Maker Explosion V1.0 include:

  • Automated trading system – Once installed on MT4, the robot will automatically execute trades based on its programmed logic and settings. No manual intervention needed.
  • Low risk – A standout feature is the ability to generate decent returns while maintaining a low total risk and maximum drawdown. This reassures traders about its risk management capabilities.
  • High performance – Real account results indicate strong performance metrics in terms of overall gain, winning percentage, profit factor and other KPIs.
  • Innovative trading strategy – Uses an innovative approach to trading forex through advanced algorithms and strategies not found in other EAs.
  • Reliable auto trading – Provides a reliable automated trading solution that performs well consistently, exceeding expectations.
  • Flexible usage – Can be used with any Metatrader 4 broker and account type (ECN included).

Performance Metrics and Results

An in-depth analysis of live account results gives us insight into the performance and profitability of this EA.

Key metrics observed:

  • Total net profit – $57,795 over 3 years of live trading. Massive returns generated.
  • Gain percentage – Has achieved over 500% in cumulative gain in live accounts.
  • Drawdown – Maximum drawdown controlled under 25% across accounts. Far better than most EAs.
  • Win rate – Win percentage consistently over 50%. Higher than industry average.
  • Risk-Reward – Exceptional risk to reward ratio of 1:2.5+, meaning profits generated are far larger than losses.
  • Consistency – Steady equity curve and results observed year after year. Reliability is a key strength.
  • Profit Factor – Profit factor of 2.0+ indicates the EA makes at least twice as much in profits vs losses.

The standout metrics clearly showcase Money Maker Explosion V1.0’s profitability and ability to generate big returns while keeping risk relatively low.

Pros of Using Money Maker Explosion V1.0

1. Proven Track Record of Success

The biggest pro is the long track record of live trading success and profits generated by Money Maker Explosion V1.0. The results speak for themselves – over 500% gain and $50,000+ in profits across multiple accounts over 3 years. Not many EAs can match this performance. The proven profitability provides confidence in its trading strategy.

2. Low Risk Profile

A major advantage is the low drawdown and risk profile. The EA maintains max DD under 25% which is impressive. For traders, this provides assurance in the system’s risk management capabilities. You can expect smooth equity growth without huge drawdowns.

3. Automated Trading & Convenience

The automated functionality allows hands-free trading without monitoring charts. After setting it up, the EA will execute trades automatically based on programmed logic. This convenience frees up time for the user.

4. Innovative Trading Strategy

Money Maker Explosion utilizes an innovative approach and advanced algorithms that give it an edge. The performance shows the effectiveness of the trading strategy coded into the system. The uniqueness sets it apart from other EAs.

5. Flexible Usage & Broker Compatibility

A benefit is the flexibility in usage and broker compatibility. It can trade a wide range of currency pairs and works seamlessly with all MT4 brokers including ECN. So you are not limited in markets traded or broker choice.

Cons of Using Money Maker Explosion V1.0

1. Requires Monitoring

While Money Maker Explosion V1.0 is automated, it still requires periodic monitoring to ensure smooth functioning. Like any EA, unchecked errors or issues can develop over time impacting performance. Oversight is advised.

2. Locked Strategy

The coding is locked which means users cannot see the programmed logic. Some traders prefer an open code EA for transparency. The locked strategy prevents full insight into how it generates signals.

3. Cost

Robot is on the pricier side for retail forex EAs. At a cost of $240+, it is not the most budget-friendly option. Cheaper alternatives are available albeit with more compromises.

4. No Guaranteed Success

As with any EA, success is not guaranteed. While backtests and past results look positive, future profitability depends on market conditions. Losing streaks can occur just like in manual trading. Proper risk management is key.

5. Requires Optimization

For best results, periodic re-optimization and tweaking of settings is recommended over time as markets change. This requires some trading knowledge. Out of the box default settings may underperform long-term.

Money Maker Explosion – Verdict

In summary, Money Maker Explosion V1.0 is one of the top forex robots on the market backed by strong performance metrics and user reviews. The combination of high profitability, low drawdown risk, and innovative trading strategy gives it an edge over competitors. For traders seeking an automated solution with reliability, robot is definitely worth considering.

While the locked coding and cost may deter some users, the long track record of success provides confidence in its algorithms. Given proper account funding and risk management, Money Maker Explosion V1.0 provides a solid solution for generating consistent passive income in forex trading.

Overall, this EA scores highly in terms of risk-adjusted returns and delivers on its promise of explosive profits in forex trading.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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