Hunter Scalper EA Review: In-Depth Analysis of This Automated Trading Robot

The Hunter Scalper EA is a relatively new automated trading robot that claims to take advantage of low volatility market conditions to generate profits through scalping. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze key components of this Expert Advisor (EA) including features, performance statistics, user reviews, and potential risks.

Hunter Scalper EA

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Overview of the Hunter Scalper EA

The Hunter Scalper EA was developed by Chinese trader Feng Zhu from Chengdu. It is marketed as a fully automated trading robot optimized specifically for scalping currency pairs when volatility is low.

Key features include:

Timeframes: 15-minute and higher Platform: MetaTrader 4

Evaluating the Trading Strategy and Logic

According to the developer, the Hunter Scalper EA utilizes an advanced algorithm to detect high-probability setups during calm market conditions. It aims to capitalize on small intraday price movements through scalping.

The robot scans the market across various timeframes, applying its entry rules which likely incorporate indicators such as moving averages. Once a potential trade is identified, additional filters further analyze the setup before triggering an order.

These filters help confirm directional bias, momentum, and volatility levels meet certain thresholds for a trade. If criteria are satisfied, the EA executes a buy or sell market order. Hard stop losses and take profits are implemented to limit risk per trade.

The underlying logic aims to systemize scalping across different sessions when volatility declines and clear trends are absent. By programmatically detecting high-probability setups and managing risks, the goal is consistent small profits that compound over time.

Reviewing Past Performance Statistics

Independent verification of performance is crucial when assessing any EA. Unfortunately, verified results for the Hunter Scalper robot are currently unavailable.

The developer provides a few short-term backtests and vague claims of profits. However, without transparent track records, it is impossible to gauge real-world performance. Potential buyers should be wary of taking marketed results at face value without proof.

While backtested or demo results may seem impressive, the only way to evaluate an EA is observing it trade live under real market conditions. Statistics like monthly gains, drawdowns, risk metrics, and detailed trading histories allow traders to make informed decisions about any automated system.

Examining User Reviews and Testimonials

User reviews reveal actual customer experiences with a product. For the Hunter Scalper EA, only a handful of reviews exist given its recent launch.

On Forex Robot Nation, 12 user reviews averaging 4/5 stars offer mixed opinions. One negative review cautions the high price point of $625 is difficult to justify for an unproven EA. However, a positive review mentions the potential seen, albeit needing longer-term results.

The lack of widespread reviews makes it difficult to conclude on customer satisfaction currently. As more traders purchase and use this EA, broader feedback will become available. Potential buyers should be cautious until consistent user experiences emerge.

Assessing the Pricing and Value Proposition

Hunter Scalper EA pricing starts at $625 for a single license according to the sales page. This cost is higher than many EAs with established live track records. No payment plan or multi-license discounts are offered either.

Compared to alternatives, the value proposition is questionable. More proven automated systems with years of real account testing cost equal or less. Without verifiable statistics, traders essentially risk $625 on marketing promises alone.

Of course, a high price does not inherently make something poor value. However, traders should consider whether an unverified EA with no guarantees warrants such a steep investment. Any EA purchase contains inherent risk, so assessing potential reward versus risk is key.

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Identifying Possible Risks and Downsides

A few areas of caution exist that potential Hunter Scalper EA buyers should consider:

Lack of Transparency

No verified trading statistics or account statements provided to evaluate historical or likely future performance.

Unproven in Live Markets

No evidence EA can replicate backtest simulations in live trading. Most EAs fail once traded live.

Overfitted to Historical Data

Backtests may show overoptimization to past price behavior that does not persist forward.

High Cost Relative to Track Record

$625 carries opportunity cost versus alternatives with real-world verification.

As with any EA, ensuring robust testing before committing capital helps mitigate risks substantially. Traders should also employ strong risk management rules independent of any automated system.

Final Thoughts: Who is the Hunter Scalper EA For?

The Hunter Scalper EA aims to capitalize on low volatility through automated scalping techniques. Despite marketed profit potential, the lack of transparency and verification makes this trading robot speculative currently.

Ideal User Profile

Traders willing to test in demo extensively and accept unproven profitability. Risk-tolerant speculators who can afford the high EA cost.

Not Suited for

Conservative traders requiring reliable track records. Those with limited risk capital relative to the $625 price.

For traders who fit the ideal user profile, utilizing robust manual testing protocols is essential to determine if this EA aligns with individual goals, timeframes, and risk tolerance. As with any EA, caution is still advised until seeing sustained live performance.

Verdict: Proceed With Caution Until Seeing Proof

  • Transparency: None
  • Live Performance: Unverified
  • Cost: High relative to track record
  • Risks: Lack of proof, overfitting potential

In summary, the lack of transparency and verification makes the Hunter Scalper EA a speculative investment. Traders are essentially risking $625 on bold marketing claims and short-term backtests. Wider proof in live markets is required before concluding this EA can deliver consistently. While potential exists, caution is urged until seeing real-world results materialize.

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