VR Smart Grid EA – A Comprehensive Review

The VR Smart Grid EA is an expert advisor (EA) for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms that utilizes a grid trading strategy to open and manage trades. It was developed by Vladimir Pastushak and first released in March 2018. The EA aims to close market positions in small batches to realize small profits and reduce losses efficiently.

VR Smart Grid EA

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Some key features of the VR Smart Grid EA include:

  • Fully automated trading system
  • Uses grid trading strategy
  • Closes positions in small batches
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Can work with any financial instrument like forex, crypto, CFDs etc.
  • Multiple trading modes and averaging methods
  • Free updates and support from the developer

How the VR Smart Grid EA Works

The core strategy used by the VR Smart Grid EA is grid trading. This means it opens multiple buy and sell orders at preset intervals to form a grid. As the market moves, orders get activated and closed automatically to capture profits.

The EA allows configuring the distance between grid levels and uses methods like Fibonacci to calculate optimal spacing. Other key aspects include:

Entering Trades

  • Initiates buy/sell trades based on current market direction
  • Adds orders at regular grid intervals to build position network
  • Lot sizes can increase at each grid level as per settings

Managing Traces

  • Monitors all open positions from itself or other EAs
  • Closes trades partially in batches to realize small profits
  • Helps reduce losses by closing losing positions sooner

Risk Management

  • Inbuilt features to manage risk like maximum lots, slippage control etc.
  • Supports hedging strategies to counter trading risks
  • Allows recovery trades with martingale or averaging methods

Exits and Take Profit

  • Closes grid trade network in pieces when take profit conditions meet
  • Take profit levels can be fixed, dynamic or based on indicators
  • Can trail positions to lock profits during favorable moves

Performance and Backtests

The developer provides some backtest reports and account statements to showcase historical performance. However, live or verified forward tests would have provided more reliability.

Some key metrics are:

  • Total net profit over $5000 achieved
  • Maximum drawdown of 18% observed
  • Profit factor varying from 1.5 to over 6 in different tests
  • Mostly positive results across multiple currency pairs

Overall results seem decent but use of grid strategy could lead to volatility risk and heavy drawdowns. So conservative position sizing is advisable, especially for smaller accounts.

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Using the VR Smart Grid EA

The VR Smart Grid EA works in fully automated mode so doesn’t require manual intervention. However, traders need to set it up properly for best results:

  • Select suitable symbol, timeframe (M5/M15 good options)
  • Input parameters like grid spacing, TP levels, lot sizes etc.
  • Optimize settings if needed based on backtest results
  • Use reasonable position size relative to account size
  • Monitor trades occasionally and intervene if required

The EA allows full flexibility in inputs. Traders can experiment with number of grid levels, martingale coefficients, averaging methods etc. to create own strategies.

Pros and Cons


  • Fully automated trading strategy
  • Flexible input parameters allow customization
  • Works across multiple financial instruments
  • Free updates and support from developer
  • Detailed documentation and usage instructions provided


  • No verified live forward test results available
  • Grid trading carries inherent risks of volatility and drawdowns
  • Requires careful position sizing and risk management

So while the VR Smart Grid EA offers convenience of automated trading, it also carries risks like any grid system. Traders should use prudent money management given the high leverage in forex trading.


The VR Smart Grid EA implements an automated grid trading strategy for the MetaTrader platform. It aims to close trades in batches to realize small profits efficiently. The system offers flexibility in usage across different markets. Historical backtests showcase decent profit potential. However, the inherent risks in grid trading cannot be ignored. Traders need to manage risk well and avoid overoptimizing backtest results before using this EA. Overall, it provides an accessible method to experiment with automated grid trading strategies.

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