The Mars EA: An Out-of-this-World Forex Trading Robot

The foreign exchange (forex) market can seem vast and intimidating to novice traders. With multiple currency pairs, high volatility, and trades occurring 24 hours a day, it takes skill and diligence to find success. This is where forex trading robots, also known as Expert Advisors (EAs), come into play. These pieces of software use algorithms and automated trading to analyze markets and place trades on behalf of users. While not all EAs live up to their promises, one that continues gaining attention is The Mars EA.

The Mars EA

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An EA Developed Over Years of Live Trading

The Mars EA was created by Dave Perk, a forex trader with years of experience. Unlike some other EAs that seem to appear overnight, The Mars EA has been refined and optimized through live market trading for over 4 years. This rigorous development and testing has allowed the EA to achieve an astonishing return of 11,840% over that time frame.

So what’s the secret behind The Mars EA’s consistent profits? It comes down to the advanced trading strategy Perk has perfected.

Trading Against Harmful Retail Investor Activity

The Mars EA uses an insightful approach – it monitors the market to detect areas where groups of retail investors commonly enter and exit trades, often to their detriment[1]. These retail investors tend to use simplistic, textbook trading techniques that the market exploits.

Once the EA detects a wave of retail investor activity in a currency pair, it takes a contrarian position to capitalize on the impending price swing when these less-sophisticated trades fall through. This allows The Mars EA to repeatedly profit from the herd mentality of retail investors.

Carefully Optimized and Backtested Grid Trading

In addition to contrarian trading around retail investor liquidity zones, The Mars EA leverages grid trading strategies across multiple currency pairs. Grid trading involves placing a web of buy and sell orders above and below a defined price channel. This allows profitable trades to run while minimizing losses on losing trades.

Extensive backtesting on over 5 years of historical market data has allowed Perk to optimize The Mars EA’s grid trading approach. When grid trading is combined with the retail liquidity strategy, it creates a powerfully profitable automated trading system.

Key Features Traders Will Appreciate

Easy Installation and Configuration

Getting The Mars EA up and running takes just minutes. It works seamlessly with MetaTrader 4 and 5 with the purchase of a license key from Perk’s website[1]. Once installed, traders can use the default settings or tweak parameters to match their account size and risk tolerance.

Preserves Capital During Market Crashes

Unexpected volatility and crashing markets can rapidly wipe out trading capital. To combat this risk, The Mars EA has adjustable capital preservation measures, such as temporarily reducing position sizes during drawdowns. This helps trader equity survive tail events.

Secure Margin Management Functions

By dynamically adjusting position sizes based on account margin levels, The Mars EA reduces the risk of costly margin calls. It scales back positions as margin requirements increase during losing streaks.

Free Access and Support

For an affordable monthly subscription fee, EA owners get wide-ranging support, including remote desktop assistance for installation and configuration. Subscribers also gain access to ongoing updates and improvements for The Mars EA.

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The Mars EA Reviews and Performance Results

With hundreds of EAs on the market making dubious claims, traders rightly seek out verified performance reports.

Documented 11,840% Return Over 4+ Years

The Mars EA’s returns have been tracked and made publicly available on Perk’s website since October 2019. Detailed reports definitively show an exceptional 11,840% return over those 4+ years of live trading. Such steady profitability over years of changing market conditions proves the EA’s mettle.

Positive Reviews Support Performance Claims

In addition to the stellar long term returns data, customer reviews largely praise the profitability and ease-of-use of The Mars EA. One user highlights the EA’s flexibility to trade any currency pair while noting it works especially well with commodity pairs.

So while healthy skepticism of trading system claims is warranted, real-world usage and testing reinforce the advertised performance capabilities of The Mars EA.

The Mars EA Final Verdict

When assessing automated trading systems, traders must separate hype from evidence-based performance. In the case of The EA, creator Dave Perk has gone to laudable lengths to track, document, and publish real account results for over 4 years. With audited returns exceeding 11,840%, The Mars EA has demonstrated an ability to consistently profit across different market conditions.

For traders seeking simplicity without sacrificing profitability, The Mars EA hits the mark. The combination of contrarian trading around retail investor liquidity zones and multi-pair grid trading fueled by optimization through backtesting gives traders an EA with winning potential. User-friendly installation, capital preservation features, and ongoing support add to the appeal. In the world of forex trading robots, EA stands out as an advisable long-term partner for traders.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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