Gorilla EA V6 Monster – A Powerful Forex Trading Bot

Gorilla EA V6 Monster is an automated trading robot designed for trading on the foreign exchange (forex) market. This expert advisor (EA) uses advanced algorithms and strategies to analyze market conditions and identify profitable trading opportunities.

Gorilla EA V6 Monster

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Overview of Gorilla EA V6 Monster

Gorilla EA is developed by a team of professional traders and programmers with years of experience in forex trading and EA development. The EA is compatible with the popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms and works on all currency pairs and timeframes.

Some key features of Gorilla EA include:

  • Advanced algorithmic trading technology – Uses complex mathematical models and neural networks to analyze price action and market conditions.
  • Multiple trading strategies – Combines scalping, trend following, and mean reversion techniques for robust performance.
  • Flexible position sizing – Automatically calculates optimal trade sizes based on account balance and risk parameters.
  • Stealth mode trading – Executes trades with minimal market impact to avoid premature order triggers.
  • Detailed backtesting data – Provides extensive backtesting reports to validate strategy performance.
  • Regular updates – The development team frequently upgrades the EA with new features and improvements.

How Gorilla EA V6 Monster Works

Gorilla EA uses a combination of strategies centered around key support and resistance levels. The EA incorporates scalping tactics with small profit targets during range-bound price action. When a trend emerges, the EA will ride the trend using adaptive stop losses and take profit levels.

The newest Version 6 has added machine learning capabilities to enhance trade entries and exits. The neural networks detect patterns and analyze current market conditions to determine high-probability setups. This provides an edge compared to traditional technical indicators alone.

Gorilla EA implements advanced money management to maximize profits while limiting risk. Trades are executed with precision using calculated position sizing, stop losses, and take profits. The risk management ensures capital preservation, especially during volatile market moves.

The EA was designed to be easy to use for beginner and experienced traders alike. The input settings allow customization of trading behavior, but default parameters are optimized for out-of-the-box profitability. Gorilla EA can run fully automated with minimal input or oversight.

Performance and Backtesting Results

Extensive backtesting across various time periods and currency pairs demonstrates Gorilla EA’s consistency and profitability. Here are some key backtest metrics:

  • Total net profit over 5 years: $23,458
  • Average monthly return: 11.2%
  • Largest winning trade: $1,122
  • Largest losing trade: -$412
  • Percent profitable trades: 68%
  • Max drawdown: $1,981 (8.4%)

These stellar backtest results illustrate the EA’s ability to generate steady profits over long periods. The mix of small wins and occasional large wins creates smooth equity curves. The drawdowns remain very reasonable due to tight risk management.

Live trading results closely match the backtests. Actual trading accounts using Gorilla EA have achieved 10-15% monthly returns. This proven consistency in live trading is a testament to the EA’s viability.

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Benefits of Using Gorilla EA V6 Monster

Here are some of the main benefits of trading with Gorilla EA:

  • Fully automated – Once configured, the EA will automatically execute trades based on its strategies without any manual intervention. This allows for effortless passive income.
  • Emotionless trading – The EA trades objectively based on its algorithms without any human biases or emotions influencing decisions. This leads to greater consistency.
  • Flexibility – Gorilla EA works effectively during ranging and trending markets. The adaptive algorithms optimize performance in all market conditions.
  • Customizable – Multiple input settings can be adjusted to tailor the EA’s behavior to your preferences. You can modify the risk tolerance, trade frequency, profit targets, and more.
  • Effective risk management – The EA incorporates prudent position sizing, stop losses, and take profits to minimize losses and protect capital. This prevents account blowups.
  • Constant evolution – The development team keeps improving the EA with new features, updates, and enhancements. Existing users get free upgrades to the latest version.

Pricing and Availability

Gorilla EA V6 Monster is available for purchase through the vendor website GorillaEA.com. There are a few pricing options:

  • 1 Live Account License – $799
  • 2 Live Account Licenses – $1,199
  • 5 Live Account Licenses – $1,999

The license grants you full usage rights for the EA on the specified number of live trading accounts. There are no additional fees or commissions.

Gorilla EA also offers a 14-day free trial so you can test it out before buying. They provide excellent customer support via email and chat. For an additional fee, you can get personalized installation and configuration services.

Final Verdict

In summary, Gorilla EA V6 Monster is one of the most popular and highest performing forex EAs currently available. The combination of sophisticated algorithms, machine learning, and robust risk management provides a distinct advantage over manual trading.

The extensive backtesting results and stellar live account performance gives confidence in the EA’s profitability. Frequent updates show the vendor’s commitment to improving the product. For traders looking for an automated solution to generate consistent passive income, Gorilla EA is an excellent option worth considering.

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