Auto Market Masters EA: The Ultimate Trading Solution

Auto Market Masters EA is a powerful automated trading system designed specifically for proprietary and funded trading. After years of development and optimization, it has emerged as one of the top-performing EAs for consistently profitable trading.

In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the features, performance metrics, user experiences, and suitability of Auto Market Masters EA for various trader profiles.

Auto Market Masters EA

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Overview and Features

Auto Market Masters EA is an Expert Advisor built for the MetaTrader 4 platform. It specializes in algorithmic trading across forex, crypto, commodities, and indices.

Some standout features include:

  • Automated Trading: Once configured, the EA runs unattended 24/5 opening, managing and closing trades automatically. This frees up trader’s time for other important tasks.
  • Multiple Timeframes and Assets: Trades across multiple assets on varying timeframes for diversification. Popular pairs include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and BTC/USD among others.
  • Customizable Trading Sessions: Users can set specific trading days and sessions per their schedules and risk appetites. Conservative users may choose to trade only 3 days a week during low volatility London/New York sessions.
  • Inbuilt Risk Management: Integrated algorithms manage risk by dynamically adjusting lot sizes, stop losses, trailing stops and position sizing based on account balance.
  • FTMO Specialized: Contains specific sets optimized for passing FTMO and other prop firm challenges.

Auto Market Masters EA Performance and Returns

Most user reviews and statistics point to remarkably consistent returns from Auto Market Masters EA. As per data tracked on MyFXBook, some accounts have achieved over 100% returns in less than 3 months.

The table below shows a snapshot of sample accounts traded using this EA:

Account Return Drawdown Gain Notes
Demo 102.2% 13.83% $2083 1 week, Automated
Demo 122.18% 34.87% $1252 Automated
Live 15.51% 3.68% $807 3 months, 1:1000 leverage

Such exceptional returns across multiple accounts and timeframes showcase the profit potential of this Expert Advisor.

Ease of Use

Despite its sophistication, Auto Market Masters EA is surprisingly easy to set up and use. The installation process takes only a few minutes:

  1. Download the ex4 file from vendor
  2. Copy it into the Experts folder of Metatrader 4
  3. Attach the EA to a chart
  4. Select preset files or customize settings
  5. Enable automated trading

That’s all! The EA will now trade the account automatically based on the configured settings. Users also have the option to further tweak inputs or disable features like martingale if desired.

For best results, it is recommended to run the software on a VPS with a reliable internet connection.

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Ideal User Profile

Auto Market Masters EA is suitable for almost any level of trader looking to profit from markets with minimal effort.

However, it is exceptionally geared towards certain user profiles:

  • Prop firm traders: The EA contains inbuilt rules specifically designed to pass FTMO and other funded account challenges.
  • Part time traders: The automated nature saves time, making it ideal for traders with a day job or other commitments.
  • New traders: Beginners benefit from the hands-off approach while focusing on foundational education.
  • Experienced traders: Veterans can use it as one of many strategies to diversify their portfolios.

As evident, Auto Market Masters EA can bolster almost any trading approach or system. Its reliability also makes it a trusted ally for consistent profits.

Customer Reviews

Thus far, independent user reviews of Auto Market Masters EA have been overwhelmingly positive. Traders highlight its profitability, ease of use and solid performance across market conditions.

“A real set and forget EA. I have tested over 20+ EAs, and this is the only one I have kept. Consistent profits week after week.” Josh, Verified User

“I have tried manual trading, other EAs, signals etc and never achieved the results I am seeing with AMM. The best EA I’ve found for long-term gains.” Frank, Verified User

The combination of proven returns and simplicity resonates well with users. Even complete beginners seem to quickly grasp the system and make it work effectively.

Auto Market Masters EA Potential Risks

While Auto Market Masters EA checks many boxes, it does come with some risks to consider:

  • Over-optimization: Backtests may show better performance than live results over long periods. Slippage and spreads can lead to deviations.
  • Increased losses: Auto-trading systems may quickly compound losses if not monitored periodically. Technical glitches can also trigger unwanted trades.
  • Hidden costs: Factors like VPS and transaction fees can eat into profits without proper account balance management.

However, these risks can be easily mitigated with basic trading hygiene. Using prudence around position sizing, monitoring performance dashboards, and keeping a trading journal are all best practices worth implementing.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

With a retail price of $1999, Auto Market Masters EA lies at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. However, given its profit potential, most users find it well worth the investment.

On average, traders recover their capital outlay within the first 1-2 months – an incredibly fast breakeven point. Profits beyond this time frame can be viewed as pure returns contributing to compound growth.

For the level of automation and performance it enables, Auto Market Masters EA offers solid value for money. Of course, cost-conscious users may choose to start with a small account and upgrade later.

Auto Market Masters EA Verdict

In summary, Auto Market Masters EA is one of the top EAs available today for hands-free trading and regular profits. While it has risks like any system, its returns and reliability make it a sound choice for most trader accounts.

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