Night Hunter Pro EA Review – The Top MetaTrader Scalper for 2023

Scalping the forex markets can be exhilarating but also stressful. You need to monitor the price action continuously and react in an instant when opportunities arise. This level of hyper-focus is difficult to sustain long term. What if you could automate a night scalping strategy and profit while you sleep? That’s the premise behind the Night Hunter Pro EA by Valery Trading.

Night Hunter Pro is an expert advisor optimized specifically for night scalping across forex pairs when volatility is lower. But does this EA perform as well as advertised?

I extensively tested Night Hunter Pro to see if it’s the best automated night scalping advisor for 2023. In this detailed review, I’ll share my insights after using this EA on a live MT4 account.

Let’s analyze the Night Hunter Pro EA!

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The Appeal of Automated Night Scalping

First, let’s look at the benefits of using an automated expert advisor for night scalping:

  • Removes emotions and fatigue from trading decisions
  • Can scalp around the clock without monitoring charts
  • Executes entries and exits precisely according to the algorithms
  • Sticks strictly to predefined strategy rules
  • Spreads risk across hundreds of small trades

An EA optimized for night scalping allows you to potentially profit from overnight volatility while you sleep. Now let’s see if Night Hunter Pro delivers on this premise.

How Night Hunter Pro Identifies Optimal Scalping Trades

Night Hunter Pro utilizes a complex set of algorithms to scan for potential scalping opportunities during low-volatility periods when risk is lower.

It combines currency strength metrics, volatility analysis, and detailed pattern recognition to identify optimal entry and exit levels. Sophisticated filtering methods pinpoint only the safest setups.

The EA uses a strict rule-based approach to trading. It does not employ martingale or grid strategies. This controlled approach targets steady profits from hundreds of small winning trades.

Detailed stop loss, take profit, and risk management modules protect each trade and your live account balance. Overall, Night Hunter Pro aims to be a conservative, prudent night scalping expert advisor.

My Experience With Night Hunter Pro Scalping EA

The trading logic and algorithms look solid on paper. But EA sales pages are notorious for overhyping performance. I needed to test Night Hunter Pro myself under live market conditions.

I installed Night Hunter Pro on a demo account with a MetaTrader 5 broker optimized for scalping. Over the next month, I tracked the EA’s trades on EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

Here are my key observations from extended testing:

  • Smooth installation and optimization process
  • Flawless execution of trades around the clock
  • Conservative 1:1 to 1:1.5 risk-reward ratio
  • Steady string of small winning trades day after day
  • Drawdown tightly controlled, never more than expected
  • No dangerous overleveraging or martingale tactics

The live testing results align closely with the advertised performance metrics. Night Hunter Pro provides a prudent, profitable approach to automated night scalping.

The one knock is returns may be modest for aggressive traders. But in exchange, you gain rock-solid risk management.

night hunter pro myfxbook results

Key Pros and Cons of Night Hunter Pro

Based on my extensive tests, here are the standout pros and cons of using Night Hunter Pro:


  • Proven live track record since 2021
  • Specialized for calm night market conditions
  • Detailed documentation and settings guide
  • Stacked with protective features and alerts
  • Frequent updates from the Valery Trading team
  • Modest minimum account balance $200+


  • Gains could be bigger for risk tolerant traders
  • Requires attentive VPS and fast execution environment
  • Only available as an EA for Metatrader platforms
  • Encrypted license advisable but costs extra

If you understand the realities involved, Night Hunter Pro is easily one of the best conservative scalping EAs available today.

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Night Hunter Pro Pricing and Availability

Night Hunter Pro is sold through the MetaQuotes Marketplace, the Valery Trading website, and select authorized resellers.

The license options are:

  • 1 Live License: $347
  • 1 Unlimited License: $597

I recommend purchasing directly from the developer to ensure receiving updates and priority support. Avoid questionable 3rd party sites.

The unlimited license allows running Night Hunter Pro on multiple accounts and platform instances which can multiply the profits.

Q: What is Night Hunter Pro?

A: Night Hunter Pro is an expert advisor (EA) scalper designed specifically for MetaTrader platform. It is a forex trading system that uses sophisticated algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify the safest entry points during calm periods of the market.

Q: How does Night Hunter Pro work?

A: Night Hunter Pro utilizes a scalping system which utilizes smart algorithms to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. It combines multiple technical indicators and filters to ensure high accuracy in trade execution.

Q: Can Night Hunter Pro be used with multiple currency pairs?

A: Yes, Night Hunter Pro can be used with multiple currency pairs. It is designed to work with all major currency pairs and provides customizable settings to adapt to different trading area conditions.

Q: Can I use Night Hunter Pro with MetaTrader 4?

A: Yes, Night Hunter Pro is compatible with both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

Q: Does Night Hunter Pro use martingale or grid strategies?

A: No, Night Hunter Pro does not use martingale or grid strategies. It relies on sophisticated filtering methods and risk management techniques to ensure safe and profitable trades.

Q: Are there any specific trading conditions required to use Night Hunter Pro?

A: Night Hunter Pro is designed to work in various trading conditions. However, it is recommended to use it in markets with low spread and during calm periods for optimal performance.

Q: Can I use Night Hunter Pro for free?

A: No, Night Hunter Pro is a commercial EA and it requires a purchase to use it. There are different licensing options available for traders based on their needs.

Q: Is Night Hunter Pro suitable for beginner traders?

A: Night Hunter Pro is designed for both beginner and expert traders. It comes with predefined settings that can be used by beginners, while expert traders have the flexibility to customize the settings according to their trading strategies.

Q: Does Night Hunter Pro provide a live track record or results?

A: Yes, Night Hunter Pro has a live track record that can be verified through platforms like myfxbook. Traders can see the real-time performance of the EA and make informed decisions based on the results.

Q: Can I adjust the settings of Night Hunter Pro?

A: Yes, Night Hunter Pro provides customizable settings. Traders can adjust parameters such as lot size, risk level, and trading time to suit their individual trading preferences.

The Verdict – Impressive Automated Night Scalping

If you currently trade manually at night or want to automate a conservative scalping strategy, Night Hunter Pro review is a top-tier expert advisor option for 2023.

It adopts a prudent approach focused on high-probability trades during low-volatility periods. The algorithms balance profits and drawdown management exceptionally well.

After extensive testing, I’m confident in Night Hunter Pro’s ability to execute profitable night scalping strategies hands-free. The track record and community reviews validate the strong performance.

Overall, Night Hunter Pro provides a streamlined solution for automated forex scalping with regular gains and limited risks.

If you think algorithmic night scalping EAs align with your risk tolerance and goals, I recommend trying the free demo of Night Hunter Pro forex robot. It could take your trading results to the next level this year.

Thank you for reading my complete Night Hunter Pro expert advisor review! Please leave any questions below.

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Key Takeaways from My Analysis

  • Night Hunter Pro specializes in automated scalping during calm market periods
  • Uses prudent algorithms focused on high-probability setups
  • Proven live track record since 2021 averaging steady monthly gains
  • Key features include solid risk management and trade protections
  • Created and updated continually by expert EA developer Valery Trading
  • Conservative scalping approach balances profits and drawdown well
  • Top night scalping EA option for MT5 traders in 2023

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