Network AI EA: A Revolutionary Automated Trading System

The Network AI Expert Advisor (EA) is an advanced automated trading system that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and neural networks to analyze macroeconomic data and make profitable trading decisions. Developed by expert trader Vasiliy Strukov, this innovative EA aims to transform retail trading by applying institutional-grade technology accessible to all.

Network AI EA

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How Network AI EA Works

The Network AI EA connects to reputable economic news websites such as Forexprostools.com and Worldtimeserver.com to obtain real-time data on major announcements like interest rate decisions and employment figures. It then feeds this data into its neural network algorithm to determine the potential market impact and directionality of the news.

Within seconds, the EA places pending orders in the direction of the expected market movement. As the price action unfolds after the news release, the orders are either triggered for profits or cancelled if the forecast was incorrect. This allows the EA to capitalize on short-term volatility spikes around high-impact events.

A key advantage of this approach is that the neural network continuously learns from past data, refining its predictions over time. This enables more accurate assessments of news events compared to traditional technical or fundamental analysis.

Unparalleled Features

The Network AI EA stands out from other automated systems with features tailored specifically for news trading:

Ultra-Fast Execution

With machine precision, the EA places pending orders within milliseconds after news release, enabling first-mover advantage ahead of the market. This maximizes profit potential during short volatility spikes.

Adaptive Risk Management

The EA incorporates advanced position sizing algorithms to calculate optimal trade sizes for each news event based on user-defined risk tolerances. This prevents overexposure while maximizing possible gains.

No Overoptimization

Since the EA relies on external data for decisions rather than just price action, it avoids the problem of curve-fitting on historical data like classic EAs. This results in more reliability during live trading.

Institutional-Grade Technology

By utilizing neural networks and AI, the Network EA incorporates the same technologies used by major banks and hedge funds. This brings elite-level trading infrastructure to regular traders.

Rigorous Live Testing

Extensive forward testing of over 6 months and $100,000 in transactions demonstrates the EA’s long-term profitability in real market conditions. The video below documents live trades placed around major news events and economic data releases:

Network AI EA Forward Testing Video

Notable metrics from the live testing period:

  • 723 total trades over 6 months
  • 61% win rate
  • 1:2 risk/reward ratio per trade average
  • +11% net profit overall

These metrics prove the EA’s ability to consistently extract profits around high-impact news events over long periods.

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Network AI EA Flexible Customization

The Network AI EA allows extensive user configuration to match each trader’s unique preferences and risk tolerance, including:

  • Trade direction control (buy/sell)
  • Position sizing and money management
  • Pending order placement rules
  • Profit targets and stop losses
  • Trailing stop parameters
  • And more…

Traders can easily adjust settings to focus on specific currency pairs, time frames, trading sessions and risk management models.

Network AI EA Conclusion

Overall, the Network AI Expert Advisor for MT4 is a game-changing automated trading system that levels the playing field between retail traders and institutional players. By applying advanced technologies like neural networks and AI to news-based trading, it unlocks substantial profit potential around economic data announcements and events.

After rigorous live testing over long time periods, the EA has demonstrated the capacity to consistently extract gains in the forex market when properly configured. With the power of machine learning and adaptive risk management, performance will likely improve further over time.

For traders seeking an institutional-grade automated solution to scalp short-term volatility spikes, the Network AI EA delivers. Its unique focus on news trading supported by neural networks separates it from traditional price action-focused systems.

In the futuristic world of AI-powered trading, the EA puts state-of-the-art infrastructure in the hands of regular market participants so they can also reap the benefits. This is a revolutionary step forward to leveling the trading arena for all.

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