Dark Venus EA Review – Evaluating This Popular MT4/MT5 Scalping Robot

The Dark Venus EA has quickly become one of the most hyped and discussed automated trading robots on forums and YouTube. But does this expert advisor really deliver? Here we’ll take an in-depth look at how Dark Venus works, key features, backtest results, optimal settings, and ultimately if it’s worth using. Dark Venus EA Review Download Best Free Forex Expert Advisors

What is the Dark Venus EA?

Dark Venus is an expert advisor coded in MQL5 for the MetaTrader platforms. It’s an automated scalping EA designed to trade frequently with small profits. The EA enters trades based on Bollinger Bands and also incorporates elements of Martingale to recover losing trades. It runs on the M5 timeframe but can be used on higher timeframes too. The creator claims Dark Venus is able to deliver a high win rate through thousands of backtested trades and real-account results. But many users warn it carries high risk.

How Does the Dark Venus Trading Strategy Work?

The core strategy relies on Bollinger Bands for trade entry signals. The basic logic is: The EA has default settings optimized for EUR/USD on M5. It opens market orders and uses a martingale system to recover losses. Many users warn the huge number of trades and martingale can be dangerous if not managed properly. Running it on a demo first is crucial.

Key Settings to Configure for the Dark Venus EA

To use Dark Venus effectively, key settings must be optimized:
  • Timeframe – M5 is recommended but higher TFs like M15 can also work well.
  • Currency pairs – EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD tend to perform best.
  • Martingale settings – Risk is high on defaults. Reduce lots and steps for safer use.
  • Profit targets – Lower take profit values to 10-20 pips for more frequent wins.
  • Bollinger Bands – Optimize periods and deviations to smooth signals.
Careful testing is required to find the optimal configurations for this EA. Don’t just use the defaults.

Backtest Results and Live Trading Performance

Published backtests show strong results but beware curve fitting. It’s best to backtest yourself across different pairs and settings. Many live results are mixed. Losses can accumulate rapidly so risk management is critical. Use lower capital to evaluate live performance before committing more. Overall, results do vary greatly based on usage and settings. Caution is warranted until you can evaluate it yourself in a demo.

Using Dark Venus – Recommendations and Warnings

Here are some key recommendations if using the Dark Venus EA:
  • Start with a demo account and micro lots. Test different pairs and settings first.
  • Use lower risk martingales or disable completely until you have evaluated performance.
  • Close trades manually if seeing multiple losses in a row. Don’t rely on martingale fully.
  • Monitor regularly – close trades if seeing unusual losses. Don’t leave running unattended.
  • Optimize Bollinger Bands for smoother entries. Default settings can be chaotic.
  • Focus on trading sessions with clear trends and stay away from choppy/ranging markets.
  • Use proper money management – limit capital exposure while evaluating.
Dark Venus can automate scalping strategies but controlling risk is vital. Adjust settings conservatively and monitor closely, especially when live trading.

Q: What is Dark Venus EA?

A: Dark Venus EA is a fully automatic expert advisor designed for forex trading.

Q: How does Dark Venus EA work?

A: Dark Venus EA uses a trend following strategy to execute trades in the forex market.

Q: What is the recommended timeframe for Dark Venus EA?

A: The recommended timeframe for Dark Venus EA is not specified.

Q: What is the basic strategy used by Dark Venus EA?

A: The basic strategy used by Dark Venus EA is trend following.

Q: Is Dark Venus EA a free download?

A: Dark Venus EA is not available as a free download. It requires a purchase.

Q: Can Dark Venus EA be used with MT4 and MT5?

A: Yes, Dark Venus EA is compatible with both MT4 and MT5.

Q: What are the supported currency pairs for Dark Venus EA?

A: Dark Venus EA supports the currency pairs AUDUSD and USDCAD.

Q: Does Dark Venus EA provide high operating frequency?

A: Yes, Dark Venus EA presents a high operating frequency.

Q: How can I optimize the settings for Dark Venus EA?

A: Dark Venus EA does not provide specific settings optimization. It is recommended to use default settings or seek guidance from the product documentation.

Is Dark Venus EA a Part of the Oracle EA System?

Yes, Dark Venus EA is indeed a part of the Oracle EA system. It plays a crucial role in enhancing and optimizing the overall performance and capabilities of the architecture. With its integration into the oracle enterprise architecture, Dark Venus EA contributes to greater efficiency and effectiveness in managing business processes and achieving organizational goals.

Q: Do I need to download a set file for Dark Venus EA?

A: No, Dark Venus EA does not require a separate set file to be downloaded.


The Dark Venus EA shows potential but also carries risks if used imprudently. Careful testing and risk management is a must before committing real capital. Used wisely under the right market conditions, it can be a valuable addition but results vary greatly across users. Do your due diligence if considering Dark Venus.
Author: Dominic Walsh

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