Oracle EA 2.0 Review – Evaluating This Automated Forex Trading Robot

Automated trading systems known as Expert Advisors or EAs allow traders to automate their trading strategies. Oracle EA 2.0 is one such trading robot gaining popularity for promises of completely passive income. But can this EA really deliver?

In this Oracle EA review, we’ll break down what it is, its features, verified performance results, pricing, and ultimately determine if this robot is worth purchasing.

Oracle EA

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What is Oracle EA?

Oracle EA 2.0 is an automated trading robot designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. It trades automatically based on its built-in algorithm without any manual intervention.

The robot was created in 2021 by professional forex traders Justin Ortiz and Chris Ramirez. It builds on the original Oracle EA launched in 2020.

Oracle EA promises a “set and forget” forex trading solution that can generate profits for users with any experience level in a completely passive manner. But does it live up to the claims?

How Does Oracle EA 2.0 Work?

According to the developers, Oracle EA 2.0 makes trading decisions by analyzing volatility, support/resistance levels, and other price action dynamics across 28 currency pairs.

It is optimized to work across all market conditions focusing mainly on swing trades. The stop loss and take profit levels are adjusted dynamically based on analytics of market volatility.

The newest version 2.0 has added machine learning capabilities so the robot can learn from past performance and supposedly optimize itself automatically.

Key Features

Some of the core features as marketed by the developers:

  • Fully automated MT4 trading system
  • Dynamic stop loss and take profit
  • Works across 28 currency pairs
  • Requires only 10-20 minutes setup time
  • No ongoing management needed
  • In-built fail-safe and risk management

The sales material makes some bold promises about hands-free passive income. But can these lofty claims be believed?

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Live Results of Oracle EA 2.0

The validity of results advertised is crucial when assessing any trading system. Unfortunately, Oracle 2.0 EA does not publish detailed live results.

On their download website, they provide a trading statement showing a $1,000 account growing to over $140,000 in 5 months of trading.

However, there is no verification this statement is from actual live trading. The figures could easily be simulated or tweaked in a demo account.

With no third-party verified results, traders should be very skeptical of the advertised gains which do not appear realistic in live markets.

Oracle EA Customer Reviews

With no performance transparency, looking at impartial customer reviews offers more objective insights into the Oracle EA’s capabilities.

However, there are virtually no reviews from verified users available online. Searching through forex forums and review sites, we could not find any genuine detailed experiences using this EA.

This lack of real user reviews makes it very difficult to assess actual long term profitability of this trading robot.

Pricing for Oracle EA 2.0

Oracle EA 2.0 is sold at a one-time cost of $349 for unlimited use with all pairs, or 12 monthly payments of $99.

There are no additional fees, commissions, or profit sharing arrangements which is beneficial. The pricing seems reasonable compared to many other EAs.

You also gain access to a Discord community and email support which adds value. However, given the lack of verified performance data, traders should exercise caution before purchasing.

Based on the lack of any verified trading results and absence of real customer reviews after extensive research, we cannot recommend Oracle EA 2.0 currently.

When performance promises seem “too good to be true”, skepticism is warranted. We could not validate any of the advertised claims of totally passive income or the supposed gains.

The complete lack of transparency is a major red flag. It leads us to question whether this EA can trade profitably at all through extended periods including market drawdowns.

Of course, this review is based on publicly available data, so we would be happy to see any verified results that may validate the purported strengths of this EA. But until then, caution is advised when considering Oracle EA 2.0.

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Conclusion – Better Alternatives Exist

Oracle EA 2.0 has many signs of an underperforming and untested trading robot overpromising unrealistic results. The lack of verified data makes the lofty claims highly questionable.

Experienced forex traders know succeeding consistently requires proper risk management and weathering inevitable drawdowns. Oracle EA’s promises of effortless wealth seem more like marketing hype.

For traders new to forex looking for beginner-friendly solutions, many better options exist like proven managed accounts and fund management services. These make the path to profitability clearer and more structured.

Investing in well-established EAs like Forex Flex EA or proven signal services with long-term verified track records also represent far safer options compared to undertested Expert Advisors lacking transparency.

In summary, Oracle EA 2.0 comes across as an unverified product making bold claims that appear unrealistic based on research. We advise caution and suggest safer alternatives for trading the forex markets successfully in an automated manner.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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