AR FOREX EA Review: A Comprehensive Look at This Automated Trading Software

AR FOREX EA is an automated trading software designed to trade foreign exchange currencies. This expert advisor (EA) runs on the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform and aims to generate consistent profits in the forex market through algorithmic trading.

In this detailed review, we will take an in-depth look at AR FOREX EA to understand how it works, key features, performance statistics, pros and cons, and ultimately help you determine if this EA is worth trying out.


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Overview of AR FOREX EA

AR FOREX EA was developed by a team of professional traders and software developers with over 15 years of combined experience in forex algorithmic trading.

According to the vendor’s website, this EA implements an innovative Adaptive Ratio algorithm that continuously monitors price action and market conditions to identify high-probability trading opportunities across 28 currency pairs.

The EA is fully automated and is capable of autonomously executing trades based on its programmed logic and parameters. Once installed on a MetaTrader 4 terminal, the software will analyze the markets, open and manage positions, set stop losses and take profits, and close trades automatically.

Some of the key features highlighted by the vendor include:

  • Works on 28 currency pairs including majors, minors and exotics
  • Adaptive algorithm continuously monitors markets
  • Opens trades based on custom indicators and trend analysis
  • Advanced money management protocols to limit risk
  • Built-in system to avoid high impact news events
  • Suitable for both scalping and long-term trading

Now let’s take a closer look at how AR FOREX EA works and what it offers traders.


According to the vendor, AR FOREX EA utilizes an innovative Adaptive Ratio algorithm to identify high-probability trading opportunities. The algorithm dynamically adjusts itself based on current market conditions and price action.

Some of the main analysis techniques and trading logic used by the software include:

  • Trend Analysis – The EA incorporates custom indicators that constantly analyze price action to determine the current trend direction on multiple timeframes. Trades are then opened in the overall direction of the trend.
  • Adaptive Ratio Analysis – The algorithm monitors key metrics like risk/reward ratios, win rates, drawdowns etc and adjusts parameters when needed to optimize performance.
  • Correlation Analysis – The software monitors correlation between currency pairs to identify optimal entry points across multiple pairs.
  • News Filter – High impact news events are filtered to avoid volatility and large unexpected price swings around news.
  • Money Management – AR FOREX EA includes built-in money management protocols to limit risk on trades. Parameters like max drawdown, max losses, risk per trade etc can be configured.

Once the software analyzes market conditions and identifies a potential trade setup, a position is automatically opened without any manual intervention needed. The EA will then actively manage the trade with stop losses, take profits and trailing stops until the position is closed based on exit rules.

The vendor claims that the EA is suitable for both scalping strategies with quick short trades as well as longer term swing trading. The settings can be adjusted to optimize performance based on the trader’s preferences.

Performance Statistics and Backtests

On their sales page, the vendors have published detailed backtesting results from January 2015 to September 2022 across multiple currency pairs including EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD etc.

The posted results across different pairs are as follows:

  • EURUSD – 930% profit
  • GBPUSD – 680% profit
  • USDJPY – 760% profit
  • AUDUSD – 1120% profit

The backtests were conducted using standard lots on MetaTrader 4 platform, with a starting balance of $5000 USD.

Some of the key performance metrics revealed by the backtests are:

  • Consistent monthly returns between 5% to 15% per month
  • Maximum drawdown of 18% to 25%
  • Win rates of 55% to 63%
  • Reward/Risk ratios of 1.6 to 1.8
  • Low trading frequency of 2 to 5 trades per day

In addition to backtests, the vendor has also published details of several live accounts using AR FOREX EA. These accounts show consistent profits over a period of 1 to 2 years.

However, there is no link directly to a verified MyFXBook account that traders can examine independently for authenticity. So the live results still need to be taken with some skepticism.

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Pros of Using AR FOREX EA

Based on the vendor’s information and backtest statistics, some of the notable pros and advantages of using AR FOREX EA are:

  • Fully Automated – The EA handles the entire trade execution process from analyzing markets, opening trades, setting SL/TP, trailing stops and closing positions. No manual intervention needed.
  • Adaptive Algorithm – The dynamic Adaptive Ratio algorithm monitors markets continuously and adjusts itself, making the software capable of adapting to changing market landscapes.
  • Multiple Currency Pairs – Trades across 28 forex pairs which diversifies risk and provides more trading opportunities.
  • Money Management – Inbuilt money management protocols help limit risk and drawdowns by controlling factors like trade size, max losses etc.
  • News Filter – Avoiding high impact news events can help prevent volatility and large unexpected price movements.
  • Backtested Results – Extensive backtests indicate good performance metrics like monthly returns, win rates, risk/reward ratios etc.
  • Vendor Reputation – The vendors have been selling forex trading software since 2007 which provides some credibility.

Cons of Using AR FOREX EA

However, there are also some potential downsides to consider before purchasing AR FOREX EA:

  • No Independent Verification – There are no links to verified MyFXBook accounts provided. So the backtests and live results have not been independently audited.
  • Optimized Backtests – Vendors can optimize backtest settings to skew results and statistics. So the results may not translate accurately to live markets.
  • Potential Overfitting – The adaptive algorithms may be overfit to backtested historical data and fail to adapt well to live trading.
  • Requires Monitoring – User still needs to monitor the software regularly and ensure stable internet connection. Cannot be fully left unattended.
  • No Free Trial – No option to test the software with a demo account before purchasing.
  • Pricing – Cost of software license is in the mid to high range when compared to competitors.

So while the performance statistics look promising, traders need to exercise some caution before acquiring the software since there are no independent verification of results.

Costs, Pricing Plans and Money Back Guarantee

AR FOREX EA is sold as a one-time license that gives you lifetime access to the software. There are no recurring monthly fees or subscription costs.

The vendors offer the software license for a promotional price of $399. This allows you to run the EA on one live trading account.

For running the EA on additional accounts, you can purchase add-on licenses:

  • 2 Accounts License – $599
  • 5 Accounts License – $999

The company also provides a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the profitability of the software, you can request for a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Compared to other forex EAs and trading bots, the pricing is in the mid to high range. There are certainly cheaper options in the market, but also more expensive ones with more features.

Customer Support and Post-Purchase Services

The company provides customer support via email and ticket system. They have a support team that aims to respond to queries within 24 hours.

Some of the key post-purchase services offered to customers include:

  • Installation support to get the EA setup on MetaTrader 4
  • Ongoing EA optimizations and updates
  • Troubleshooting configuration and usage issues
  • Guidance on strategies, settings and managing the EA

From the information provided on the website, the support team seems reasonably responsive to customer issues and aims to resolve problems faced by users.

Final Verdict – Is AR FOREX EA Worth Trying Out?

In summary, AR FOREX EA appears to be a professionally designed software with some innovative features and logic to generate consistent profits in forex markets.

The backtested results and metrics certainly look promising. However, the lack of verified live results makes it difficult to validate the claims and accuracy of the statistics.

For traders willing to take a calculated risk, AR FOREX EA may be worth trying out given the 60 day money back guarantee. This allows you to test the software extensively and only continue using it if you are satisfied with the results.

Realistically, users should expect some losses and periods of drawdown even with the best EAs. So it is critical to use proper money management techniques.

The EA seems best suited for intermediate to advanced traders who already have good knowledge of forex trading fundamentals. Complete beginners may want to practice manual trading first before understanding how to use EAs effectively.

Overall, AR FOREX EA is an EA certainly worth looking into for traders interested in algorithmic trading. While exercising some caution, the EA can be evaluated further with demo testing and paper trading. For $399 and with a money back guarantee, it may be a worthwhile investment if you are comfortable with the risks and have the trading experience.

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