XFX Hunter EA Forex Robot Review

The XFX Hunter EA is an automated forex trading robot developed by the Projectxfx team. It works by analyzing the market using 16 different technical indicators and executing trades based on the signals generated. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the features, performance statistics, pros and cons of using the XFX Hunter EA.

XFX Hunter EA

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Overview of the XFX Hunter EA

The XFX Hunter EA robot is priced at €350 and trades multiple currency pairs on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. It is compatible with all brokers that support MT4.

Some key features of the XFX Hunter EA include:

  • Uses 16 market indicators for analysis, 8 of which are proprietary indicators developed by Projectxfx
  • Trades on any MT4 account and works with multiple brokers
  • Comes with multiple preset files for easy configuration
  • Provides frequent updates to the software

The minimum account balance recommended is $1000-$2000 for a standard account. The developers also recommend using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to ensure uninterrupted trading and connectivity.

XFX Hunter EA Trading Strategy

According to the developer, the XFX Hunter EA uses a multi-strategy approach based on the signals from 16 indicators. These indicators analyze trends, reversals, candlestick patterns, volume, and other technical factors.

The indicators generate trading signals that are then grouped into blocks focused on specific market conditions like trend strength, impact of reversals, price action, etc. For example, if several indicators detect an upcoming trend reversal, the EA will trigger trades based on the reversal signals block.

By combining signals from multiple indicators, the goal is to identify high-probability setups for automated entries and exits. The EA is claimed to provide stable returns regardless of market conditions.

Live Performance Statistics

The developer provides some live performance statistics on Myfxbook for analysis. However, the results shown have inconsistencies that raise some questions.

For example, one account shows 589% gains over 1 year which equals nearly 6% daily returns. Other accounts show more modest gains of 15-45% over the same period. The developer should provide more transparency into the settings and brokers used for each account.

The high drawdowns of over 30% on some accounts also indicate the risky nature of the underlying strategy. More stable results would build greater trust in the robot’s consistency.

Overall, while the results point to profitability, the lack of details makes it difficult to analyze the EA’s true performance. More transparency from the developer would help users determine if the robot can produce results across different market conditions.

Pros of Using the XFX Hunter EA

Here are some of the main benefits of the XFX Hunter EA:

Multiple Strategies for Flexibility: With 16 indicators and a multi-strategy approach, the robot can adapt to changing market environments. This flexibility improves consistency.

Active Development and Updates: The Projectxfx team frequently improves the EA with new updates and bug fixes. This ensures the software is optimized over time.

Compatible Across Brokers and Accounts: The MT4 basis makes the EA easy to setup across different brokers that support the platform.

Reasonable Pricing: At €350, the upfront cost is reasonable compared to many other EAs in the industry.

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Cons of Using the XFX Hunter EA

Here are some of the downsides to consider:

Lack of Track Record and Transparency: Despite claims of 10 years backtesting, the lack of details on real account results raises questions. More transparency would build trust.

Potential Overoptimization: The use of 16 indicators runs the risk of curve-fitting the EA to past data, hurting reliability. Independent testing is advised.

High Drawdown: Drawdowns of 30%+ indicate the risky nature of the trading strategy. Performance could suffer in volatile markets.

Requires High Capital Commitment: A minimum account balance of $1000-$2000 is relatively high compared to other EAs.

Final Verdict

The XFX Hunter EA offers some promising capabilities as an automated trading system. The combination of multiple indicators and trading strategies allows for robust market analysis and entries.

However, the lack of transparency into real account results makes it difficult to assess actual profitability. Traders are advised to demo test the EA first and ensure their broker is compatible before committing capital. Careful risk management is also essential given the potential drawdowns.

As with any EA, conducting independent backtesting and monitoring real account results is key to determining if the XFX Hunter EA aligns with your trading style and risk tolerance.

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