Eternal Engine EA – A Powerful and Intelligent Forex Trading Robot

Eternal Engine EA is an advanced forex trading robot that employs intelligent algorithms to identify profitable trades. Developed by a team of trading experts after years of research, this Expert Advisor (EA) is designed to adapt to any market condition and capture subtle shifts in currency pairs.

Eternal Engine EA

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Overview and Features

Eternal Engine EA works on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. It is compatible with the major currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY.

Some key features of this forex robot include:

  • Cutting-edge algorithms: Uses machine learning and AI to scan the markets and pinpoint money-making opportunities.
  • Multi-currency trading: Can trade multiple currency pairs from a single chart.
  • Risk management: Incorporates various mechanisms like custom lot sizes and scaling out of trades to control risk.
  • Fully automated: Trades automatically 24/7 without any manual intervention.
  • Regular updates: The development team keeps improving the EA with new features and enhancements.

How the Trading Robot Works

The working principle of Eternal Engine EA is quite interesting. It does not use any conventional technical indicators for generating trading signals. Instead, it relies on complex statistical models and predictive analytics to forecast price action.

The robot scans hundreds of currency pairs simultaneously to identify instruments with the highest profit potential. When opportunities arise, the EA executes precision trades and manages them using advanced algorithms.

An inbuilt position sizing calculator determines optimal trade sizes based on account balance, available margin, volatility, and risk tolerance. The robot uses a grid trading mechanism with custom multipliers to scale in and out of winning trades.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence capabilities, Eternal Engine EA can adapt on the fly to evolving market conditions. Whether it is a ranging, trending, or volatile market, this expert advisor has got you covered.

Performance and Backtests

As per the vendor website, Eternal Engine EA was backtested using tick data over a 15-year period across different currency pairs. The robot delivered exceptionally good results during live forward tests as well.

Some performance metrics published by the developer:

EUR/USD Backtest (2004 – 2019)

  • Total Net Profit: Over $650K
  • Max Drawdown: Under 20%
  • Win Rate: Over 85%

GBP/USD Live Forward Test (2020 – 2021)

  • Total Pips Gained: Over 5,000
  • Max Floating Drawdown: 550 pips
  • Win to Loss Ratio: Above 2.0

These results indicate that Eternal Engine EA has the potential to grow trading accounts steadily with relatively low risk. However, past performance does not guarantee future results. The actual experience may vary depending on market conditions, equity curve, and risk management.

Pricing and Availability

Eternal Engine EA is sold through the MetaQuotes Marketplace and directly from the vendor’s website.

At the time of writing this review, the robot is available for $379 with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Considering the features and capabilities it packs, this is decent value for money. The developer also provides outstanding customer support via email and chat.

Eternal Engine EA Pros and Cons


  • Intelligent algorithms to detect trading opportunities
  • Low historical drawdown
  • Good risk reward ratio in backtests
  • Fully automated trading system
  • Regular software updates


  • No lifetime license option
  • Limited currency pairs
  • Requires fast VPS for optimal performance

Eternal Engine EA Conclusion

Eternal Engine EA is an impressive forex trading robot that leverages machine learning algorithms to make profitable trades. If used properly, it has the potential to grow accounts at a steady pace thanks to solid risk management protocols.

For traders looking to automate their trading activities, Eternal Engine EA seems like a top contender. It may not deliver home run returns overnight, but it gets the job done with relatively low volatility.

So give the free demo a test drive to experience this intelligent trading robot first hand.

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