AF Supply and Demand EA – A Comprehensive Review

AF Supply and Demand EA is an automated trading robot that identifies high-probability supply and demand zones on the charts and makes trades based on those levels. It is marketed as a tool to help traders pass prop firm challenges like FTMO.

AF Supply And Demand EA

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How Does AF Supply and Demand EA Work?

The core strategy of this EA is based on the principles of supply and demand in financial markets. It uses a proprietary custom indicator to identify key support and resistance levels where reversals are likely to occur.

When demand exceeds supply, it indicates buyers are willing to pay higher prices leading to an uptrend. The robot will look to buy at identified demand zones. Conversely, when supply exceeds demand, it shows sellers are willing to accept lower prices resulting in a downtrend. The EA will look to sell at supply zones.

Some key features of how the trading system works:

  • Fully automated, makes trades 24/7 with no manual intervention needed.
  • Uses fixed stop loss and take profit levels for each trade, no martingale or grid strategies.
  • Can trade on any timeframe such as H4, D1, and monthly for long-term trades.
  • Trades multiple currency pairs and assets like stocks, crypto, commodities.
  • Identifies fresh supply and demand zones as well as retests of previous levels.

Performance and Results

According to various user reviews, AF Supply and Demand EA can produce monthly returns in the range of 20-50% when settings are optimized and markets are trending. However, past results do not guarantee future performance.

The EA has been shown to pass prop firm challenges like FTMO without hitting max drawdown rules. Reported drawdowns range from 0.1% to 3% depending on settings and market volatility at the time.

Traders using the EA should expect periodic drawdowns and losing trades, so proper risk management is essential. The ideal account balance recommended by the vendor is $500 or higher. Lower timeframes tend to have more trades and higher risk.

Benefits and Features

Some of the main benefits and features of AF Supply and Demand EA include:

  • Requires no coding skills or prior experience in trading.
  • Easy to install and use with detailed instructions provided.
  • Trades multiple currency pairs and assets like stocks, crypto, commodities.
  • Trades according to institutional supply and demand concepts.
  • Designed specifically for passing prop firm challenges.
  • Active community support via Discord and Telegram.
  • Low startup costs compared to traditional prop firm fees.

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Limitations and Risks

Despite the benefits, there are also some limitations and risks to consider:

  • No EA can guarantee profits, losses are possible.
  • Needs to be run on a VPS for best performance.
  • Locked to one trading account, no license transfers allowed.
  • Lagging indicators may lead to some missed trades or late entries.
  • Over-optimization can lead to curve fitting and losses on live accounts.
  • Unregulated software, quality and claims are not verified.

As with any EA, proper backtesting, demo testing, money management, and risk control are vital before using AF Supply and Demand EA on a XM Broker live account.

Pricing and Availability

EA is sold through the vendor’s website for a one-time fee of around $997 as of writing[14]. There are no monthly subscription fees. The purchase includes the EA, user guide, license for one trading account, and support via Discord/Telegram.

There are also resellers offering the product on sites like Etsy and eBay for varying prices[15]. Be sure to verify legitimacy before purchasing from third party sites. Support options may be limited.

AF Supply And Demand EA Verdict

Overall, AF Supply and Demand EA offers an accessible entry point into automated algorithmic trading for beginners and experienced traders alike. The core strategy of trading supply and demand zones has merit and aligns with price action concepts.

However, as with any EA, results are never guaranteed. Proper precautions are required such as backtesting, demo testing, money management, and risk control. The tool may work well as intended by the vendor, but users should be prepared for losses and have reasonable expectations.

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