The ICT Silver Bullet EA – A Powerful Automated Trading Tool

The ICT Silver Bullet EA is an expert advisor based on the popular ICT Silver Bullet trading strategy invented by forex trader Michael Huddleston, also known as ICT. This automated trading robot aims to simplify and streamline the execution of this proven strategy which focuses on high probability setups during specific trading windows.



Overview of the ICT Silver Bullet Strategy

The ICT Silver Bullet strategy revolves around the concept of the “fair value gap” or FVG. An FVG occurs when there is an imbalance between buyers and sellers, typically overnight, causing price to gap away from fair value. These FVGs act as support and resistance zones with a high probability of being retested.

The strategy involves identifying pending FVG retests that occur within specific short time windows that ICT calls the “kill zone”. Kill zones represent periods of increased volatility and liquidity, enhancing the probability of an FVG working out.

By combining FVGs with kill zones, the ICT Silver Bullet strategy provides traders with high probability setups to capitalize on.

Key Benefits of the ICT Silver Bullet EA

The ICT Silver Bullet EA aims to automate the trading of this strategy by programmatically identifying FVGs and trading the retests during kill zones. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Automatic FVG detection – The EA automatically scans the charts to detect pending FVG retests instead of having to manually identify them.
  • Kill zone trading – The EA initiates trades automatically when an FVG lines up with a kill zone rather than having to monitor the charts.
  • Customizable settings – Traders can customize parameters like time filters, stop loss and take profit levels, position sizing and more.
  • Risk management features – Built-in risk management around per trade risk, max daily loss, martingale lot sizing etc. helps preserve capital.
  • Efficiency – By automating a proven strategy, the EA allows effortlessly executing a winning trading approach.

These benefits make this expert advisor an extremely powerful tool for forex traders aiming to implement the ICT Silver Bullet strategy in their trading.

Using the ICT Silver Bullet EA

The ICT Silver Bullet EA is easy to set up and use on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The following steps provide an overview:

  1. Download and install the EA file from the MQL Marketplace.
  2. Attach the EA to a EURUSD chart on the M1 or M5 timeframe.
  3. Input parameters like kill zone times, stop loss pips, take profit pips and enable risk management features.
  4. Turn on the EA and it will automatically scan for FVG setups and place trades during kill zones per the strategy rules and user settings.

The developer provides detailed instructions and guidance on using the EA efficiently across their website, user guide and community forum.

Performance and Backtesting Results

Extensive backtesting reports are available for the ICT Silver Bullet EA across different time periods and accounts sizes.

Some notable performance metrics include:

  • 72% win rate on 500+ trades over a 2.5 year period on EURUSD M5.
  • Over $110,000 profit achieved on a $10,000 account over 1+ years.
  • Lowest historical drawdown of 15%.
  • Sharpe Ratio of 2.12 demonstrating strong risk-adjusted returns.

These stellar backtest reports showcase the profit potential for traders using this expert advisor.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The ICT Silver Bullet EA currently has a 5 star rating across 7 reviews on the MQL Marketplace. User testimonials highlight the key strengths of using this automated trading tool:

“The EA gives great results out of the box. I use it on multiple currency pairs with great success.”

“Awesome EA! Really easy to use and helps me effortlessly trade the Silver Bullet strategy.”

“This EA has taken my trading to the next level. I can’t imagine manually trading this strategy anymore.

These raving reviews validate the ability of this EA to effectively replicate ICT’s famous Silver Bullet strategy in an automated algorithmic approach.

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Pricing and Purchase Options

The ICT Silver Bullet EA is available for purchase on the MQL Marketplace website with a few pricing and activation options:

  • 1 Week Rental – $74.99 for 1 week access
  • 1 Month Rental – $149.99 for 1 month access
  • Lifetime License – $599 for unlimited permanent access

The developer also offers personalized virtual assistant and setup services for an additional fee.

Various payment methods are accepted including card payments, PayPal, Skrill and more.

Final Verdict

The ICT Silver Bullet EA is an exceptional expert advisor that manages to accurately automate a highly effective trading strategy invented by forex guru ICT.

With its stellar backtesting results across multiple timeframes and account sizes, customizable trade settings, and glowing customer reviews, this EA represents an outstanding opportunity for traders to elevate their trading to the next level.

For anyone seeking to implement algorithmic trading or struggling to manually trade the ICT Silver Bullet strategy, this expert advisor is definitely worth testing out.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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