TS Prop Firm EA: The Game Changer for Passing Prop Firm Challenges?

The world of prop firms and funded trading continues to grow in popularity, offering traders the opportunity to access significant capital without any of their own money at risk. However, passing the rigorous evaluation processes of these firms remains a major obstacle for many aspiring funded traders. This is where automated trading solutions like the TS Prop Firm EA come into play.

TS Prop Firm EA

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Overview of TS Prop Firm EA

The TS Prop Firm EA is an expert advisor designed specifically to help traders pass the challenges of leading prop firms like FTMO, MyForexFunds, MFF, and more. It is compatible with MetaTrader 4 and 5 and trades the EUR/USD, XAU/USD, and US30 indices.

Key features:

  • Fully automated trading system optimized to meet prop firm requirements
  • Trades EUR/USD, XAU/USD, and US30 with no martingale strategy
  • Equipped with settings to adjust risk from low to high
  • Protected from high-impact news events to avoid excessive volatility
  • Comes with detailed instructions for installation and proper backtesting

According to the developer, the TS Prop Firm EA boasts an 80% success rate in helping traders get funded based on extensive backtesting. But does the data support these claims? Let’s analyze further.

Backtesting Results Analysis

The developer provides backtest reports conducted on MetaTrader 5 showing the performance of the TS Prop Firm EA from January 1st, 2023 to December 5th, 2023. The key metrics are:

  • Total net profit: $9,970
  • Max drawdown: $1,012 (10.15%)
  • Profit factor: 9.86
  • Expected payoff: 1.34
  • Number of trades: 159

These metrics indicate that the EA was able to generate consistent profits with relatively low drawdowns over nearly a full year of backtesting. The high profit factor and expected payoff ratios also showcase the EA’s ability to capitalize on profitable trades while limiting losses.

However, it’s important to note that backtesting does not guarantee future live results. Market conditions are always evolving and no EA can anticipate every market movement with 100% accuracy. Proper risk management is still essential when using any automated trading system.

Live Account Proof

In addition to backtests, the vendor also provides some live account results from traders using the TS Prop Firm EA to pass FTMO challenges. One trader was able to turn $1,000 into over $11,000 in just 11 trades over the span of a few weeks. However, the starting account balance is not shown, so it is unclear if the profits are as impressive as they seem.

More proof from additional live accounts would be useful to further validate the EA’s performance. As of now, the backtests provide more reliable data to analyze.


The TS Prop Firm EA is available for $600 on the MetaTrader Marketplace. This is certainly on the pricier side for an EA. However, if it can consistently help traders pass funding challenges that provide access to six figure accounts, then the price tag may be justifiable.

Use the code TSPROPFIM20 to get a 20% discount, bringing the price down to $480.

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TS Prop Firm EA Pros and Cons


  • Specifically designed to pass prop firm challenges
  • Backtested over 11 months with solid profitability
  • Trades popular forex and indices symbols
  • Customizable risk parameters
  • Protected from news events
  • Some live account proof provided


  • Expensive compared to other EAs
  • No free trial – must purchase to test thoroughly
  • Limited information disclosed on real-time performance

TS Prop Firm EA Final Verdict

The TS Prop Firm EA shows promise as a tool to help traders consistently pass prop firm challenges without needing to manually trade or analyze charts. The backtests showcase the EA’s profit potential over an extensive time period. While the lack of transparency around real-time results raises some questions, the availability of a few traders’ accounts provides some validation.

For traders struggling to get funded through traditional manual trading, the EA technology could be the breakthrough they need. And with the special promotional discount, now is a good opportunity to give it try before the price increases.

However, passing a challenge still comes down to proper risk management more than anything. No EA can prevent all losses or guarantee 100% wins. So traders should use tight stop losses, appropriate position sizing, and avoid overleveraging even when using automated systems like the TS Prop Firm EA.

Overall, for traders wanting to remove the manual work and emotion from funded trading, the EA has significant potential. Just make sure you continue to trade prudently no matter what tools you incorporate into your process.

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