Aura Superstar EA Review: An In-Depth Look at This Automated Trading Solution

Aura Superstar EA is an automated trading system that aims to capitalize on currency movements during rollover periods. Developed by Stanislav Tomilov, this expert advisor (EA) combines machine learning and genetic algorithms to scan for trading opportunities.

In this comprehensive review, we will analyze Aura Superstar EA’s features, trading strategy, performance history, and suitability for traders. Read on to gain key insights into this intriguing automated solution.

Aura Superstar EA

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Overview of Aura Superstar EA

Aura Superstar EA is marketed as a cutting-edge automated trading system designed specifically for currency trading during rollover times. According to the developer, it utilizes a blend of machine learning cluster analysis and genetic scalping algorithms to identify and act on trading opportunities.

Some key features highlighted by the developer include:

  • Fully automated trading system requiring no manual intervention.
  • Proprietary integration of deep machine learning with classic indicators.
  • Adaptive components like multi-level perceptrons and neuro-filters to evolve with changing markets.
  • Absence of risky money management techniques like martingale or grid trading.
  • Long-term track record of relatively stable performance since 2003.
  • Regulatory compliance and compatibility with account funding programs.

The EA aims to provide a unique automated trading solution for currencies during rollover periods which are typically characterized by significant volatility and liquidity flows.

Trading Strategy and Logic

Based on the information provided, Aura Superstar EA’s core trading strategy relies heavily on machine learning algorithms to cluster data and identify scalping opportunities.

Specifically, deep learning mechanisms like multi-level perceptrons analyze clusters of market data points across various timeframes. The adaptive neuro-filters then process these clusters to generate trading signals during rollover periods.

These machine learning signals are supplemented by insights from classic indicators like RSI, MACD, and moving averages. The combination of deep learning and traditional technical analysis aims to provide a robust trading approach.

Notably, the EA focuses strictly on short-term scalping strategies while avoiding risky techniques like martingale and grid trading. This suggests a priority on capital preservation over aggressive compounding.

The EA is also equipped to trade multiple currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, and EUR/GBP. This diversification across different currencies and sessions aligns with its scalping strategy.

Overall, Aura Superstar EA aims to capture short-term movements and volatility spikes around rollover events using machine learning algorithms. The avoidance of high-risk strategies indicates a disciplined approach focused on consistency.

Key Benefits and Features

Based on the developer’s information and customer feedback, some of the notable benefits of Aura Superstar EA include:

Stable Long-Term Performance

  • The EA’s track record since 2003 provides credibility regarding its potential for sustained performance across different market conditions. However, past results are no guarantee of future outcomes.

Adaptive Trading Logic

  • The integration of machine learning and adaptive components allows the system to evolve based on changing market dynamics. This can enhance longevity.

Multiple Currency Pairs

  • Trading across currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF provides diversification and flexibility.

Compliant with Regulations

FTMO Verified

  • The EA’s verification with FTMO reflects its suitability for funded account programs with stringent risk management requirements.


  • The EA comes with preset parameters and installation instructions aimed at simplifying usage for traders.

Risk Management

  • The absence of martingale and grid trading shows a focus on capital preservation through disciplined risk management.

Customer Support

  • Active customer support and guidance provided directly by the developer can improve user experience.

The combination of machine learning, risk controls, and adaptive logic provides a unique value proposition for traders focusing on rollover trading. However, the EA’s long-term consistency remains to be seen.

Performance Metrics and Backtesting Results

According to the developer, Aura Superstar EA for MT4 has exhibited relatively stable results since 2003 across live trading and backtests. However, traders should exercise caution with backtest results as they do not account for real-world market conditions.

Some of the key metrics highlighted by the developer include:

  • Consistent profitability across multiple currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF.
  • Annual returns ranging from 20% to 40% per year.
  • Drawdowns contained to approximately 15% of equity.
  • Win rates of 55% to 65% achieved through scalping strategies.

The backtests and metrics indicate the EA can potentially sustain steady returns while keeping drawdowns and risk relatively controlled. But real-world results may vary significantly.

Third-party backtests also reveal similar metrics with consistent cumulative returns, moderate drawdowns, and win rates in the 50-60% range.

However, traders should conduct their own rigorous backtesting across different market conditions rather than rely solely on provided results. Live forward testing is also essential for evaluating real-world viability.

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Aura Superstar EA Live Performance and User Reviews

Live trading results and user reviews can provide further insights into the EA’s real-world performance. Monitoring live results across different account sizes, brokers, and market conditions is crucial for conducting due diligence.

Based on the information available, Aura Superstar EA has been traded live since 2020 across hundreds of accounts. The live results indicate it has been able to generate consistent profits with drawdowns contained to reasonable levels.

However, some users have highlighted the risk of over-optimization and cautioned that live results may deteriorate over time. The sample size is also limited in terms of account diversity.

In general, user reviews seem to be mixed:

  • Positive reviews praise the EA’s stable returns, ease of use, and responsive support.
  • Negative reviews mention issues like lagging performance, potential curve fitting, and sensitivity to spreads/commission.

As with any EA, traders should carefully balance the risks and monitor live results before committing capital. There is no assurance that past returns can be replicated or sustained long-term.

Aura Superstar EA Pricing and Availability

Aura Superstar EA is sold through the MetaTrader Marketplace and directly from the developer’s website. The listed price is currently $199 for a single license[1].

The developer mentions this price may increase substantially in the future to maintain exclusivity as adoption grows. Additionally, licenses are limited to a capped number of activations.

Compared to other EAs, the current price point lies in the mid-range category. Traders should factor in the pricing as part of their overall cost-benefit analysis.

Discounts may be offered directly by the developer through promotions, especially for users signing up for live trading accounts tracked through the developer’s signal service. The pricing structure appears positioned to balance profitability and user access.

Verdict: A Unique but Untested Automated Trading Solution

Aura Superstar EA brings an intriguing machine learning approach focused specifically on trading rollover periods in the forex market. The fusion of deep learning algorithms, classic indicators, and adaptive logic aims to provide a comprehensive automated trading solution.

However, the EA’s long-term live track record remains limited. Traders are advised to thoroughly backtest the system and paper trade it in real market conditions before considering it for live application. As with any EA, there is inherent risk in automated trading that must be evaluated relative to the trader’s goals and risk tolerance.

Overall, Aura Superstar EA offers a novel value proposition but requires further validation through rigorous testing across different market regimes. Traders intrigued by its methodology may consider evaluating it as part of a diversified automated trading portfolio. But as with any promising EA, expectations must be tempered by realistic assessments of long-term profitability and risk management.

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