Pip Collector EA Review: A Powerful Forex Robot for Consistent Profits

The Pip Collector EA is an automated trading robot designed specifically for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. This innovative expert advisor (EA) utilizes advanced algorithms and dynamic logic to scan the markets for profitable trading opportunities. In this comprehensive Pip Collector EA review, we will analyze its key features, performance statistics, pros and cons, and suitability for beginner and experienced forex traders.

Pip Collector EA

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Overview of Pip Collector EA

The Pip Collector EA was created by the team at ChinEtti, a company known for developing high-quality forex trading tools. It is marketed as a stable, accurate, and reliable robot that can generate consistent profits for forex traders automatically.

Some of the main features highlighted by the developer include:

  • Dynamic trading logic based on a combination of technical indicators
  • Non-martingale, fixed lot trading mechanism
  • Win rate of over 90% based on backtesting results
  • Advanced news filter to avoid high impact events
  • Smart recovery system to handle trades that deviate from the plan
  • Drawdown protection to minimize losses

In a nutshell, the Pip Collector EA aims to take the complexity out of forex trading by scanning the markets and placing trades automatically based on parameters set by the user. The robot is designed to be beginner-friendly so anyone can use it, regardless of trading experience.

How the Pip Collector EA Works

The Pip Collector EA is easy to set up and use. After purchase, users get access to the robot files which can be simply imported into the MT4 platform. The EA needs to be attached to a chart of the currency pair you wish to trade, such as EUR/USD or GBP/USD.

The robot then analyzes the markets using a combination of indicators like Moving Averages, MACD, RSI, and Bollinger Bands. When all the conditions align, the EA will automatically place buy or sell orders and manage the trades according to its strategy.

Some of the entry logic includes:

The exit logic uses indicators like Parabolic SAR and trailing stops to close trades at optimal levels. The EA also has in-built risk management to preserve capital, such as stop losses, drawdown protection, and news filtering.

The trading style is non-martingale, which means the EA does not double down after a loss to recoup capital. This makes it less risky than other EAs. Users can run it 24/5 and the robot will trade the markets automatically without any manual intervention.

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Performance Statistics & Backtests

According to the vendor, the Pip Collector EA has been extensively backtested to verify its performance. Backtests for the EUR/USD pair from 2022-2023 show a win rate of 95.05%. For GBP/USD, backtests indicate a win rate of 90.31%.

The EA reportedly achieved these results using an initial deposit of $1,000 and lot sizes of 0.1 for EUR/USD and 0.05 for GBP/USD. Some of the key backtest metrics highlighted are:


  • Total net profit: $2,357
  • Profit factor: 5.36
  • Max drawdown: 14.93%
  • Profitable trades: 95.05%


  • Total net profit: $1,850
  • Profit factor: 2.9
  • Max drawdown: 16.64%
  • Profitable trades: 90.31%

These statistics indicate that the Pip Collector EA can potentially generate steady profits for traders while keeping drawdowns reasonably low. However, past performance is not indicative of future results. The market conditions during backtesting may not represent current or future market dynamics.

Real-world trading results can vary significantly from backtests. It is best to run your own backtests using current market data before purchasing any EA. You can also forward test the EA in a demo account before risking real capital.



The Pip Collector EA is designed for beginner traders with its easy installation and intuitive interface. No coding knowledge is required.

Non-Martingale Trading

The fixed lot, non-martingale approach means lower risk compared to EAs using martingale strategies.

High Win Rate

Backtests indicate an impressive win rate of 90%+ across multiple currency pairs.

News Filter

The news filter helps avoid volatile market moves around high impact events.

Smart Recovery System

The recovery system helps recoup small losses while protecting capital.

24/5 Automated Trading

The EA trades automatically without any manual intervention needed.

Drawdown Protection

Drawdown protection helps reduce losses during market downturns.



The Pip Collector EA costs hundreds of dollars, putting it out of reach for some traders.

Potential Overoptimization

Backtests may be overoptimized and not replicate real-world performance.

Requires Monitoring

The EA still needs to be regularly monitored for best results.

No Guaranteed Success

There is no guarantee the EA will be profitable despite backtest results.

Locked to MT4

The EA only works on the MT4 platform and cannot be used elsewhere.

Sensitive to Settings

Performance can deteriorate rapidly with suboptimal EA settings.

Final Verdict – Who is the Pip Collector EA For?

The Pip Collector EA is suitable for beginner to intermediate level traders who want to automate their trading and don’t mind paying a premium for a high-quality robot. The non-martingale approach means it carries lower risk than other EAs, making it a possible choice for risk-averse traders.

Experienced traders may find the EA too basic for their needs. The hundreds of dollars in upfront cost is also a deterrent, especially given the lack of long-term real-world track records. Potential buyers should be prepared to run their own backtests and thoroughly test the EA before using it.

As with any EA, this is not a magic bullet that will guarantee profits. Proper usage and risk management are still vital. That said, the Pip Collector EA offers an intriguing option for traders to explore automated trading without needing any programming skills. The high win rate statistics and abundance of positive user reviews also lend some credibility to its performance claims.

Overall, the Pip Collector EA is worth considering for beginner to intermediate traders!

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