SIEA Pro MT4 Review: A Powerful Automated Trading Robot

SIEA Pro MT4 is an expert advisor (EA) designed to automate forex trading on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. Developed by Daniel Stein, an experienced trader with over 10 years in the forex market, SIEA Pro MT4 aims to generate consistent profits using a mean reversion strategy.


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Overview of SIEA Pro MT4

SIEA Pro MT4 trades based on 5 years of unique real volume data to identify profitable reversal opportunities. Some key features include:

  • Fully automated trading system with fixed stop loss and take profit levels
  • Average trade duration under 48 hours
  • Trades on the most profitable currency pairs like EURUSD and USDJPY
  • Comes with detailed backtesting reports and optimization tools

The developer Daniel Stein has received positive feedback on the MQL5 marketplace with an average rating of 5 stars from over 400 reviews. His other EAs like SIEA Zen and SIEA Pro NG also have strong live trading results.

How SIEA Pro MT4 Works

SIEA Pro MT4 is based on mean reversion, a strategy that capitalizes on short-term reversals to profit. It uses an advanced algorithm to analyze real volume data and identify trading opportunities when prices have deviated too far from the mean and are likely to bounce back.

Some of the entry triggers SIEA Pro looks for include:

Once a trade is entered, SIEA Pro uses a fixed stop loss and take profit to exit positions. This allows the EA to capture profits quickly while limiting losses on losing trades.

Key Benefits of Using SIEA Pro MT4

Profitable Long-Term Results

Extensive backtests over 5 years across multiple currency pairs shows that SIEA Pro MT4 can generate steady profits over time. The detailed reports shared by the developer help validate the EA’s edge.

Risk Management

Every trade comes with pre-defined stop losses, avoiding the risk of runaway losing positions. The EA also caps its exposure using fixed position sizing.

Ease of Use

SIEA Pro MT4 is fully automated once installed, freeing you up from having to monitor charts constantly. The default settings work well out of the box based on the backtests.


You can run SIEA Pro with your choice of broker that offers MT4. It also gives you the option to tweak settings like the trading hours, position sizing, and currency pairs traded.

Live Trading Results

The developer Daniel shares verified MyFXBook results for SIEA Pro MT4 dating back to June 2021 with an initial balance of $30,000. As of December 2022, the account has grown 46% to around $44,000 with a max drawdown of 14.5%, validating the EA’s capability to grow accounts steadily.

Daniel also provides regular updates on Telegram about the latest performance and trades from SIEA Pro MT4. This level of transparency helps build trust in the robot.

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EA is available for purchase on the MQL5 marketplace at a price of $799. This is very reasonable given the historical trading statistics and amount of development work involved.

MQL5 also offers a 30-day money back guarantee which allows you to test this EA on a demo account risk-free.

Final Verdict

EA is a well-developed automated trading system with stellar backtests and live results spanning multiple years. The combination of mean reversion strategies and robust risk management helps SIEA Pro target regular profits.

For traders looking to take advantage of short-term price reversals in forex, SIEA Pro MT4 is definitely an EA worth considering. The hundreds of positive reviews and long track record also showcase its reliability.

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