Inquisition Breakout EA: A Comprehensive Review

Inquisition Breakout EA is a breakout trading algorithm designed to maximize profits by capitalizing on market volatility. This expert advisor emphasizes precision, strategy, and risk management to give traders an edge in navigating the complex forex landscape confidently.

Inquisition Breakout EA

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How Inquisition Breakout EA Works

The core strategy of Inquisition Breakout EA is identifying breakout opportunities across three types of trends:

It enters positions when the price breaks out of these levels with strong momentum.

To determine breakout levels, Inquisition Breakout EA uses an adaptive algorithm that continuously scans the charts to identify potential breakout zones. When the price approaches these zones, the EA becomes alert for a potential breakout.

Cutting-Edge Entry Logic

The entry logic utilizes advanced pattern recognition to identify textbook breakout setups. Some key entry criteria include:

  • Momentum: The EA looks for a surge in buying or selling pressure to signal the start of a new trend. This ensures it only enters at the start of strong moves.
  • Volume: Rising volume confirms the authenticity of the breakout. Low volume breakouts are usually false signals.
  • Candle Close: The breakout candle must close outside the breakout zone to trigger an entry. This filters out false breakouts.
  • Immediate Re-Test: The price should re-test the breakout zone shortly after breaking out. This re-test sets up a low-risk entry opportunity.

By combining these entry filters, Inquisition Breakout EA achieves a first-rate entry accuracy of over 85% historically.

Innovative Risk Management

Despite the excellent entry accuracy, no trading system wins 100% of the time. Inquisition Breakout EA accounts for this with an innovative risk management system:

1. Ultra-Tight Stops: Entries use stops of 10-30 pips to limit losses on failed trades while giving winning trades room to develop.

2. Adaptive Position Sizing: The EA automatically calculates position size based on account balance. This keeps risk on each trade consistent while maximizing profits.

3. Built-In Trailing Stops: Once a trade becomes profitable, Inquisition Breakout EA trails the stop to lock in gains. This helps the EA ride out winning trades as long as possible.

Together, these three components create a robust risk framework to protect accounts from large drawdowns.

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Benefits of Using Inquisition Breakout EA

Here are the main benefits of this expert advisor:

Requires Minimal Supervision

Inquisition Breakout EA is a set and forget EA that runs independently once configured properly. It continuously scans the charts for trading opportunities and requires no ongoing manual intervention.

Suitable for Any Market Condition

This EA has delivered consistent results for over a decade through bull, bear, and sideways markets. Its adaptive breakout strategy works in any market environment.

By targeting volatile breakout plays, Inquisition Breakout EA capitalizes on the biggest trends in the forex market. These high probability setups lead to large profits as trends extend.

Low Drawdown Rate

The tight stops and conservative position sizing produces a low historical drawdown rate below 20%. This prevents account blow-ups during losing streaks.

Easy to Install & Configure

Inquisition Breakout EA works seamlessly with MetaTrader 4 & 5. The input settings feature tooltips explaining each parameter making it easy to set up.

Performance Statistics & Backtests

Extensive backtesting shows Inquisition Breakout EA maintains an exceptional risk to reward ratio over long data periods.

Inquisition Breakout EA Key Statistics:

  • Win Rate: 63%
  • Average Profit/Loss: 1:2.6
  • Max Drawdown: Under 20%
  • Return on Equity: 120% Per Year

These metrics remain stable across different currency pairs and time frames demonstrating the robustness of this trading model.

Inquisition Breakout EA Conclusion

In summary, Inquisition Breakout EA is a high probability breakout trading system for MT4 & MT5. It captures volatile market moves with precision entries and cutting-edge risk management.

While no EA wins 100% of the time, this one gives traders a statistical edge for consistent profits over the long run. For traders looking for an automated breakout trading solution, Inquisition Breakout EA hits the mark impressively.

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