AU 79 Gold EA: A Night Owl’s Guide to Automated Gold Trading

The financial markets never sleep, with opportunities arising even in the quietest hours of the night. AU 79 Gold EA is an expert advisor tailored specifically to capitalize on the gold market’s unique nighttime characteristics. As we drift into slumber, this automated trading software awakens to diligently trade on our behalf.

AU 79 Gold EA

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But can we truly trust this EA to profitably trade while we rest? This review article will uncover everything you need to know about AU 79 Gold EA before deciding if it deserves a spot in your trading arsenal.

An Overview of AU 79 Gold EA: Features and Functionality

Before delving into performance metrics and results, let’s first understand what AU 79 Gold EA aims to achieve. This expert advisor specializes in automated gold trading on the popular MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms.

It utilizes a short-term scalping strategy optimized for minimal market noise and low volatility. By focusing on the 5-minute timeframe, AU 79 Gold EA seeks to extract small but consistent profits from the gold markets during optimal nighttime trading windows.

The developer specially tuned the EA’s logic to capitalize on gold’s peculiar price action between midnight and dawn. These hours tend to offer smooth market conditions devoid of erratic news-driven moves.

Some standout features that enable AU 79 Gold EA to profit during the witching hours include:

  • Night-Time Gold Mastery: AU 79 Gold EA thrives in the quiet, low-volume hours of the night. It leverages gold’s unique technical patterns and behaviors that emerge when trading activity subsides.
  • Hidden Profit Booking Magic: A concealed profit-taking mechanism locks in gains during opportune moments while most traders sleep. It aims to compound winnings steadily overnight.
  • Gold Expertise: The logic encapsulates years worth of research into gold’s distinctive night session price dynamics. The code remains in a constant state of optimization.
  • Strict Risk Parameters: Despite the peaceful market conditions, AU 79 Gold EA adheres to rigid risk management rules to protect capital. Safety remains the priority even during volatility lulls.
  • News-Free Zone: By avoiding active trading during news events, AU 79 Gold EA provides stability to its operations. It focuses purely on technical signals in quiet sessions.

The developer recommends using AU 79 Gold EA with a $200+ account balance, exclusively for XAU/USD on the 5-minute chart. Next, let’s analyze whether real-world usage matches the advertised capabilities of this nighttime gold trading expert advisor.

Evidence of Gains: AU 79 Gold EA’s Track Record Thus Far

Any credible forex EA review requires scrutinizing performance data to substantiate claims of profitability. In AU 79 Gold EA’s case, its developer provides links to two live accounts currently utilizing the software in real market conditions.

The first account signals service indicates impressive returns over its 8-month run time. It has achieved consistent monthly gains averaging 3-6% with max drawdowns capped to reasonable levels. The steady upward equity curve exhibits the hallmarks of a stable automated strategy.

However, we must approach advertised track records with some skepticism, as they remain under the developers control.

Real User Live Account Results

Thankfully, we can validate AU 79 Gold’s EA profitability further by examining fully transparent myfxbook results from real traders.

As of December 2023, the live account utilizing AU 79 Gold EA has amassed 235% net profits over a 4-month period.

The account stats showcase the software’s capabilities definitively:

  • 235% Total Net Profit
  • $22.36 Best Trade
  • 2186 pip Best Trade
  • Max Drawdown of 41.78%
  • 3.51 Profit Factor
  • 161 Completed Trades

These figures indicate that AU 79 Gold EA can sustain real profits month after month. For traders with sufficient risk capital, the expert advisor could rapidly compound an initial $1000 investment into several thousand dollars.

However, we must keep expectations realistic. No EA can profit consistently without encountering temporary drawdowns. AU 79 Gold EA is no exception, with max drawdowns reaching above 40% on occasion. Therefore, traders must prepare to stomach some equity retracements even when utilizing this profitable software.

Social Proof of Gains

Seeking further social validation, we uncover an active community of AU 79 Gold EA users at Myfxbook discussing performance metrics and trades.

The conversations indicate traders indeed actively utilize AU 79 Gold EA on their accounts. And most participants seem satisfied with its overall profitability despite short-term drawdowns.

Additionally, we find an Instagram account showing what appears to be the developer’s own trades in real time. The posted results reveal an active trading approach on gold markets across various timeframes.

So collectively, sufficient evidence confirms AU 79 Gold EA’s legitimacy and skills in generating automated profits on gold markets during night hours. Next, let’s examine some extra factors traders should consider before purchasing the software.

Factors to Consider Before Buying AU 79 Gold EA

While the performance metrics and community feedback demonstrate AU 79 Gold EA’s profit potential, a few key considerations remain:

Rising Cost

Firstly, AU 79 Gold EA’s price tag has risen substantially in recent months. The current $149 asking fee triples the original $50 cost just 8 months ago.

The surging popularity has increased the developer’s pricing. And with 500+ reviews on MQL5, demand continues growing.

Therefore, traders should factor in potentially further price hikes down the road. Locking in the current $149 rate secures ownership at a still reasonable price point compared to alternatives.

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Ongoing Development

Secondly, EA remains under active development, with multiple version updates released in 2022.

The code and logic continue evolving to match ever-changing market landscapes. The developer actively maintains and enhances the software.

Consequently, traders can expect improved performance and longevity from EA due to dedicated ongoing optimization efforts.

Community Membership

Lastly, purchasing thisEA provides access to the developer’s private Telegram community. Here, members receive support, updated software files, and guidance to achieve the best results.

This community acts as a valuable knowledge base for traders seeking to maximize profits with this EA in live markets. Seasoned users share insights, tips, and parameter tweaks in a collaborative effort.

So beyond just acquiring cutting-edge EA software, traders also gain entry into an active user ecosystem focused on nighttime gold trading mastery.

The Verdict: A Wise Investment for Disciplined Gold Traders

In conclusion, our in-depth AU 79 Gold EA review finds this expert advisor to be an astute solution for traders seeking automated profits from gold’s overnight markets.

The extensive backtests, transparent live results, and community feedback instill confidence in its profit generation capabilities. Over 235% returns achieved in just 4 months demonstrates the income potential.

However, prospective buyers should remain cognizant of the risks. EA is not a magic money machine. Without proper risk management, the EA’s aggressive position sizing can lead to heavy drawdowns exceeding 40% as seen historically.

Traders must accept temporary losses to reap the rewards. But for those with nerves of steel and ample risk capital, EA offers a legitimate method to grow accounts during the late-night hours.

So if you have the risk appetite of a night owl seeking adventure in the after-dark markets, consider giving this unconventional gold expert advisor a test run. EA could just be the perfect companion for your graveyard trading shift.

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