Forex Renko Scalping System Review

Trading in the foreign exchange market can be both thrilling and challenging. Forex traders are constantly seeking new trading strategies that will help them achieve their financial goals. One such strategy is the Renko charting method, which has been gaining popularity among forex traders in recent years.

Renko charts are a type of technical chart that uses price movements to plot blocks or bricks instead of traditional candlesticks or bars. The blocks represent a certain amount of price movement, and they only change color when a specific number of pips have been reached. The result is a unique visual representation of price action that can help traders identify trends and make informed decisions.

Forex Renko Scalping System

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In this article, we will explore the Forex Renko Scalping System, which is based on these innovative charts and can be used by both novice and experienced traders looking to capitalize on short-term market movements.

Understanding Renko Charts

Renko charts are a form of technical analysis that represents price movements by using bricks or blocks, where each brick has a fixed value and is added to the chart only if the price moves beyond the previous brick’s value.

This type of charting technique originated in Japan and has gained popularity among traders due to its ability to filter out market noise and highlight important price levels.

Renko charts offer several benefits compared to traditional candlestick charts, such as providing clearer trend identification, reducing false signals, and allowing for better risk management.

Renko chart patterns and signals can be used to identify potential trading opportunities.

For example, a bullish reversal pattern called ‘three green soldiers’ occurs when three consecutive green bricks form on the chart with each brick having a higher closing price than the previous one.

This pattern suggests that buyers have taken control of the market and may signal an upward trend reversal.

Similarly, a bearish reversal pattern called ‘three red crows’ occurs when three consecutive red bricks form on the chart with each brick having a lower closing price than the previous one.

This pattern suggests that sellers have taken control of the market and may signal a downward trend reversal.

By understanding these patterns and signals, traders can use Renko charts as part of their trading strategy for forex scalping systems.

The Forex Renko Scalping System

The method described in this section utilizes a unique approach to analyzing market trends and identifying potential entry and exit points. The forex renko scalping system is based on the concept of scalping techniques, which involves making multiple trades in a short period to take advantage of small price movements.

Renko chart patterns are used instead of traditional candlestick charts to filter out market noise and provide clearer signals for traders. The forex renko scalping system works by plotting brick-like blocks on the chart that only move up or down once a certain price point has been reached. This eliminates the need for time-based analysis and focuses solely on price movement.

Traders can use different brick sizes to adjust the sensitivity of their analysis, depending on their preferred trading style. By identifying key support and resistance levels using these bricks, traders can enter positions with minimal risk while maximizing their profit potential.

Overall, the forex renko scalping system offers traders an effective way to analyze market trends using unique charting techniques that allow them to make quick decisions based on clear signals without being bogged down by market noise or irrelevant information.

Trading Strategies for the Forex Renko Scalping System

This section explores various trading strategies that can be employed when utilizing the unique charting techniques offered by brick-like blocks to filter out market noise and identify potential entry and exit points based solely on price movement.

One important aspect of trading with the Forex Renko Scalping System is risk management. It is essential to have a sound strategy in place to manage your trades effectively, as the system focuses on small, quick gains. Traders can use stop-loss orders or trailing stops to minimize losses and lock in profits.

Another crucial factor when using this system is choosing the right timeframe for trading. The most common timeframes used are 1-minute, 5-minute, and 15-minute charts. However, traders need to consider their risk tolerance levels before selecting a timeframe as shorter ones require more attention and quicker decision-making skills.

Longer timeframes provide more stable trends but may not yield as many opportunities for scalping trades. Ultimately, traders need to find a balance between their risk tolerance levels and the frequency of setup opportunities they wish to take advantage of when implementing this strategy.

Tips for Success with the Forex Renko Scalping System

To achieve success with the Forex Renko Scalping System, traders need to focus on effective risk management and selecting a suitable timeframe for their trading style.

As scalping requires traders to make quick decisions in a short amount of time, it is important to have strict rules in place for stop-loss orders and profit targets. Traders should also avoid overtrading and taking positions based on emotions rather than market analysis.

In addition to effective risk management, the psychology of scalping can also play a significant role in achieving success with this strategy. Traders must be able to handle the stress and pressure of making quick decisions and managing multiple positions at once.

It is important to maintain discipline and stick to a well-defined trading plan, even during periods of volatility or uncertainty in the market. By focusing on these key elements, traders can increase their chances of success with the Forex Renko Scalping System.


In conclusion, the Forex Renko Scalping System is a popular and effective trading strategy that utilizes Renko charts to identify trends and make profitable trades. Understanding the unique properties of Renko charts is essential for implementing this system successfully, as it requires a different approach than traditional candlestick or bar charts.

Additionally, traders should have a clear understanding of the various entry and exit strategies available when using this system to maximize profits and minimize risk.

It is important to note that success with the Forex Renko Scalping System requires discipline and patience. Traders should be prepared to carefully analyze market conditions and wait for the right opportunities to present themselves before making trades.

By following these tips and staying committed to their trading plan, traders can use this powerful strategy to achieve consistent profits in the dynamic world of forex trading.

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